Why Does Prostatitis Cause Erectile Dysfunction? (4 Best Remedies)

Almost all diseases are caused due to poor lifestyle choices. Whether it is men or women, people suffer from diseases and illnesses due to irregular routines and bad dietary habits. In men, this has led to an increase in poor sexual health.

Prostatitis is the inflammation of the prostate gland and it is known to influence other conditions. Among those, erectile dysfunction (ED) is commonly found in patients with prostatitis. It affects the quality of life and creates tension between partners.

Let us discuss the possible reasons for this condition to occur during prostatitis and also look for ways to manage and cure both conditions. 

Why Does Prostatitis Cause Erectile Dysfunction? (4 Best Remedies)

Why Does Prostatitis Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Prostatitis is the inflammation of the prostate gland due to an infection possibly by bacteria. Sometimes prostatitis can occur without any underlying reason too. We will discuss the causes of prostatitis a little later.

On the other hand, ED is a condition where the male finds it difficult to keep up an erection and cannot keep the penis firm enough for intercourse. While there are many reasons for this to happen, researchers have always found a connection between prostatitis and ED.

Patients with prostatitis were prone to ED sooner or later. In a study conducted among 296 patients with chronic prostatitis, almost all of them were complaining about ED and other difficulties in sexual dysfunction [1].

Another research work also concluded that the dysfunction is caused by prostatitis and other related discomforts might be a symptom of the prostatitis condition [2].

Some studies have also taken into the consideration the history of having prostatitis to be one of the factors that can cause ED. They proved it to be an independent factor causing the condition in many Chinese males [3].

Patients with chronic prostatitis are more susceptible to ED than people without the former condition [4]. Therefore, all the research suggests that the inability to maintain an erection is associated with prostatitis. But why does prostatitis influences ED? 

Reasons for Prostatitis Causing ED in Men

Not much research has been conducted to study why prostatitis is causing sexual dysfunctions. But a few have shown certain potential factors influenced by prostatitis that is causing the condition. They are:

  • The relation between prostatitis can be vascular, neuromuscular, or psychologic as suggested by a study conducted to find the mechanism behind these conditions coexist [5]. 
  • This means that the inflammation from prostatitis may cause the blood vessels and the penile muscles to be affected which causes the dysfunction.
  • Also, the condition may be induced by a psychological frustration that occurs due to the prevalence of prostatitis.
  • Another study suggested that since chronic prostatitis affects the overall quality of life, it possibly induces ED [6].

These are the possible mechanisms that cause the conditions to be evident at the same time. Although the study of mechanisms is not enough to prove the reason for the relationship, the other pieces of evidence strongly exhibit their coexistence.

Therefore, people with prostatitis have the risk of getting ED sooner or later. So, it is important to know the effects of ED and cure the conditions to improve sex life.

Effects of Erectile Dysfunction in Men

  • ED causes men to have poor erections or no erection at all. It will be very difficult to get an erection even though there is sexual desire.
  • The condition also makes it very difficult to maintain an erection even if you manage to get one. The penis cannot hold its firmness for a long time and becomes flaccid soon.
  • Many men will start to lose interest in intimacy due to ED. This can have a psychological impact and worsen the condition.
  • Some men will have premature ejaculations before getting ED. So, when you start to have such early releases, then it is a sign of ED.

These are the major effects of ED that can severely affect the quality of life in men. Many people start to lose their families and loved ones due to this condition. So, it is very important to get relief soon to avoid such issues.

What Causes Prostatitis in Men?

As we discussed earlier, prostatitis is due to the inflammation of the prostate gland by some infection. But this is not the case with all types of prostatitis. There are four types of prostatitis and we shall look into them in detail:

Acute Bacterial Prostatitis

  • Also known as Type 1 prostatitis.
  • Caused by bacterial infection from the urinary tract infection.
  • Painful urination, fevers, and chills are major symptoms

Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis

  • Also known as Type 2 Prostatitis
  • Caused when bacteria stay in the prostate gland which recurrently gives urinary tract infection.
  • Frequent urinary tract infections might cause fever.

Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

  • Also known as CPPS or Type 3 Prostatitis
  • This is commonly found in many people which along with inflammation of the gland causes severe pain in the pelvis area and perineum.
  • The cause of inflammation is not conclusive.

Asymptomatic Inflammatory Prostatitis

  • Also known as Type 4 Prostatitis
  • The prostate will be inflamed without showing any symptoms. Therefore, there is no need for treating this condition.
  • You can only know about this condition when taking other tests. Otherwise, you cannot possibly know.

