What Herbal Medicine is Good for Uric Acid? (6 Best Medicine, Causes and Prevention)

High levels of uric acid in the blood causes inflammation of the joints. This can be very painful and the only way to get a complete cure is to lower the uric acid level in the body.

Uric acid is a waste product that is normally excreted by the kidneys. Due to improper dietary habits, it may accumulate in the body and cause gout.

But there are excellent herbal medicines to treat this condition and cure it completely. 

What Herbal Medicine is Good for Uric Acid (6 Best Medicine, Causes and Prevention)

What Herbal Medicine is Good for Uric Acid?

Since high uric acid is due to poor excretion of wastes, herbal medicines are focused on the complete removal of waste products from the body.

It will be a holistic approach to treating the body. Let us get into some of the best herbal medicines available for treating high uric acid.


It is a combination of three fruits namely Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki found mostly in the Indian sub-continent.

These three fruits are dried and ground into powder. The mixture is commercially available in stores and pharmacies in powder form.

Take half a teaspoon of Triphala powder and mix it in warm water. Drink it before you go to bed. 

Your bowel movements will be increased and regulated. This will excrete the wastes completely from the body. Also, Triphala has excellent anti-inflammatory properties which ease the gout condition.


One of the best medicines for all kinds of diseases in Neem. All parts of the neem tree have excellent anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is widely used in the Indian medicine of Ayurveda.

There are various forms in which neem can be consumed. But it should not be taken in large quantities because of its extreme bitterness which may become a toxin.

So, neem is available in powdered form, oil form, and capsules too. The leaves are dried and ground into a fine powder that can be mixed with water and boiled before consumption. 

You can only take a pinch of this powder twice per week and do not take more than the prescribed amount. 

Bitter Gourd

This vegetable is one of the staples in India. It is good to add this to our diet and it can reduce the level of uric acid significantly.

You can boil this and cook it with some spices for consumption. Also, after boiling you can add this to your salad. 

Since this is also a highly bitter food, try to keep the quantity less and do not take it more than twice a week. 


Giloy is a creeper plant that has heart-shaped leaves which is why it is commonly called Heart-leaved moonseed.

Although all parts of the creeper are used for various purposes, the stem is used for treating gout caused by high uric acid.

The juice extracted from the stem has anti-inflammatory properties as well as removes pain from the swollen joints. 

It helps the kidneys to remove the uric acid wastes efficiently. The Giloy extract is available commercially and you can use it as prescribed.

Cherries, Berries, and Pomegranate

Not many fruits have anti-inflammatory properties. But Cherries, Berries, and Pomegranate have great potential to lower uric acid.

The juice from these fruits helps in the efficient excretion of the waste from the body. But it is best to consume these fruits as a whole. 

Either you can add these to your salad or you can eat them individually. Take one fruit each day and you can see the results.

Pomegranate can be either consumed whole or its raw juice can be extracted and consumed without adding sugar or water. You can add honey if you want extra sweetness.

Turmeric and Ginger

Both of these herbs have many medicinal properties and are widely used in Ayurveda. Ginger helps in cleaning the toxins out of the body and turmeric is known for its anti-microbial properties.

Turmeric is available in powder form and you can add a pinch to your food. Also, ginger can be grated and used while cooking. 

Also, ginger can be dried and its powder can be used for making coffee and tea. 

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What Causes a Uric Acid Increase in the Body?

High uric acid accumulation in the body is due to the following causes and it is best to avoid these when you are trying to recover from the condition.

Alcohol Consumption

Drinking alcohol damages your liver and kidneys which are the primary toxin excreting organs of the body.

Diuretic Drugs

Certain diuretic drugs may aid the retention of uric acid in the body. Therefore, avoid all allopathic drugs during uric acid treatment.

Purine Rich Diet

Uric acid is a by-product of the biochemical called purine which is also a waste product. Organ meats and seafood tend to have a large amount of purine. Therefore, it is best to avoid these in your diet. 

High Fructose Foods and Drinks

Foods like corn syrup and beverages that contain malt have high fructose in them. It causes the uric acid to take crystal form and retain in the blood. So, it is better to avoid these during treatment.

How to Prevent Uric Acid Accumulation in the Body?

Uric acid usually clears by itself if we don’t dump the body with the above-mentioned foods and drugs. The following dietary and lifestyle changes help you to prevent the accumulation of uric acid in the body.

Night’s Sleep

Observing a proper night’s sleep is mandatory if you are planning to get a cure for all your illnesses and diseases. Because only during the night, the body excretes all the waste from the body and rejuvenate the organs. 

Healthy Balanced Diet

Avoid junk foods and comfort foods. Try to have a balanced healthy diet and add the above-said herbs to your diet in the prescribed manner. 


If you want to excrete the wastes and recover your body soon, try fasting twice every week. You can either observe water fasting, fruit fasting, or dry fasting. It provides proper energy to the inner organs and rejuvenates them to function properly.


Uric acid can be treated completely with herbal remedies. You just have to observe a proper lifestyle and diet to aid the excretion of uric acid waste from the body.

Also, the pain associated with uric acid accumulation will be cured by herbal medicines. 

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