Which Acupressure Points for Sleep? (5 Best Locations)

Lack of proper sleep is the major cause of many diseases in the body nowadays. The quality of sleep has got down very low that people no longer care about sleeping at night peacefully. Some people have diseases like insomnia and have trouble sleeping.

There is an easy one-stop solution to this problem. Acupressure helps you to deal with this and enables you to get high-quality sleep.

By pressing a few pressure points in the body, you will be able to have sound sleep at night and maintain a healthy body.

Which Acupressure Points for Sleep? (5 Best Locations)

Which Acupressure Points for Sleep?

The following acupressure points help you to attain sleep faster by calming yourself.

The elemental energy is stimulated to flow properly through the energy channels which helps in promoting sleep better.


HT denotes the Heart channel and it maintains the fire element in the body.

The fire elemental energy is responsible for maintaining the sleep cycle. Poor sleep or inability to sleep is due to the lack of balance in the fire elemental energy.

Location – This point is located just beside the inner side (Pinky finger side) of the wrist joint over the wrist lines in the hollow space.

You can apply pressure to this point using your thumb finger gently. You can also use small rotations over the pressure point for about two to three minutes.

This can be done in any one of the wrists. Do this whenever you are feeling difficult to fall asleep. 


This point is popularly known for treating insomnia and is also known by the name Inner gate.

The PC denotes the Pericardium Channel and this is also an organ that maintains the fire elemental energy in the body.

Location – This point is exactly located three finger widths below the center of the wrist line. 

Apply pressure using your thumb in circular motions gently for about two to three minutes in either one of the hands.

You can do this whenever you are having trouble finding sleep quickly. It is best to sit in a comfortable position before applying this pressure point.


KI denotes the Kidney channel of the body. This is responsible for maintaining water elemental energy in the body.

The KI 1 pressure point can treat a wide variety of diseases and restore your inner energy. Also, this can induce and promote good quality sleep.

Location – This channel is located on the sole side of the foot. Look for the center depression on the sole in the middle about 2/3 distance from the heels. 

Press the point firmly using the thumb for about 30 secs. Then you can do circular motions over the point for about two minutes.

You have to lie down and lift your leg to reach this point. Therefore, it is best to observe this on the bed, before sleep.


This is another pressure point from the kidney channel that helps to relax the whole body and ease into sleep.

Location – This point is located on the inner side of the ankle, exactly in the middle between the ankle joint and the heel tendon.

Using your thumb, gently make up and down motion over the pressure point and massage it for two to three minutes. 


LR denotes the Liver channel. It is also denoted as LV in some places. The liver channel maintains the wood elemental energy in the body.

Wood elemental energy is responsible for maintaining sanity and lack of proper balance in the energy leads to high stress and anger.

Location – LR3 is situated on the outer side of the large finger on the foot, in the hollow space behind the joint that connects the finger and feet.

Applying pressure to this point helps you to relax better and relieve stress. It helps you to calm down as soon as possible which promotes sleep. 

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How Fast is it Possible to fall asleep?

It varies from person to person depending on their health and body condition. For patients with insomnia, it may take a while and for normal healthy people, applying this treatment may put them to sleep immediately.

In general, it takes about 7 to 10 minutes to get sleep. But it is important to follow certain guidelines apart from this treatment so that you can go to sleep even faster.

Avoid reading books, browsing smartphones, or any kind of activity on the bed. Let your body know that you are completely at rest.

  • Have a light dinner and don’t eat very late. Try to go to bed around 9 to 9.30 PM. 
  • Lie down in a comfortable position and perform the acupressure treatment to go to sleep soon. 
  • When you follow these guidelines and treat yourself, you can get quality sleep peacefully. 

When do we need to try these Acupressure Points?

Whenever you are feeling the need to take a rest or to sleep, you can try. The treatment works all day at all times. But the treatment is more effective at night when the biological clock of our body is aligned as the sleeping time. 

We humans are designed in such a way that we work in the morning and sleep at night. You should not interfere with this nature of the body.

Therefore, try to sleep at night and you can use this treatment during the night, on the bed, before going to sleep. Also, acupressure works all day whenever you want to go to sleep easily.

Does it work for everyone?

Yes, it works for all people irrespective of age or gender. It is particularly very helpful for elder people who often have trouble sleeping at night.

Also, patients affected with insomnia are likely to get regular sleep with this treatment. Therefore, acupressure is not bound by age or gender. Rather it works for everyone and at all times.


Acupressure treatment to get good quality sleep is a very effective and simple one. With a few presses over the pressure point, you will be able to relax, lose all your stress and go to sleep sooner than you expected. Try these pressure points every night and feel the difference in your life. 

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