Best Massage Chair for Neck and Shoulder Pain (Budget, Guide)

Massage is an excellent way to get the required relaxation in our daily life. There are advanced massage chairs that can easily perform the deed quickly and efficiently.

Many of us strain our neck and shoulders more and this requires a proper massage to get going every day. A massage chair can provide you with a good workup of the neck and shoulders at the intensity you prefer. 

There are several advantages of using a massage chair:

  • Get personalized massage for your shoulders and neck
  • The sofa comfort enables you to get better sleep
  • Speed, intensity, and focal point of the massage can be changed with a single tap
  • Lie comfortably on your back for long hours of massage
  • Personal massage experience whenever you like
5 Best Massage Chair for Neck and Shoulder Pain 2022 (Budget, Guide)

Best Massage Chair for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Here are the top five best massage chairs for neck and shoulders available in the market with experts review and recommendation.

Product nameVerdictOverview
Real Relax Favor 3 2022 Massage ChairBest massage chair for the neck and shouldersRead our Expert Review
iRest Massage ChairBest massage chair with stylish futuristic designRead our Expert Review
Forever Rest 2022 Massage ChairBest massage chair with high performanceRead our Expert Review
SMAGREHO 2022 Massage ChairBest massage chair for big peopleRead our Expert Review
Ugears B-L1 Massage ChairBasic Massage Chair with great featuresRead our Expert Review

Real Relax Favor 3 2022 Massage Chair

The Real Relax Favor 3 2022 massage chair is a great all-rounder. It is the best massage chair for shoulder pain and neck pain. It also helps you to relax and sleep on it with a perfect massage. The chair is worthy and it can be efficiently used for regular neck and shoulder massages. 

Our Expert Review

The design, ergonomics, and overall size of the chair are perfect for all kinds of people. When reclined fully, the chair stretches up to 6.1 feet which is more than sufficient for many consumers.

The setup and assembly of the set were not very difficult and with assistance, you will be able to get it working within no time.

One of the major features of the chair is the foot massage. It can provide a proper foot massage along with 3 levels of adjustable intensity.

The technical design and mechanics of the chair mimics a real-time massage (almost). The S track of the roller hands is very efficient in giving a complete work up right from the neck to the lower back.

The six methods of massage are the essential modes and they include a great massage to the neck and shoulders.

Apart from these, the chair also houses a lower back heating pad which helps in a warm relaxing massage. The back rollers perform the kneading, pinching, tapping, and a combination of these moves.

The chair comes with remote control as well as an LCD touch screen to choose massage modes.

The Real Relax has built-in Bluetooth speakers which help you with soothing audio of your preference. The chair can also work with voice controls. 

Comfortable Design and ErgonomicsMight need a large space to fit
Voice-activated controlOnly three levels of intensity
Zero Gravity and other massage features
Simple assembly
Dual-Core S track rollers

iRest Massage Chair

When you want to choose a stylish massage chair for a normal-sized body, you can choose the iRest Massage Chair and get a complete massage experience. It is among the best massage chair for neck and shoulders.  You can also fit this chair anywhere around the house or salon. 

Our Expert Review

The iRest Massage chair comes with a sleek and sturdy design that has a ton of features. It has a compact design and it is best suited for average body sizes. People with enormous postures may find it difficult to fit in.

The auto body scanning feature helps the rollers in the back to position themselves properly and this provides proper massaging technique at appropriate places.

The rollers operate at an SL track system where they can run along the spine right from the neck to the lower back, covering the glutes too. They can also perform six types of movements that include kneading, rolling, Shiatsu, Tapping, Knocking, and Tapping with Kneading.

The intensity can be adjusted in 5 levels and you can get a pretty good pressure at the final setting but not something very intense or forceful. The lower back has a heater to increase the blood flow and get a relaxing massage.

The Zero Gravity setting can be adjusted to three levels and this allows you to choose a comfortable setting easily. The final setting gives you a complete Thai stretch which is highly relaxing and increases the flexibility of the muscles.

The rollers can also operate anywhere between 6 to 21cms according to the width of the shoulder. The foot and leg placement also has airbags and provides deep massages to the calves, foot, and the lower leg. The foot base has rollers to perform different movements of massage.

The chair can be controlled with remote control and you can hear music with the help of Bluetooth speakers. 

Lots of massage modes and featuresOnly has a remote control
Three levels of Zero GravityLarge body shapes cannot fit in quite comfortably
Automatic body scan
Width Adjustable Rollers
Six massage actions

Forever Rest 2022 Massage Chair

The Forever Rest 2022 Massage Chair is a great product for those looking for a high-performing device with excellent massage features. It can fit anywhere and you can enjoy a good massage in the comfort of your home with this device. 

Our Expert Review

The design doesn’t look fancy and there is nothing too extravagant in it. There is an LED panel on the side that can give out accent lights and it looks good.

The massage mechanism is provided by a Quad Roller setup which can move up and down in an SL track. The machine also has a smart automatic body scanning which helps in finding the right setup according to the body shape. The rollers can also adjust in width with three levels namely wide, medium and narrow.

There are 9 modes you can choose from along with a three-step stretching mode. The rollers can perform 7 massage techniques such as knocking, kneading, tapping, etc.

The chair also has a manual massage option to get a personal massage experience. The three-step stretch offers a more comprehensive relaxation to the whole body.

There is a double layer pillow in the head and neck area to have a better massage. The Forever Rest has a Zero Gravity setting which can be activated with a single press.