These are the major types and causes of prostatitis in men. Among these, the CPPS is commonly found to be associated with ED.

Can You Have Intercourse With Prostatitis?

Unless you are affected by erectile dysfunction, you don’t have to worry about having intercourse. Prostatitis doesn’t interfere with sex.

Some men may have other symptoms of prostatitis like painful ejaculation. This might make the intercourse less enjoyable and affects intimacy.

Apart from these, look at whether you got prostatitis from any other disease or infection. If not, then you don’t have to worry about having regular sex.

Prostatitis infection is not contagious and doesn’t spread to the partner during intercourse. Therefore, you need not stay away from intimacy while having the condition. 

Can Prostatitis in Men be Cured Naturally?

Yes, there are certain remedies that can help you cure prostatitis effectively. They also effectively manage the symptoms and ease you.

Drink a Lot of Fluids

Most of the time, prostatitis-like conditions occur due to insufficient hydration of the body. People don’t drink water properly and this results in dehydration of the organs.

As per traditional medicines, reproductive organs come under the water element and those organs are kept healthy by taking the correct amount of water. 

Therefore, drink only water when you are thirsty. Just plain water must be consumed. Don’t go for any fancy mineralized water or refreshing beverages.

It is better to avoid soft drinks or aerated beverages. Because they don’t do any good for rehydrating your body.

Drink water in small sips. The water should wet your lips while drinking. Do not drink in big gulps. Drinking in sips will properly rehydrate the body.

Don’t avoid the thirst. When you are thirsty, drink water as soon as possible. Sit and drink in a comfortable position.

For patients with prostatitis, drinking water helps to flush the bacteria and infection from the organ. This will relieve many symptoms too.

Those who are affected by painful urination can experience a difference once they drink water perfectly.

Don’t Put Pressure While Sitting

The prostate gland can easily be pressurized due to our way of sitting. Many people get prostate-related conditions due to long hours of sitting. 

Therefore, avoid sitting for long hours. If you want to sit, try to place a comfortable cushion under your seat.

Do not sit in places with a low surface area like a bicycle seat. Because the pointed seating can directly put pressure on the inflamed prostate.

If your nature of work is to sit long hours, then try to take short intervals and breaks. It will help your prostate to relax and this reduces the symptoms.

Stay away from Junk foods

If you want to treat the condition effectively, allow your body to focus on treating the condition. Consuming junk foods wastes your energy and it will take a long time to heal.

Junk foods take too much time to digest as well as produce only a small part of energy. Therefore, inefficient digestion will result in poor healing.

Therefore, try to eat healthy organic foods with veggies and protein. Try to avoid spicy foods and foods with too much fat.

Avoid Milk

Consuming milk can also lead to a slow down of recovery from prostatitis. The fat and the proteins in the milk take a lot of time to digest and it will affect the healing.

You can consume drinks without milk. If you are a coffee or tea drinker, then you can consume them without the milk.

Also avoid milk-related foods like cheese, butter, buttermilk, and yogurt. This will increase the chances of faster recovery from the condition.

Exercise Regularly

Except for cycling and weight lifting, you can perform all exercises like jogging, swimming, and other cardio-related exercises.

This will be very helpful in relieving the symptoms of prostatitis. You must stay away from cycling and weightlifting because they put pressure on the gland.

Regular exercise will improve the overall quality of life and aids you in faster recovery. When your mental health is revived with recreational activities, the prostate will heal quickly.

These are the best home remedies you can try to heal and treat your prostatitis easily. The recovery time may vary for each person. But if you follow these remedies, you can find a quick recovery.

How to Manage Erectile Dysfunction Meanwhile?

If your erection issues are associated with prostatitis, then it may take a while for it to cure. But once prostatitis starts to heal, you can see changes in your intimacy. Meanwhile here are some of the ways in which you can try to manage the condition.

Talk with your Partner

Many men try to hide their condition from their partners due to the embarrassment. But you should realize that being secretive about the condition will only worsen the relationship.

Try to explain to your partner about the condition. Tell them it is temporary and it will go away once the prostatitis is cured.

Sometimes even before complete healing of prostatitis, the ED can disappear. Therefore, try to talk with your partner and make them understand the situation.

You can try to explore other aspects of intimacy and increase your bonding till the condition is cured. If your ED is associated with other addictive habits like alcohol or smoking, then you have to get rid of it.

