What Herbal Medicine can Cure Tuberculosis? (5 Best Remedies)

Among the major contagious diseases, Tuberculosis is a serious infectious disease that can affect the lungs.

The disease can spread via droplets of cough or sneeze through the air and affect a healthy person.

In serious conditions, this condition may even lead to death and it is very important to treat it as soon as possible.

The duration to achieve a permanent cure is long and to speed it up, you can make use of these herbal remedies.

Herbal medicine will aid the body to fight the bacteria causing the disease as well as remove the accumulated sputum and phlegm in the lungs.

What Herbal Medicine can Cure Tuberculosis? (5 Best Remedies)

What Herbal Medicine can Cure Tuberculosis?

There are some effective herbal medicines to cure tuberculosis quickly. Follow these herbal remedies and you can feel more relieved from the symptoms and get cured easily.

Black pepper

The solution to curing lungs related diseases is to increase the spiciness. Spicy foods have high alkalinity which can neutralize the acidic phlegm accumulated in the lungs.

Also, hot and spicy foods can help your lungs to expel the phlegm out of your body and increase the chances of cure.

Black pepper has the ability to increase the alkalinity and spiciness in your body. It helps in curing tuberculosis by treating the accumulated phlegm which is then expelled out of the lungs through cough and sneeze.

Add black pepper to your food or salads. You can also add it to your milk along with turmeric powder and drink to cure tuberculosis.

Another effective method is to roast the pepper, grind it, and mix it with honey. Take one spoon three times a day and you can cure your condition soon.

Indian Gooseberry

This fruit is also known popularly as Amla which has great anti-bacterial properties. This fruit can fight the disease effectively by restricting the growth of bacteria.

It fights against tuberculosis-causing bacteria and adds support to the immune system. The astringent flavor and its richness in vitamins A, C, and E help the body to recover fast from the condition.

It is better to consume this fruit raw and if you find it difficult, you can chop the fruit into honey and let it soak for some days. Then eat the amla from honey. This gives an added advantage of honey’s benefits also.

Mint Leaves

Another herb that has anti-bacterial properties is the mint leaves. Mint leaves fight against the bacteria as well as heal the tissues damaged by tuberculosis.

You can add these leaves to your salad. This enables you to chew the leaves thoroughly and consume the extract which is highly medicinal in treating the condition.

Also, you can make tea from the leaves and don’t add sugar to it. Instead, add some honey for sweetening and drink it. Boil some water and put the leaves for some time then drink it as tea.


Despite its strong taste and smell, garlic has effective properties that can battle tuberculosis and recover the body. The lungs are strengthened with the consumption of garlic due to its subtle spice content.

The rich sulfuric acid content in the garlic breaks down the accumulated phlegm and expels it out from the lungs.

You can eat one clove of garlic or add it to your food while cooking. You can also use minced garlic in your salads to add its goodness to the food.

Consuming garlic prevents the spread of the disease further into the system and protects the lungs from degrading.


You might have heard people suggesting pineapple or pineapple juice during cold to get faster recovery from the condition.

It is true that pineapple can slow down and reduce the amount of mucus production in the body which then converts into sputum and phlegm.

Eat pineapple or extract juice from it and drink it twice per day to recover from Tuberculosis faster. If you are having fruit salad, don’t forget to add pineapple to it.

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What causes Tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis starts as a normal cold and in the initial stages, it is not active. When this cold is not cured, the mucus formed gets accumulated in the lungs.

The accumulated mucus is targeted by a certain type of bacteria that can cause tuberculosis. The bacteria start to multiply and eventually the condition is converted into contagious active tuberculosis.

The normal, inactive tuberculosis is known as Latent tuberculosis. It is easier to cure the condition at this stage and it doesn’t spread to other people. But if the condition is not treated, it becomes contagious and is known as active tuberculosis.

Latent tuberculosis doesn’t spread to other organs. But active tuberculosis will start to spread all over the body resulting in serious implications or even might be fatal.

Why Herbal Medicine is Good for Tuberculosis?

Herbal medicine doesn’t let the bacteria multiply and prevents tuberculosis from becoming active.

The medicine doesn’t have any kind of side effect. It helps in boosting the immune system effectively and stops the spread of bacteria.

Herbal remedies are powerful enough to break down the accumulated phlegm in the lungs and enable the lungs to expel them out of it through cough or sneeze.

These medicines increase the alkalinity in the body so that the acidic phlegm is neutralized from causing further trouble.

Finally, herbal medicines offer a quicker and simpler cure to the condition than any other treatment method.

Can all Ages Take Herbal Medicine for Tuberculosis?

Yes, people of all age groups and gender can take herbal medicines for tuberculosis. But the dosage may vary according to the severity of the condition and age.

Since the above-mentioned remedies are fully natural and most of them are normally added to our food, they don’t cause any kind of side effect.

All these medicines are recommended twice per day especially in the morning and night. These herbal remedies can help you in easing the symptoms and relieve you from the conditions as soon as possible.


Herbal remedies to treat tuberculosis is very effective and it is very safe. Since the disease is highly contagious and fatal, treating it as early as possible is a must. You should try to notice the early symptoms such as sputum with blood, fatigue, weight loss, weakness, etc., and treat the disease before it becomes active.

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