Why Is Obesity Common In Males? (5 Reasons)

Among many health issues in the world, obesity is becoming widespread. In some countries, men are more obese and in other parts, women are more obese.

But on average if we look among men and women, men are commonly affected by obesity. There are many reasons behind it and we are going to discuss them here.

Obesity must be fought against and everyone should lead a healthy life. Whether it is men or women, having a healthy body is important to have a prolonged life.

Why Is Obesity Common In Males? (5 Reasons)

Why Is Obesity Common In Males?

There are several reasons to see obesity more commonly in men than women. Not all reasons are medically relevant but they are the most important causes of obesity. Let us discuss them.

Nature of Work

Today we can see many people leading sedentary jobs. But they are only a small part of the population. Most of the world’s population is poor and are working-class people.

Many males don’t have proper sleep and proper diet routine due to the nature of their work. Many people have to wake up at midnights to do preliminary work for their day jobs and this affects their health.

On the other hand, people who do sedentary jobs don’t perform many activities during the day and have poor eating habits.

Both these contribute to obesity in men widely around the world. Without proper nutrition and poorly timed working hours make them overweight and obese.

Many men who do night shifts and lack proper dietary routines are mostly affected by obesity.

Stress is a Major Player

Mental stress is often a major reason for obesity in all people irrespective of gender. In males, it is very common because they take up more stress both physically and mentally.

Even though women are equally found as breadwinners of families, men take up stressful tedious jobs than women.

Men take more risks in their jobs for their livelihood and are often placed in positions with multitasking requirements.

This increases the stress level in them and leads to hormonal imbalance, unhealthy diet choices, and eventually obesity.

Prevalence of Smoking and Alcoholism

More than women, men tend to have a greater number of smokers and drinkers around the world. Smoking and alcoholism are another major contributor to obesity.

Men are found more addicted to alcoholism and smoking which leads to toxin buildup in the body. When this is combined with unhealthy eating, obesity is not a surprise.

The reason for such addictions is stress and peer pressure. Men have the tendency to mingle with their peer group and try to get along with the group they are in.

This social pressure and the need to be with a group makes them addicted to such habits and this is a great reason for obesity commonly found in men.

Careless about their looks

Unlike women, most men don’t care about how they look. Rather they are worried about their other health problems which might affect their life.

They come to realize being obese is a problem only after years of having certain issues. Even though the trend has changed now, a lot of people like to be free from health problems and don’t care about being overweight.

Lack of Recreational Activities

Another major cause of the prevalence of obesity is, at a young age men used to be involved in some kind of athletics or sports. But as they grow up, they lose interest in them and stop all activities.

When they start to build a family and look after their livelihood, they tend to cease all kinds of recreational activities altogether. This leads to poor stress relief and lack of physical exercise which causes obesity.

Men are usually active but since they leave such activities and take up poor diet routine, toxins and fat start to buildup in the body causing overweight.

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How Does Obesity Affect Men’s Life?

Obesity leads to different types of health problems in men and may even pose a severe threat to life eventually. Here are some major health concerns that may arise due to being obese.

High Blood Pressure

One of the common issues that come with obesity is hypertension. Due to heavy fat buildup in the body, the arteries start to exert more pressure which leads to high blood pressure.

Heart Diseases

Being obese leads to a bunch of heart diseases right from heart failure to heart attack. Hypertension is also a major reason for that and the cause for all such diseases is excess weight in the body.

Poor Reproductive Health

Many studies have shown that obesity leads to poor sexual health and may even cause impotency. Most obese men have a difficult sex life and have low sperm counts. This results in the inability to reproduce effectively.

Weak Structure

Obese men often have structural problems and bone-related issues. Their bones cannot hold the heavyweight and the structure starts to lose its strength and integrity. Therefore, they are affected by joint pain and weak bones.

How to Treat It Naturally?

Treating obesity is quite easy if you regulate your lifestyle and diet. Follow these natural ways to reduce weight and get fit.

Look After Your Hunger

Most people eat when they are not hungry. This is a common mistake done by everyone and it is the major cause of obesity along with other health problems.

Therefore, eat only when you are hungry. After eating don’t consume any kind of snacks or juice. It is easy to drink calories and eating snacks will increase your weight easily.

So, avoid eating snacks and juices after a meal. This will help you shed weight faster naturally. You can also observe fasting twice per week to increase the speed of your weight loss.

Sleep Well At Night

Sleep is a major factor in weight loss and it is important to observe night’s sleep compulsorily. Proper night sleep aids faster weight loss.

Try to go to bed early and wake up early in the morning. It is very helpful in removing the excess fat and other wastes from the body eventually shedding weight.


Obesity is a serious health problem for both men and women. Even though it is commonly seen in men at least in some parts of the world, it should be addressed and rectified soon. Leading a healthy life depends on having a physically fit body and a happy mind.

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