Quit all kinds of bad addictive habits and try to keep your body healthy. This will solve your dysfunction easily.

Therefore, don’t hide anything from your partner regarding the condition you have. Explore new things intimacy and revive your health soon.

Get rid of Stress

Having ED can be quite stressful and ruin the quality of life. Overthinking about your condition and the inability to satisfy your partner may take a toll on you.

But you must fight the feeling and relieve all the stress arising from it. Be confident that the condition can be overcome and cured soon.

Psychological well-being is very important to curing ED. Most of the time, with stress reduction, many people have overcome this impotence faster.

You must keep your head clear and be cool. Try to go for recreational activities and revive your physical strength. 

Bear in mind that all these conditions can be cured and you can revive your sexual health without any difficulty. You must allow your body to recover itself and this may take some time.

Stress from relationships might also cause this. Therefore, work with your partner and try to solve all the problems to enjoy a fruitful relationship.

Will ED Reverse Naturally?

With proper lifestyle changes and dietary routines, you can reverse ED effortlessly. Even if the condition is associated with prostatitis, you can cure it with simple changes in your life.

Lifestyle Changes


  • Don’t forget to sleep early. You should go to bed early in the night, probably before 10 PM. 
  • Don’t eat anything after 7 PM. Make sure that your stomach is empty when you go to bed.
  • Don’t drink too much water before bed. This will ruin your sleep cycle and you may have to wake up for urinating.
  • You must have deep sleep from 11 PM to 3 AM. Therefore, only if you sleep early, you can achieve that.
  • You can wake up any time after 3 AM. But don’t oversleep in the morning. Try to wake up before 7 AM.

Physical Activity

  • Early morning exercises are highly preferable. Especially if you are working in a sedentary job, then it is very important to get some exercise in the morning.
  • You don’t have to lose all your energy in exercise. Rather, just do some light jogging or power walking around the residential area.
  • After your job, you can relax and relieve your mind with recreational activities. You can play some sports or do some light workouts.
  • Swimming is one of the best exercise and recreational activities you can do. Try to swim at least an hour daily.
  • Try to be regular in all those activities so that you will be able to keep up your physical and mental health.

Dietary Changes

  • Stop snacking. Don’t consume food unnecessarily. It will comfort your desire but doesn’t do anything good for your body.
  • Try to eat only when you are hungry. If you master this practice, you can get rid of all diseases and conditions easily.
  • Try to eat organic food items preferably cooked by you. Don’t eat junk foods and foods from restaurants.
  • Don’t drink too many soft drinks and beverages. Especially avoid sugary drinks. 
  • Avoid alcohol. Eat and drink only the things that are natural, healthy, and useful for your body.

With these changes in your lifestyle, you will be able to reverse ED and probably any kind of disease or condition easily.

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How to Avoid Prostatitis in Men?

Maintain Hygiene

Since prostatitis is mostly caused by infection, you need to maintain proper hygiene around your intimate parts.

After engaging in sexual activities, wash your private parts thoroughly. Keep them clean at all times.

Try to shave off pubic hair regularly and keep the area free from sweat. Try to wash your penis after urinating.

Wear cotton clothes and underwear. This will provide good aeration to the private parts and keep the area free from sweating. When moisture is avoided, bacteria or any other microbe cannot survive.

Try to wash your underwear regularly to avoid any microbial infestations. Most fungal infections occur due to the reusing of underwear.

Avoid Sitting Long Hours

This is one of the primary reasons for inflammation of the gland. Because, when sitting, the gland is easily strained due to its placement.

Especially when you are sitting in a place with a small surface area like the seat of a bicycle, it will put excess stress on the organ causing inflammation.

Therefore, try to stand up if you are sitting for long and try to avoid sitting on narrow surfaces. 

Reduce your Body Weight

When you have excess body weight, even if you are sitting on a cushion, it will put pressure on your prostate gland.

Therefore, you have to reduce your weight and keep yourself fit. Try to do the recommended exercises to be healthy.

Eat consciously and maintain regular physical activity. This will help you to keep your body fit and doesn’t cause you prostatitis.

Also, try to avoid lifting very heavy weights. Because this can also increase stress on the gland and cause the condition.


Prostatitis and any other condition related to the prostate can be reversed and cured naturally. You have to observe a proper lifestyle and be conscious of your health. Even though prostatitis is proven to cause ED, you need not have to worry because it will go away soon. Just keep yourself away from stress and try to focus on living a healthy life.


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