How To Reverse Liver Cirrhosis Naturally? (5 Best Ways)

One of the major detoxifying organs in the body is the liver. It is responsible for taking out every toxic substance that may pose a threat to the healthy condition of the body.

But, certain chemicals from food or other consumable substances, can damage the liver leaving permanent scar tissue.

Even though the scar tissue heals over time, bad eating and lifestyle practices can increase these dead tissues causing cirrhosis.

But by observing healthy practices, you may be able to reverse liver cirrhosis naturally.

How To Reverse Liver Cirrhosis Naturally? (5 Best Ways)

How To Reverse Liver Cirrhosis Naturally?

Every organ in the body repairs and regenerates itself constantly. For example, an RBC regenerates every 15 days.

Similarly, the liver regenerates itself over a span of 12 years. People with liver cirrhosis should allow the organ to regenerate effectively with the help of these remedies.

Quit Alcohol

Today, the majority of people have liver problems due to alcohol consumption. Even if you are a social drinker, it is very bad for your liver’s health.

Quitting alcohol is the first step you must do to reverse the cirrhosis condition.

The liver is responsible for removing the ethanol and other chemical substances in the drink. This weakens the organ eventually.

Therefore, when you quit the habit, your liver efficiently repairs itself and starts to regenerate new cells by expelling the scar tissues.

Switch to Fruit Fasting

Since the liver is very weak to join the digestion process, you should allow the organ to rest and recover.

This can be done easily by taking up a fruit-only diet. Because fruits are naturally ripe and don’t require much energy for digestion.

Fruits can give you the required energy since they are filled with fructose. Also, they don’t have many complex substances for which the liver has to work.

It is recommended to take this fruit-only diet for about 3 months continuously. This gives enough time for the liver to regenerate its cells and come back alive.

There is no restriction on what type of fruit you should consume. But, initially, try to taste the fruits and decide what you like for consumption.

Try to eat single fruit and avoid fruit salads. You can also add honey to the fruit for more taste.

Some recommended fruits are Pomegranate, Guava, Mango, Jack fruit, Avocado, Sapote, and melons.

Stop All Drugs Right Away

Whether they are prescription drugs or any other inorganic chemical medicines, they are killing your liver.

If you are diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, it is compulsory to stop taking medicines. Because they are artificial and give a lot of pressure to the liver.

Due to weakness in the liver, it cannot process all the chemicals from the drugs and it will become more damaged.

These drugs don’t help you in recovery rather destroy the liver and eventually damage kidneys.

Therefore, stop all the medicines you are taking and start detoxifying your body immediately.

Avoid All Kinds of Exposure to Toxins

Any kind of exposure to chemicals and toxins is highly dangerous for your liver’s health. So, try to avoid all of them.

If you are living in a highly polluted area, try to shift temporarily to the countryside.

Some people might work in chemical factories or their job nature has chemical exposure. They should quit their jobs and take a rest till they recover completely.

Even small exposures like applying chemical products to your body might pose a threat. Therefore, switch to herbal or organic products.

Quit smoking and avoid secondhand smoke too.

If you strictly follow all these, your liver will surely recover completely and you can live a normal life thereafter.

Night’s Sleep is Obligatory

Never avoid sleeping at night when you have a liver problem. The liver functions effectively during the night’s sleep and it is obligatory to observe it.

If the nature of your job is at night, try to quit it or ask for a change of shift.

Go to sleep early and wake up early in the morning. Don’t go to sleep with your smartphone or book.

When you sleep properly, your liver can recover soon and you can resume your normal activities.

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How to Prevent Liver Cirrhosis?

Preventing liver cirrhosis is very easy. Because the liver is one of the toughest organs and damaging it is not easy.

The damage happens only due to our improper eating habits, improper sleeping, and addictive habits like smoking and alcohol consumption.

Also, modern society has developed foods that have more inorganic content than nutrition. Most of us eat readymade foods and meals which are very bad for liver health.

Therefore, to prevent liver cirrhosis, one must follow a healthy diet routine and maintain a proper sleep routine.

Don’t consume alcohol on any occasion. It is the major cause of liver cirrhosis and avoiding it will preserve your liver’s health.

Occasional restaurant foods or junk foods are okay. But don’t consume them daily. Try to cook your meal.

Buy groceries from an organic store so that not many chemicals or preservatives are added to the food items.

It is better to have your own home garden to grow organic vegetables. You can also plant whichever veggies you like and avoid spraying pesticides, fungicides, weedicides, and other inorganic substances.

If you live such a lifestyle, you can prevent your liver from all kinds of diseases. Especially liver cirrhosis can never happen to your organ.

What is the Cause of Liver Cirrhosis?

The primary cause of liver cirrhosis is Alcohol and tobacco consumption. The liver becomes scarred due to the action of toxic ethanol and other chemical substances from alcohol and tobacco.

Apart from that, excess exposure to toxic chemicals like ammonia, phosphates can lead to liver cirrhosis.

Lack of night’s sleep is also an important cause of liver diseases, especially cirrhosis.

Excess consumption of refined and processed food items also causes this condition.


Primary organs such as the liver must be preserved in their healthy condition. Their weakness leads to overall illness in the body and causes several other conditions.

Liver cirrhosis can be cured by following the recommended remedies and preventing it is very easy if you observe a healthy lifestyle. Diet and sleep are the two main things that keep the organs healthy forever.

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