How to Treat Bipolar Mania Naturally? (5 Best Remedies)

Among the known mental disorders, bipolar is particularly a very dangerous one. People with this disorder are very unstable and have very extreme mood changes instantaneously.

The types of bipolar disorder are categorized according to the episodes of manic depression that occurred.

There are no restrictions on how many episodes will occur. But they can happen suddenly and many times over a certain period.

Sadly, the cause for this disorder is not yet known and the cures prescribed don’t work for everyone. But with natural remedies, you will be able to manage the disorder more effectively than other medicines.

How to Treat Bipolar Mania Naturally? (5 Best Remedies)

How to Treat Bipolar Mania Naturally?

Many professionals in the study of disorders claim that with effective lifestyle changes, you might be able to cure the condition completely.

Therefore, let us discuss some of the necessary lifestyle changes you have to make and some of the natural supplements you can consume to aid your recovery. 

Sound Sleep Routine

People don’t care about sleep nowadays. They stay awake late at night and don’t consider the implications it produces. Most mental disorders occur due to poor sleep routines.

Sleeping at night is very important to cure bipolar. The liver is the major organ that keeps a person’s sanity. The liver functions effectively during the night’s sleep.

Without night’s sleep, the liver gets affected and the nervous system is weakened. The nervous system comprises the brain and eventually causes mental disorders.

Therefore, it is obligatory for a bipolar patient to sleep at night. At any cost, go to sleep at 9 P.M without fail. 

To have quality sleep, it is recommended to sleep with an empty stomach. That is, eat your dinner 3 hours before bed. This enables the body to focus its energy towards liver functionality and recover the mind soon.

You must be in deep sleep from 11 P.M to 3 A.M at least. These are the active hours of the body to perform its rejuvenation and recovery process. 

Eat only light meals for dinner and don’t read books or watch movies before sleeping. Go to your bed and lie down till you get to sleep.

If you follow this routine regularly, you can easily control your bipolar episodes and recover from them eventually.

Healthy Diet and Exercise

Mental health is deeply associated with physical wellness. Only with a proper diet and regular exercise, you can keep your mind and body sound.

Try to eat a balanced diet and avoid junk food consumption. Drink an adequate amount of water. 

Have a serving of fruits in the morning and night. Add veggies to your lunch. Don’t overeat or undereat. 

Try to cook your own food so that you can understand your needs better. This will help you avoid getting takeaways and make your food healthier.

Concerning exercise, it is better to have a schedule in the morning and in the evening. Go for a light jogging in the early morning.

You can also try swimming which is very relaxing and the waters help you to calm better. Swimming is an excellent physical activity that keeps your body fit and healthy.

Apart from these don’t stress yourself with diet or exercise. Exercise is asked to perform regularly so that you will relax better. Also, if you have trouble cooking, you can eat at a good restaurant that serves homemade food.

With a sound body, you can achieve a sound mind and get cured of bipolar disorder easily.

Avoid Compulsive and Addictive Habits

Compulsive and addictive habits may become a trigger point for your manic episodes. So, it should be avoided completely.

Do not get habitual to certain things and don’t perform things that can be addictive. For instance, don’t get obsessed with using a smartphone because in its absence you may feel stressful and it triggers a manic depression.

Similarly, avoid, drinking alcohol, smoking, and other addictive habits. They are harmful to your physical health as well as destabilize your mental health too.

Try to get adapted to new environments. Don’t get panic about unfamiliar things and places. Socialize more often to get the flow of the world. 

Add Fish to Your Diet

Fish is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids. This substance is responsible for strengthening the nervous system including the brain. With regular consumption of fish, your brain starts to get better and you will be able to manage difficult manic episodes.

You can either add fish to your diet or consume fish oil. This helps you with bipolar recovery and management.

Use St. John’s Wort

To calm down your nerves and bring back your senses you can use St. John’s wort. It is an herb used to treat and manage mental disorders. 

With the dry herb, you can make tea and drink it twice a week to get cured of the condition. Beware of the dosages you consume. It is not dangerous but may lead to other implications if consumed in large quantities.

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What are the causes of Bipolar Disorder?

The causes of bipolar disorder are unknown and it is a field still under research. But doctors and behavioral scientists believe that the disorder is either genetic or due to abnormal brain physiology. Yet it is not conclusive and there aren’t any known theories suggesting the cause for bipolar disorder.

How to Prevent Bipolar Mania or Disorder?

Since the cause is unknown, there aren’t any direct preventive methods to avoid getting this disorder. But generally, if you want to avoid any kind of mental disorder, you must follow these tips:

  • Try to sleep early and wake up early. 
  • Don’t get angry frequently
  • Eat a balanced healthy diet
  • Be cool and keep your nerves calm
  • Don’t panic or get afraid. Try to avoid anxiety
  • Go for recreational activities

These tips will help you to live a healthy life with a sound mind. You don’t have to worry about getting any mental disorder.

Is Bipolar Disorder Dangerous?

Yes, bipolar patients are prone to do anything since they aren’t in their right mind. Many patients in the extreme stages commit suicide and it is very difficult to manage them.

Since you don’t know when there will be an episode of manic depression or extreme mania, you cannot predict their deeds. It is very dangerous and tough to get through a patient with this disorder. 


Bipolar disorder is one of the extreme disorders people can be affected by. It is very dangerous and difficult to handle them during mania.

Therefore, with the help of these remedies, it is recommended to cure them gradually. You can also try to manage the frequency of manic episodes with the help of such medications. 

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