How to Tighten Tummy after Weight Loss (5 Home Remedies, Guides, Tips)

Weight loss is a tough battle and many people with determination win it. But the after-effects of the battle may be quite irritating.

One such thing is the loose skin in the tummy. While being obese, the skin stretched out to accommodate the fat and muscles.

But once the fat is lost, the skin around the tummy shrinks and may look very ugly. Here are some remedies that teach How to Tighten Tummy after Weight Loss.

How to Tighten Tummy after Weight Loss (5 Home Remedies, Guides, Tips)

How to Tighten Tummy after Weight Loss

The following home remedies to tighten the tummy after weight loss and the skin will return to its normal feature.

Stay Hydrated

During weight loss, you might have cut down your water intake or may have observed some type of fasting. 

Now you should avoid that and start to drink more water. Water keeps the skin smooth and hydrated. This is important to gain back its elasticity. 

Once you drink more water, the skin starts to gain its elasticity and the excess skin will start to shrink back. 

Do not take sugary drinks, sodas, tea, coffee, or fruit juices. Whenever you are thirsty drink only water.

But you can drink lemon or orange juices because the vitamin C in them will protect the skin from damages and aids in collagen synthesis.

Moisturize the Skin

Drinking water will hydrate the innermost layers of skin. But moisturizing the skin outside will rejuvenate it.

Try to use organic products like Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, etc. which have vitamin E. This vitamin E promotes new cell growth and helps in the repair of soggy skin.

Avoid inorganic products. They might be expensive too. Therefore, use homemade products from organic produces. 

Avoid using soap or deodorant bars for bathing. Bath using normal room temperature water. Because normal water takes away the heat from the body which is required for cell regeneration.

Do Strength Training

During weight loss, you might have engaged in more cardio workouts. Continuing the same routine will not aid your skin revival.

Try to engage in more strength training and reduce cardio workouts. Strength training helps your muscles to get tight and toned. 

Lift weights and perform exercises that strengthen your tummy. Do more workouts for your Abs and this will help your tummy muscles to tighten. 

You can do planks with variations, crunches, sit-ups, etc. This will speed up the recovery process and revive your skin.

Take More Protein and Fats

Along with strength training, consuming protein will help your muscles to tone faster which in turn tightens your skin.

Fat stores under the skin and consuming it in controlled quantities will help your skin get back the elasticity.

Collagen is responsible for the elasticity of the skin cells and protein directly helps in its production.

You can also increase the collagen by consuming bone broth. The bones from beef or lamb have more collagen and drinking its broth will aid in collagen production.

Exfoliate and Massage the Skin

Exfoliation helps you to remove the residual dead cells on the body. This is important for the skin to generate new cells faster and this increases the chance of revival.

Massaging the skin increases blood circulation which is very important for skin cell production.

Use coconut oil or cream to massage the skin. The coconut oil works great for moisturizing and skin rejuvenation. 

Exfoliation and massage help in reducing muscle tension and aids in the growth of new skin. 

Why the Tummy Gets Loose?

The tummy appears to be loose due to the long duration of the obesity. If you have been fat for a long time and you have lost your weight in a few months, this will loosen the muscles and skin.

The collagen and elastin of the skin keep the tummy elastic and firm. While you were heavy, the skin would have expanded and damaged the muscle and skin fibers.

Therefore, when the weight is lost, the skin and muscles cannot retract instantly. It takes time to repair the damages and create new cells with fresh collagen and elastin.

Also, over-exposure to the sun can lead to damaged skin cells which results in loose tummies.

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Is it Difficult to Tighten Your Tummy?

No, it is not very difficult to tighten the tummy. The difficult part is to lose weight which you have already achieved. Now to tighten the tummy, you should perform the following workouts and exercises:


Planks are a great way to tighten the tummy soon. Do a few minutes of planks at regular intervals to increase the stiffness of tummy muscles. There are many variations in it. You can master each of them to tone every part of the tummy.


Crunches help the upper part of the tummy to tighten. You can do different types of crunches to tone each muscle in your tummy. Stomach crunch, oblique crunch, stomach crunch with raised legs are some variations.

Hanging Leg Lifts

It provides intense strengthening to your tummy muscles. Hang from a bar and try to lift your lower body towards the chest. This tightens the Abs and increases the strength. 

All these exercises may be intense but not impossible. There are many variations in each of them and you have the freedom to choose whichever is possible for you.

Therefore, it is easy to tighten the tummy if you are consistent with your strengthening workouts.

Why Home Remedies are Safe to Tighten the Tummy?

After intense weight loss, your body needs time to recover. There can be many internal damages and the body has to recover from all the energy loss. 

Home remedies aid in the revival of the lost energy and repair the damages in a better way. It allows the body to recover slow and steadily which will help incomplete recovery. 

Also, home remedies are safe and do not have any side effects. If you are going for inorganic creams or medications, it will have harmful effects on your tender body which is recovering from weight loss. 


Going through weight loss can be hard and it is normal to have such issues in the aftermath. Follow these remedies to undergo safe recovery and get back your tight muscle and skin on your tummy. 

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