What Acupressure Points Help in Constipation? (5 Effective Points)

A smooth bowel movement every morning is a boon. It is very important to clear the bowel every day to maintain our health.

Excreting the waste will rejuvenate the body and refresh your energy for the whole day.

But the poor choice of diet and eating habits might cause the stool to become hard and lead to constipation.

Hard stools are difficult to excrete and this may lead to other health issues. If you know simple pressure points in your body, you can effectively cure the condition and energize your body.

What Acupressure Points Help in Constipation? (5 Effective Points)

What Acupressure Points Help in Constipation?

Constipation is mainly due to weakness in the digestive system and inadequate water content in the body.

This involves three elemental energies which must be regulated to cure the condition. Every person has a different underlying cause.

But acupressure works for everyone despite the causes and you can try any of these pressure points to get relief and cure.


LU represents the Lung channel which is responsible for the regulation of Air elemental energy in the body. LU9 connects air and earth elements that help in regulating bowel movements.

LU9 is located in the inner side of the hand, on the wrist line beside the tendon right on the center of the depression.

Using your index finger, press the point continuously for 30 secs. You can do this whenever you feel uneasy or constipated.

It is advisable to perform this early in the morning to initiate the bowel movement.


LI represents the large intestine which also maintains air elemental energy. LI2 connects air and water elements.

The large intestine is the organ that removes the residual energy from the food and finally creates the stool that is to be excreted. If the water and fiber content is adequate, the stool will be loose.

Applying pressure in the point helps in the proper supply of water energy to the organ and enables to cure of constipation.

LI2 is present at the side of the index finger in the depression above the finger joint where two skin colors meet.

Using your other index finger, locate the point and apply pressure on the point for 30 secs.

You can use this pressure point whenever you feel constipated. It is better to perform this twice per day to improve bowel movements.


LR represents the liver channel which is responsible for regulating the Wood elemental energy in the body. LR3 connects Wood and Earth elements.

The liver is the primary organ in waste excretion and the treating in the LR3 point helps in improving the digestion and excretion of the bowels.

LR3 is located on the top side of the foot between the big toe and second toe below the webbing.

After locating the point, using your thumb or index finger, press the point. You can also use a circular motion while pressing.

Apply this technique one hour after every meal to enhance digestion and strengthen the excretion process.


ST represents the stomach channel and is responsible for the maintenance of Earth elemental energy.

ST45 connects earth and air elements which helps in the proper digestion of the food.

Healthy digestion ensures the proper extraction of nutrients and energy from the food.

Also, the intestines are supplied with adequate energy to make sure the end product is a stool that can be easily excreted.

This point is located on the nail edge of the second toe towards the third toe finger. Apply pressure to the point using the thumb or index finger. 

You can apply this technique half an hour after every meal to promote healthy digestion and easy excretion.


TE represents Triple Energizer which is responsible for regulating fire elemental energy in the body.

TE6 is a commonly used point for constipation and is very effective in curing the condition completely.

This point is located on the outer side of the arm about three finger widths from the wrist line.

Using your thumb or index finger, press the point and use circular motions while doing so. 

You can do this for 1 minute every morning after you wake up to regulate the energy transfer to the respective organs properly.

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Why do People Prefer Acupressure to Cure Constipation?

Constipation is an uneasy condition and people need immediate relief to cure it. Acupressure doesn’t involve any kind of medication or drugs. Rather it provides instant relief with just a few presses on the pressure point.

Without any difficulty, you can simply apply pressure for a few seconds on the pressure point and release the bowel effortlessly.

Although acupressure therapists suggest diets to avoid constipation, with the help of these pressure points you can regulate the bowel movements every day.

Acupressure works on the principles of acupuncture and states that only the improper energy supply to the respective organs causes illness and diseases in the body.

Once the energy is properly regulated, the organs function properly and effectively perform their respective functions.

Acupressure techniques ensure that the energy is properly channeled to the organs. People can get complete relief from constipation only with acupressure.

Do Acupressure Cure Constipation Permanently?

Yes, acupressure can cure the condition permanently. But you must change certain aspects of your lifestyle and diet routine for the acupressure to work more effectively. 

Instant relief is absolutely possible with acupressure, but a permanent cure requires lifestyle changes and diet control till you get complete relief. Here are some recommendations:

Don’t eat heavy dinner. Try to eat very light meals or satisfy your hunger with some fruits before you go to bed.

Add more fiber to your diet and make sure to avoid too much junk food.

Drink more water. Constipation mainly occurs due to inadequate water content in the stools. 

Sleep early in the night to promote proper excretion from the body. When you sleep early and wake up early, the bowels will automatically excrete without any difficulty.

Avoid processed foods and make sure to eat organic foods to keep your gut healthy.


Improper excretion of bowels is a sign of an unhealthy digestive system. Constipation can be cured easily with the help of acupressure.

Also, you have to perform these changes to your lifestyle to make sure you don’t get the condition again and maintain a healthy body altogether.

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