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TheNaturalHeals is a purely informational content website. Since we deal with health-related remedies and alternative therapies, we strongly advice the users visiting the website to read our terms and condition before looking into our content. Once you have accessed our content, you are acknowledging and agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Contents and General Rulings

All the therapies, alternative medicines, home remedies suggested here are mere suggestions. We do not provide any medical advice or emphasize you to follow any of these. Do not take these suggestions as a substitute for professional medical advice. If you are relying on any information provided by TheNaturalHeals, it is solely at your own risk. For any kind of medical assistance, reach out to a professional physician or a nearest hospital.

All the works including images posted in the website are property owned and controlled by TheNaturalHeals. It is protected by copyright, trademark, and other laws. Without prior permission It is unlawful to use the website contents, its logo and the trademark.

The Contents are only for personal uses and non-commercial purposes. No reproduction must be done on any of the content. But you may share the contents using the website link or social media links provided by the website. If you are posting any content, you must provide the URL appropriately that links to the original article in the website.

The Contents published in the website may or may not be up to date. It might also be not complete and we may update it periodically. But there is no obligation upon TheNaturalHeals to perform such updates.

The Contents covers Men’s and Women’s Health which might contain sexually explicit materials. The user may choose to avoid them completely if found offensive and abstain from using our website.

The Contents posted in the website are recommended by consent health professionals in their respective fields. Also, the remedies suggested are either under scientific scrutiny or emphasized by doctors. Any conflict regarding the contents can be cross-referenced and verified with TheNaturalHeals team. You may contact the team from the contact us page by properly providing your Name and Email Address for professional communication. All the visitors of the website are bound by these terms and conditions.

TheNaturalHeals assure the users that we don’t collect any type of information from the visitors or users of the website. Your privacy is intact with us.

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