What Heart Problem Causes Low Blood Pressure? (4 Vital Types)

Low blood pressure is a very serious condition that can lead to sudden unexpected casualties. People with low blood pressure are always at the risk of dizziness, fainting, and extreme conditions may even pose a threat to life.

Curing the condition immediately is very important, and there are many remedies for it. With such remedies, you can cure the condition easily as well as treat the underlying heart condition.

What Heart Problem Causes Low Blood Pressure? (4 Vital Types)

What Heart Problem Causes Low Blood Pressure?

While many diseases can cause low blood pressure, heart diseases are one of the common causes of the condition. Let us know the different types of heart problems that cause low blood pressure in the body.


There is an average normal heart rate for humans which denotes the number of beats per minute.

Patients with bradycardia have a slower heart rate. This means that the heart cannot pump enough blood to the organs and lead to lower blood pressure.

While it is not abnormal to have a slow heart rate while resting or sleeping, bradycardia patients suffer from a lower rate at all times. 

In serious cases, there might be a need to install a pacemaker to keep the heart beating properly at a normal rate.

One of the effects of bradycardia is lower blood pressure and you might have to consult with a physician regarding the heart rate and condition.

Heart valve Disease

The heart has four chambers and each chamber has a distinct valve to let the blood in and out. Also, these are the valves that help in keeping the direction of flow properly. 

When any one of these valves doesn’t function properly, the blood flow can be restricted causing several symptoms such as low blood pressure, chest pain, etc.

The heart valves can have several problems such as:

  • Improper closing leads to blood leaking back
  • Thick valve flaps that result in a poor or narrow valve opening
  • Tissue block between the heart chambers that restrict blood flow and valve function

Due to these conditions, a person may be affected with low blood pressure. Therefore, when one of you is encountered with low B.P, then seek a physician’s consultation to check your heart condition.

Heart Attack

Also known as myocardial infarction where the heart muscles begin to die due to improper blood flow.

A person who has a history of a heart attack may have low blood pressure as a symptom. 

The blockage in the arteries will lead to the poor blood supply to the heart muscles. The attack doesn’t happen instantaneously. If the blood flow gets restored, the heart will function normally.

But when the flow is restricted for a long time, the muscles are prone to permanent damage and eventually lead to an attack.

The patient might experience several episodes of low BP and one should take heed of such signs earlier. Consult a physician to check the heart condition if you are experiencing low blood pressure.

Heart Failure

Heart failure denotes the disability of the heart muscles to pump blood and this causes the blood to stagnate. 

This is also a result of narrow arteries, weak muscles, and stiff valves. Heart failure can cause sudden low blood pressure.

Along with low BP, it can also cause shortness of breath, fatigue, fluid buildup in the legs, ankles, and feet. 

If you have these symptoms frequently, seek medical attention and check your heart condition immediately.

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Which are the Best Medications for Low Blood Pressure?

People with heart diseases that cause low BP have three things in common: Poor Diet, Poor Sleep, and No exercise routine.

If these are properly observed, the body will recover automatically. Here are some ways to treat the condition naturally.

Adding salt to your diet

Low blood pressure can be easily treated by adding salt to the diet. Excess of salt is bad, but your body requires a certain amount of salt and you should provide it.

Add salt to your food. Try to cook your food and add salt to it. Taste the food and add it appropriately. If it tastes bland, you can add a little more.

Even though vegetables and meat have some amount of mineral content in them, it is necessary to add salt to them so that our body can function properly. 

Also, salt helps in increasing blood pressure. Thus, resolving the low blood pressure issue.

Lemon Juice with Salt

This remedy is not a part of your diet but is like a first aid medicine to your low-pressure situations.

When your body suddenly has low pressure, you may start to feel dizzy and weak. At such times you can make use of this drink and avoid hospitalization.

To prepare this, take fresh lime and squeeze the juice out of it into a glass of water. Add half a teaspoon of salt to the juice and drink it. 

This will instantly boost your blood pressure and help you get back your stability and balance. Even though you may feel tired after an episode of low pressure, this drink will remove your weakness and dizziness.

Almond milk

Instead of cow milk, you should drink almond milk which is an excellent medicine for your low blood pressure.

The nutrients in almond milk help in maintaining blood pressure. Therefore, add almond milk to your daily diet.

You can make this fresh from your kitchen daily with a few almonds. Take a handful of almonds and soak them overnight.

Peel them in the morning and squeeze the milk out of them by grinding them. Add water slowly while grinding to obtain milk.

Carrot and Beetroot juice

Drinking carrot and beetroot juice helps your blood to have normal blood pressure throughout the day.

Take some carrots, wash them and grind them by adding some water to get the juice. Strain the juice and add some honey. Drink this every morning to get a fresh start to your day with optimum blood pressure.

Similarly, take some beetroots and extract juice from them and drink them. They also help in increasing the hemoglobin level in your blood cells. 

Why are Men Getting more Heart Problems?

Men are prone to having heart problems due to extreme stress and poor lifestyle habits.

Job-oriented and family-oriented stress is higher in men which leads to poor concentration towards diet, sleep, and recreational activities. This makes them more vulnerable to the disease.

Also, because of this, men tend to be more obese than women which makes them prone to heart diseases easily.

How to Prevent it?

Eat a healthy diet every day and avoid all kinds of bad habits such as smoking and alcohol.

Sleep at night without fail and wake up early in the morning for some outdoor activities.

Relieve stress after work by going to a recreational club or performing some activities.

Observe a lenient lifestyle and concentrate on your health more than anything. 


Low blood pressure is mostly a symptom of an underlying heart condition. Therefore, get yourself treated immediately and save your health and life.

With proper lifestyle changes, you can easily recover your body and enjoy a normal, healthy, and happy life. 

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