What Acupressure Points for Heartburn Relief? (3 Points, Causes, Prevention Guide)

Heartburn, a common symptom experienced by about 20% of adults in the U.S, is a problem that arises due to poor eating habits and improper sleep.

Acupressure, a branch of the famous Chinese medicine Acupuncture, states that Hunger and sleep are very much interconnected. Poor digestion is the root cause of all problems and diseases.

All organs function with the help of the external energy gained from the digestion process. So, fundamentally, if digestion is not efficient and effective, the organs are affected by energy weakness which is the cause of all problems in the body.

There are many acupressure points for heartburn treatment. Let us look at the causes of heartburn and treat them with acupressure.

What Acupressure Points for Heartburn Relief? (3 Points, Causes, Prevention Guide)

What Acupressure Points for Heartburn Relief?

Poor lifestyle affects our digestion process. Hunger and sleep are the two most important communications done by our body.

When our body signals hunger, it says that it is in need of energy to perform other activities. When this signal is ignored, the body becomes weak.

Regularly avoiding the signals will result in weakness of the digestive system, especially the sphincter muscle that connects the stomach and esophagus and thus results in Heartburn.

The weakness of the digestive system is also due to improper sleep cycle which results in heartburn.

Sleep is ought to be done only at night. As we humans are not nocturnal animals, it is compulsory to sleep at night. Sleep deprivation results in hormonal imbalance.

Hormones regulate hunger, thirst, and many other chemical signals in the body. So, lack of sleep at night interrupts the chain reaction of hormone secretions.

Therefore, Improper eating and poor night sleep are the major cause of heartburn.

Acupressure Points for Heartburn

Acupressure involves applying pressure to the meridian points. There are many energy junctions in the body that absorb energy from the elements of the universe.

These energy junctions are called meridian points. The meridian points to treat heartburn are:

1. PC-6

PC denotes the pericardium channel and the point is located three body inches above the wrist crease.

The pericardium is responsible for the regulation of fire elemental energy in the body.

The burning sensation in the chest due to heartburn is a sign of weakness in the fire element. So, giving treatment in that meridian relieves the burning in the chest.

2. ST-36:

ST denotes the stomach channel and the point is located in the outer side of the leg below the kneecap in the tibia bone.

The stomach is responsible for the regulation of earth elemental energy in the body.

The stomach carries out one of the major parts of the digestion process. It also holds the partially digested food from the mouth and processes it with enzymes.

Giving treatment at this point regulates the energy flow to the organ and strengthens it.

3. CV-12:

CV denotes the Convoluted Vessel Channel that runs in the middle of the anterior side of the body.

CV 12 is located exactly in the middle between the navel and lower sternum.

It helps in balancing the digestive system and strengthens the sphincter muscle.

These are the acupressure points for heartburn. Once you have situated the meridian point, using the thumb finger or index finger gently apply moderate pressure over it. You can also gently swirl around the point for five minutes.

Acupressure doesn’t require special training. The treatment can be done in the comfort of our homes.

Just the location of the meridian points and the technique to apply pressure must be known precisely. The location of the meridian points is mentioned above.

Other Acupressure Treatments:

How Acupressure get rid of Heartburn fast?

When a patient with heartburn starts to observe the body consciously, most of the problems start to disappear. Along with that when treated with acupressure, immediate relief and results are seen.

It is recommended to treat with acupressure whenever the burning sensation is felt. But the most important step in recovery is to observe proper eating and sleeping habits.

Eat according to your appetite, drink according to the level of thirst and Observe sleep at night regularly. This will give strength to your digestive system, heal the burnt esophagus and energize the whole body to remove the toxins.

Acupressure helps like a catalyst in this process. Once the eating and sleeping come under routine, you will never feel the burn in the chest.

It is best to avoid junk foods during the process of healing. But if you have a severe craving, you can have such foods one or two times per week. If you feel severe heartburn, then treat yourself with acupressure.

Also, try to fast for a day with just water or fruits to speed up the healing.  

How Many Sessions Needed?

Acupressure doesn’t necessarily require a trained professional like an acupuncturist. It is usually self-treated.

Whenever heartburn is felt it can be applied to get relief and doing it daily till the condition changes. But the total cure is obtained only when the body reverts back to its healthy condition. And this is possible only with getting back to the proper lifestyle.

Once a proper lifestyle is maintained, the body’s energy level is maintained at an optimum level. The organs function with full efficiency and no wastes or toxins are accumulated in the body. So, no need to worry about sessions.

Concentrate on observing a proper lifestyle and treat with acupressure whenever needed. Once you start to feel the changes, you may hold on to the regular routine and no need for acupressure treatment also.


Traditional medicines all over the world affirm that almost all diseases of the body occur due to improper lifestyle. Those who experience discomfort in the body are those with poor lifestyles.

Here lifestyle means only the four basic activities of life. They are Hunger, Thirst, Rest and Sleep. People who are not conscious of these four basic life activities are prone to physical and mental issues.

Now you must have understood the root cause of all problems faced by the body.

Acupressure points for heartburn don’t stop with treating a single cause but it has the ability to change your way of life. It teaches the best way to look after your health. That is to be aware of the signals sent out by the body and listen to them.

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