How To Reverse Cavities In Adults (6 Reason, Causes and Prevention)

Cavities are common in children but their teeth will fall and grow back. In the case of adults, the probability is very less and cavities may lead to pain and eventually teeth loss.

Therefore, it is time that we know how to reverse cavities in adults before losing a tooth.

How To Reverse Cavities In Adults (6 Reason, Causes and Prevention)

How to Reverse Cavities in Adults?

Reversing cavities is more likely in the early stage of cavity formation. The following remedies will help you in any way to heal the cavity and get back your oral hygiene.

Oil Pulling

Instead of using a mouthwash, oil pulling has more benefits and chances of reversing a cavity. 

  • Take some coconut oil or sesame oil and swish it around the mouth for 10 minutes. 
  • Then spit it out and rinse your mouth with cold water. 
  • You can perform oil pulling every day or at least twice a week.

Sugar-Free Gum

Cavities are caused primarily by plaque formation which is due to the food residues on the teeth. Therefore, after every meal try to swish your mouth with water to clean the residues away. But it doesn’t completely remove the residues.

  • Use sugar-free chewing gum and try to remove all the stuck food particles on your teeth.
  • You may brush your teeth but it is not advisable because excess brushing will damage your enamel. 
  • Therefore, use sugar-free gum and do the deed without harm.

Use Toothpaste with Fluoride

Fluoride is responsible for building the minerals upon the teeth. Therefore, when buying toothpaste, look at whether it has fluoride in it.

This type of toothpaste prevents cavities as well as aids in the recovery from the cavity. 

Also, do brush your teeth twice a day. You should compulsorily brush your teeth at night because the germs on your teeth act during the night and cause plaque formation.

Therefore, brush your teeth twice with fluoride toothpaste to keep your teeth healthy and recover soon from cavities.

Try to Get More Vitamin D

You might consume more calcium-rich foods like milk. But you need vitamin D to absorb the calcium and phosphate from the foods you eat.

  • Try to go outside and expose yourself to the early morning sun. The sunlight gives you Vitamin D naturally. 
  • If not at least try to go in the late evening and get some sunlight to fall on your body.
  • This induces calcium absorption and strengthens your bones. Since teeth are also bones, it will aid in repairing the cavities.
  • Also, it helps in mineralizing the teeth’ cavities and builds them back.

Take Licorice Root

Licorice is said to have excellent antibacterial properties which are highly required to fight tooth cavities.

You can get the raw root and chew it so that the extracts from it can kill the germs forming the cavity. This stops the cavity from developing further into the root canal. 

There are many licorice lollipops available and you can make use of them too. But roots are more recommended.

You can cut a small portion of the root and use it for chewing. 

Avoid these Foods

People with cavities should stay away from sugary foods and drinks. Because the bacteria forming these cavities feed upon this sugar content stuck on the teeth.

Therefore, avoid food with high sugar and drinks that are loaded with sugar. Also, avoid eating beans and rice. Because it contains phytic acid which reduces the ability to absorb minerals effectively by the body.

It hinders the ability to absorb major minerals like iron and calcium. Therefore, avoid beans and rice varieties for a while.

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What are the Reasons for Cavities in Adults?

Here are some major causes of cavities in adults.

  • Excess sugar intake through foods and drinks
  • Improper brushing
  • Frequent snacking
  • Irregular brushing
  • Failure to rinse mouth after a meal
  • Smoking and Alcohol consumption

How to prevent it beforehand?

Preventing tooth decay and cavities is very simple if you follow these steps in your daily routine.

  • Go easy on the sugar. Do not consume foods with high sugar. Especially try to cut down on inorganic sugar and switch over to organic brown sugar.
  • Try to rinse your mouth after every meal compulsorily. It will help you to wash away most of the residual food particles stuck onto the teeth.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day. Don’t forget to brush before bed even if you don’t do it in the morning. 
  • Stop smoking and avoid drinking alcohol. Because alcohol has high sugar content and smoking aids the growth of bacteria.
  • Add calcium-rich foods regularly to your diet. 
  • Absorb some of the early morning sun rays onto the body to aid calcium absorption.
  • Use fluoride toothpaste and visit your dentist periodically. Also, have a thorough clean of your teeth with the dentist.

What is the Other Issue that can come if Adults have Cavities?

The cavities can bring many serious health issues and compromise your oral hygiene. Here is how a cavity progresses and destroys your teeth.

  • Cavities are mainly caused by the action of certain bacteria on the sugar residues present on the teeth. 
  • The bacteria feed on the sugars and create a sticky film on the teeth called plaque. This plaque contains acid which demineralizes the teeth’ enamel.
  • After demineralizing, the enamel starts to decay and breaks down. This is the starting stage of cavity hole formation.
  • Then when the cavity proceeds, it reaches dentin which is a soft tissue below the enamel. If the cavity reaches the dentin, it will be painful.
  • After dentin decay, the cavity reaches into the pulp which has the nerves and blood vessels for the tooth. 
  • Finally, tooth abscesses start to form which is a pocket of pus formed on the pulp. 


Teeth cavities degrade your oral hygiene and damage your teeth completely. Therefore, you should be preventing yourself from getting one and if you have cavities, try to use the remedies and get rid of them immediately.

The home remedies are safe and simple. It naturally heals your cavity and also prevents you from developing further cavities. 

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