What Acupressure Points for Heartburn Relief? (3 Points, Causes, Prevention Guide)

Heartburn, a common symptom experienced by about 20% of adults in the U.S, is a problem that arises due to poor eating habits and improper sleep. Acupressure, a branch of the famous Chinese medicine Acupuncture, states that Hunger and sleep are very much interconnected. Poor digestion is the root cause of all problems and diseases.

4 Acupressure Points for Dizziness (How does it Work?)

The body communicates with us through various signals. For example, the feeling of hunger, thirst, tiredness, etc. are certain types of signals it is sending out to us. Let us discuss the acupressure points for dizziness. It is important to understand and respond to those signals without fail.

Home Remedies for Instant White Teeth (6 Best Method)

Oral hygiene is a very important aspect of your overall health. Because the wellness of your body starts from the mouth. Especially teeth should be cared for and maintained so that we don’t lose our ability to chew and taste food. With home remedies for instant white teeth, you need not worry about oral hygiene anymore!

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