The chair also has an excellent foot massage setup where there are mechanical foot rollers and acupressure airbags. The intensity is optimal and good.

The whole chair is controlled with a simple remote controller and there are Bluetooth speakers to pair your phone and enjoy good music. 

LightweightThe Design can look more stylish
Occupies less spaceThe size of the chair can be slightly large
9 modes of massage and 7 techniques
Width adjustment of rollers
Remote operates in 3 languages (English, Korean, and Chinese)
One step Zero Gravity

SMAGREHO 2022 Massage Chair

The SMAGREHO 2022 can be a good massage chair for those who are looking for good performance at this price point. Especially it can serve well those who have a large physique. It provides all the basic massage movements without the individual roller actions. 

Our Expert Review

Looks a little bulky, but this massage chair has one of the comfortable sitting area widths which isn’t available with other chairs.

The product comes in two boxes which makes it easier to assemble or pack up when you want to move around. The leather quality looks and feels premium which may last longer than you imagine. The overall design of the chair is good and looks beefy.

The whole chair is equipped with airbags at the arm, neck, shoulders, buttocks, leg, and sole. You can get a pretty good compression with these airbags which massages well.

The rollers present at the back are fixed at 8 points and don’t move up and down in a track. The rollers also don’t have dimensional hands which can perform different massage actions. But despite the absence of these, you will be able to get an intense massage at every major point of the body.

The neck, back, and waist can get a thorough massage with these rollers which can have different speeds and intensities. So, you will be able to have a great neck massage with this best massage chair for neck pain.

The chair also comes with 6 automatic massage modes along with customization of the parameters. Since the rollers don’t travel, they have a longer life and sturdy build which lets you use the chair for a long time.

The chair is equipped with zero gravity mode. Also, it requires only 8 inches from the wall to have a full reclination. As for the foot massage, the sole is equipped with rollers and the ankle gets a good compression from the airbags.

The chair can be controlled with sophisticated remote control and it also houses a Bluetooth music player which can be paired with your smartphone. 

Spacious buildFixed Massage rollers
Strong and premium designRequires a large space
Adjustable massage parameters
Zero Gravity mode

Ugears B-L1 Massage Chair

Simple but effective is what you get from the Ugears B-L1 massage chair. It performs everything well with a neat design. Those who are looking for something plain and performing can very well go with this best massage chair for shoulders.

Our Expert Review

The design of the chair is ergonomically good and effective when getting a massage from it. The curvature is optimum and provides good support for your lumbar.

The chair looks premium and has a good look to it. It may look bulky, but it can go through the average door space available in a typical household.

Once you sit in the chair, the device automatically detects the body physique and positions the roller accordingly. The performance of the chair is highly contributed by the robotic quad rollers that travel through the SL track.

The 3D movement of the roller hands provides a relaxing and effective massage along with the different actions like kneading, clapping, tapping, etc. There are 32 airbags present in the chair to give a complete body massage.

The rollers are also present in the foot area. You can sink the foot inside the bottom part of the chair and get both compressive and intense massage for it.

The chair also supports Thai Stretch mode where your body will be reclined completely while the legs are stretched downwards.

The zero-gravity posture has three levels of settings and the design of the chair puts the glutes under stress instead of the spine and back. This helps in avoiding unwanted strain in those areas.

The chair can be controlled with the help of a remote control. If you buy the L2 edition of this chair you will get a mobile app control.

The product also comes with a surround system that can be connected through Bluetooth to your phone or any device that supports it. It is also compatible with iPhone 12. 

Can fit in any room Only quad rollers
Gets closer to the wallThere can be more automatic massage modes
Has a good massage mode with sufficient intensity
Good Foot massage 
Comfortable to sit 

What We Recommend?

The Real Relax Fav 03 2022 is the best massage chair for your neck and shoulders. The prominent features of this chair are:

  • The dual-core robotic roller hands are more effective in giving a complete massage with optimal intensity. There is a separate quad roller for the neck and shoulders and a separate quad roller for the back.
  • It has multiple controls to work with the chair. It can be voice-activated, chosen from an LCD touchscreen, and controlled with a remote.
  • The chair is suitable for all body types and sizes with lot of massage modes and features 

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Why is a Massage Chair Good for Neck and Shoulder Pain?

When it comes to neck and shoulder massage, it requires proper handling and many of us don’t like to use intense pressure on these areas. Also, it is not recommended to use heavy forces in these areas to avoid injury. Therefore, a massage chair help you in the following ways:

  • The best massage chair for shoulders and neck can be optimized to a preferable setting of speed, intensity, movement, and massage action. This can get you a more personalized massage experience and you can repeatedly get it in the same settings you preferred.
  • To perform neck and shoulder massages in a salon or spa, you have to lie on your stomach for long hours which may not be comfortable. But the massage chairs can put you in a comfortable flat-lined position and give you the same message without any strain.
  • Another benefit of using a massage chair for the neck and shoulders is you can avoid human contact. Since the neck and shoulders are a kind of sensitive part, you can get rid of human contact and benefit from the massage chair to get a good massage. 


Every day people spend most of their time working their bodies and mind to earn a living. This stresses the mind, strains the body, and pressurizes physical health altogether. Therefore, relaxation like a massage can provide a holistic solution to all these stresses and strains bore by the body. 

A massage chair is an excellent solution that can provide you with a complete body massage along with mental relaxation. It can help you feel refreshed every day and keeps you on track with a healthy body. A sound mind in a sound body can be achieved easily with the help of this massage chair. 

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