Which Yoga Helps in Emotional Management? (5 Best Poses)

Yoga is a great way to control your emotions and stay happy. This article is about Which Yoga Helps in Emotional Management. Let’s Begin.

Emotional management is one of the difficult things to perform for a human being. Most people don’t know to control their emotions.

They usually overreact to what they encounter and feel. This may lead to complicated life decisions and the peace may be lost. Therefore, emotional management is a must for everyone.

The first step in emotional management is to understand one’s true self. This is very much possible with yoga techniques.

Many people think that yoga is to keep the body fit. But it mainly deals with the energy of the body and mind with the chakras and helps in rejuvenating it through the yoga postures.

Yoga keeps the mind calm through various Asanas or postures. Let us look at some of the best yoga postures you can try to manage your emotions.

Which Yoga Helps in Emotional Management?


This pose is also known as the corpse posture. This is usually performed at the end of every yoga session. This largely helps in controlling your anger and calming your nerves.

You just have to lay flat on your back with arms and feet slightly wide apart from your body and concentrate on your breathing for five minutes. This posture can be performed whenever you feel angry.


It is popularly known as the easy pose where you sit on the floor with your knees crisscrossed. Straighten your back and concentrate on the inhaling and exhaling of your breath.

This will help you relax, improve body posture, relieve stress, and strengthen your mind to take decisions. When you have an emotional breakout, try this posture to improve your state.


This is also known as the child’s pose because the posture seems to mimic a crawling child. First, sit on your knees and start to widen the gap till it reaches the width of the mat.

Then slowly bend forward with your hands stretched. When you reach the ground, face down and concentrate on your breathing. You can feel your spine and back stretched.

This relaxes your muscle, releases the tension from both your mind and body.


This is an excellent asana to fight back your stressful mind. It helps in combating any type of emotion with ease.

This is possible because, while doing this pose, the adrenal gland is massaged and this helps in the better function of the gland. You just have to lie facing down with legs apart to the width of the hip.

Then with your hand push just your upper body up and stretch back. Inhale while you stretch back and exhale when you lie down.


One of the greatest asanas to regulate hormonal secretions and balance them in our body is ustrasana. Sit kneeling on the yoga mat with your hips up and back straight.

Then slowly stretch back and with your hands catching both your ankles. Keep the head back. The regulation of hormones will increase your control over emotions.

How Yoga Can Control Emotions?

While performing yoga, the chakras are aligned straight and the energy of the body is regulated. This energy regulation helps the vital organs to perform their work without any lag.

When each and every organ is performing well, then the mind starts to gain control over the thoughts. This control manages the emotions expressed and experienced.

It is natural for every human to react to emotions. But they tend to react out of way and don’t know how to manage them. Yoga helps in keeping the mind calm and composed at all times.

This calmness is more powerful and authoritative than the reaction. Therefore, yoga works on the energy level to regulate emotions and control them.

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Does Yoga Help with Emotional Pain?

Yes, yoga has the ability to release emotional pain. Emotional pain is a result of long-lasting sadness or suppressed anger.

The yoga techniques help us to release these suppressed emotions. When they are released, the mind is free and the body is relaxed.

There are many poses that help you overcome the difficult memories or traumatic events that caused the pain.

When you perform the yoga poses, through the physical body the energy body is healed. Suppressed emotions create a weakness in the energy.

Therefore, yoga helps in increasing the strength of the energy body and fulfills the deficient energy. This is how yoga heals emotional pain.

What are the Mental Benefits of Doing Yoga?

Yoga has the ability to reduce stress. It takes the mind away from all the negative emotions and keeps it strong. It helps in keeping the mind focused on what you do.

It can relieve you from depression. Yoga heals your mind from depression and promotes healthy thoughts. It keeps you away from negative thoughts and soothes your mind with happiness.

Yoga can fight anxiety and cure it. Many people are affected with anxiety and yoga poses can ease their minds. It gives a greater sense of strength to the mind and body.

Doing yoga leads to a peaceful night’s sleep. When sleep is proper and deep during the night, all kinds of mental problems and disorders are cured easily.

Why do we Need Treatment for Emotion Control?

Emotional control is important to act with sanity and take proper decisions. Many people find themselves in awkward and sad realization after taking decisions emotionally. It may lead to life-changing decisions.

Also, a lack of emotional control leads to a weak physical body. The body starts to lose energy and the organs start to become weaker.

Therefore, it is very crucial to control emotions. If you are not able to control them, then it is obligatory to treat the condition.

How Long Does it Take to See the Effects?

When you start doing yoga, you will start to feel the body and mind connecting. The changes can be felt within a few weeks and in a month, you can see the changes within your emotional management. But it should be regularly performed. You can also try different poses as your flexibility increases.

There are many poses to improve each and every aspect of the body and life. Therefore, to witness effects soon, do yoga regularly.


Yoga is a great therapy to treat your emotional body. It helps in becoming a new person in society and creates a better environment around you. The positive energy given by the yogic poses spreads your vibrance everywhere and good things will start to attract you.

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