Why Is It Harder For Females To Lose Weight? (4 Reasons)

Obesity is both common in men and women. But when it comes to weight loss you may see men lose weight more quickly than women.

Actually, in the primary stage of weight loss, men lose weight sooner than women. But as the regimen progresses, it becomes equal.

Still, women tend to be slower in shedding fat when compared to men. You may wonder why women alone are facing this problem.

Here are some factors that prevent women from losing weight faster and know how to shed it faster.

Why Is It Harder For Females To Lose Weight? (4 Reasons)

Why Is It Harder For Females To Lose Weight?

Even with strenuous workouts and diet plans, women feel their body isn’t losing weight. Actually, there is more to this phenomenon.

The body doesn’t simply give away all its fat content suddenly. Especially in women, the body doesn’t shed the fat soon due to the following reasons.

Natural Physiology of Women

Women have certain key differences from men in terms of physiology. If you look at the fat content in women and men, women have about an average of 10-11% more fat than men.

They actually need the fat content to maintain the bones and muscles. Without it, their bones tend to become weak and lose integrity when they reach the menopausal period.

The body doesn’t immediately shed these fat molecules from the body. But they may be healthy and fit.

Similarly, there are many physiological differences in women that slow down fat loss even with heavy workouts.


Metabolism is the breakdown of molecules in the body to release energy. The rate of metabolism differs for each person despite gender.

But in general, women have a lower rate of metabolism when compared to men. This is also a major reason for faster weight loss.

On average, the physical activities of men are more than women which results in a slower metabolism.

Men have more stamina and endurance when compared to women which makes them do strenuous activities more easily than women. This enables the fat to metabolize faster.

Since most of the women don’t involve in heavy activities in their daily routine, they tend to have a slower rate of metabolism.

Hormonal Changes

Women undergo more changes in their hormones than men. In the case of men, the hormonal changes are only during puberty, adolescence, and till they reach their 20s.

But women undergo these changes right from puberty till they hit menopause. Every month their hormones fluctuate to give their menstrual cycle.

This makes them more vulnerable to emotional and psychological changes which makes the weight loss slow.

Women need more energy to undergo these changes and the body doesn’t let the contents of the body be lost during physical activities. So, women find it difficult to lose weight when compared to men.

Emotional and Psychological Changes

Men can take up more stress and release it immediately through other activities of pleasure or recreation.

On the other hand, women have the ability to take up a lot of stress, but they cannot shed it easily. They tend to hang on to the emotional ups and downs which leads to slower weight loss.

Emotional stability and psychological balance are very much important to get productive results when you are in weight loss.

Women have more mood swings and emotional stresses which take up most of their energy. So, they don’t have the proper energy to do heavy workouts which helps in losing weight faster.

Also, the ability to bear a huge amount of mental stress is less in women but they are more prone to such damages which leads to slower weight loss.

How to Speed Up Weight Loss?

With proper technique and a lifestyle routine, you will be able to increase the speed of your weight loss. Here are some tips and guides you can follow to see constant changes in your weight loss.

Regulate Your Eating and Sleeping Habits

Women have more cravings for certain food items and they tend to eat them more. When you are planning to lose weight, you should give less into your cravings and concentrate more on your hunger.

Understand that you are eating to satisfy the need for energy in the body to perform day-to-day life activities.

So, when you aren’t hungry don’t eat anything. Also, when you are hungry eat healthy balanced meals. Don’t substitute it with snacks or junk foods.

Avoid binge eating any food item even if it is considered to be nutritious. Try to eat fruits when you aren’t hungry that much.

Now onto the sleeping routine. Sleep is very important if you want to see rapid changes in your body weight. Just by regulating the sleep routine, you will be able to shed more pounds than anyone else.

Go to sleep as early as possible and wake up early in the morning. Try to sleep with an empty stomach which promotes quality sleep behavior.

Don’t watch TV or browse your smartphone when going to sleep. Simply lie down and relax your body. If you follow this routine, you will be able to shed weight faster than men.

Keep Away From Stress and Unwanted Emotions

Stress is a major factor that affects your weight loss. If you have heavy mental stress, it will lead to poor function of major organs and the metabolization becomes slow.

When you have high stress, even if you work out for long hours, you will not be able to shed a considerable amount of weight.

Try to keep your head cool and take everything easy. Concentrate on your weight loss and well-being.

Motivate yourself when you feel down and enhance your weight loss routine with different types of activities.

Don’t take up too much stress with your job, social life, or personal life. Try to stay calm and face everything with a cool head. If you find anything disturbing or emotional stay away from it.

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Weight loss is an easy task if you follow proper methods. Women have the ability to lose weight faster than men but have to understand their bodies and their needs.

Without such understanding and changes, you will not be able to see any major change.

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