How to Get Rid of Balanitis Naturally? (4 Best Remedies)

Inflammation in the penis head (glans penis) is known as Balanitis. Around 3-11% of males are affected with this disease in their lifetime [1]. Sometimes the inflammation can occur in the foreskin, especially in uncircumcised males which are known as Balanoposthitis.

Best Electric Toothbrush for Gum Care (Gum Protection)

Toothbrushes have become an inevitable part of oral hygiene. Manual toothbrushes are commonly used and you get different bristle types in them. On the other hand, there are electric toothbrushes which are more beneficial and have proved to be better than manual brushes

How often to use a Massage Gun for Cellulite? (Usage, Remedies)

Men and women sometimes find dips and dimples on the skin around the thighs and waist. This condition is known as Cellulite. It is not serious or harmful to health. But it may be unpleasant to look at. It is prevalent in women and no underlying cause has been found.

How Long Does it Take to See Weight Loss on Keto? (Answered)

Keto or ketogenic diet is one of the popular diet plans originally found for the treatment of epilepsy in children by Doctor Wilder [1]. The diet involves the consumption of high protein, high fat, and very low carb food. This induces a metabolic state in the body called ketosis which enables the body to use the reserved energy stored as fats.

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