How to Treat Constipation in 2 Month Old Baby? (4 Best Ways)

Constipation is not common in babies. Especially infants less than 4 months old are not usually affected by constipation.

But in some cases, it might happen and parents usually worry about it. Generally, constipation goes away in itself and doesn’t require any kind of remedies or medications.

It is also not advisable to administer any kind of medicine to a 2 months old baby. Therefore, using safe but effective home remedies will help your baby clear its bowel normally. 

How to Treat Constipation in 2 Month Old Baby?

We shall discuss some effective home remedies and simple changes in the routine that will loosen the stool and clear the bowels immediately for your baby. 

Change the Mother’s Diet

Most 2 months old babies are breastfed and they don’t encounter this issue. But if the baby is experiencing constipation, then it is due to the mother’s eating habits.

Breast milk is secreted from the food eaten by the mother. To be more elaborate, the food eaten by the mother is digested and the nutrients are absorbed by the body. 

Part of these nutrients is taken by the blood and delivered to the mammary glands where the milk is secreted. Therefore, the mother’s milk will partly consist of whatever the mother is eating.

So, if your baby is having constipation, you need to change your diet. Try to consume fibrous foods and add more veggies.

Cut down on sugar and complex proteins. Take an easily digestible diet for a week and your baby’s bowel movements will be regular.

If you are breastfeeding, this is a permanent solution. Once you change your diet, your baby will start to have loose bowels in one or two days.

Until then you need not worry and you may continue to breastfeed the baby whenever it is crying for hunger. 

Give some Water to the Baby

Many mothers don’t give water to their newborns. It is very important to give a few drops of water for the baby to drink because only water can quench the thirst.

Yes, newborn babies also get thirsty and it will not be quenched with breast milk. Breast milk is a wholesome food and it can satisfy only hunger.

Therefore, whenever your baby is crying, initially give a few drops of water and if the baby still cries, then feed the baby with milk.

If you follow this, you can prevent constipation. When the baby is affected with constipation, give a few drops of water and it will loosen the stools. Also, don’t give too much water.

Hydrating the body will loosen the bowels and regulate the movement. Follow this for better results.

Massage the Belly Gently

When your baby is struggling for excretion, you can simply provide a gentle massage over the belly with your fingertips.

With your thumb, slowly make small circular motions over the navel and belly and let the baby ease into it.

This will relax the muscles surrounding the large intestine and aid in bowel movement. 

Bathe Your Baby

Bathing your baby daily is very important to maintain their health. It reduces body temperature and aids in regular bowel movements.

Increased body temperature will dry the stools and it will be difficult for the baby to excrete. Therefore, bathe your baby preferably in normal water.

If the water is too cold, then use lukewarm water. This will regulate the body temperature and ease the bowels.

Bathe your baby once daily preferably in the morning. This will loosen the bowels and clear them early. 

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Causes of constipation in 2 months old baby

As we mentioned, constipation doesn’t happen commonly in 2 months old babies. But if it occurs, it might be for the following reasons and when you solve these it can be cured:

Rise in Body Heat

Sometimes when there is a rise in body heat, the stools become dry and lead to severe constipation. Many a time, this is a primary reason for constipation. The increased heat removes the water content from the stool and makes it hard for the baby to excrete.

Lack of water content

When the water content in the body is low, the large intestine cannot freely move the bowels and this leads to constipation. When the body is hydrated enough, it will automatically loosen the stools and aid in excretion.

Non-compatible diet

Sometimes babies are fed with milk formula and the ingredients might not be suitable for their gut. It will absorb the water content from the intestine excessively and cause constipation. Therefore, consider changing the formula for the baby and try to give breastmilk. 

Change in Mother’s diet

Breastfeeding mothers might also be a reason for constipation. Because some contents of the mother’s diet might lead to hard stools in the baby. The breastmilk from the mother’s diet may affect the baby’s gut and if you change the diet, it can be relieved.

How Constipation in 2 month Old Baby is Complicated?

Constipation is not very complicated in a 2 month old baby. If your baby is constipated for more than 3 days, then you need to visit the nearby hospital.

The condition can be easily resolved within a day using the remedies. But if the baby is not relieved for more than 3 days, then it can mean other complications in the baby’s body.

Constipation can also mean that the baby’s body is lacking in hydration. When there isn’t enough water content in the body, it may lead to other illnesses which can be severe and dangerous.

Therefore, constipation in babies is not a great concern until it gets relieved in one or two days. Otherwise, you have to consult your physician and look for other measures to treat the condition immediately.


Constipation is very normal in adults due to their improper eating habits. But it is very uncommon in babies and that too in 2 months old infants. Therefore, you can get instant relief with the above-said remedies and take care of their constipation easily. You can also prevent constipation in the future with these remedies easily.

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