How to Reduce Love Handles Naturally? (5 Best Ways)

Love handles are the excess fat that is present at the side of the waist and hangs over. It looks quite ugly and can be challenging to reduce.

People usually think that if they do certain types of exercises vigorously, they can reduce their love handles. But unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. The success rate of this method is very low.

You have to combine certain dietary and lifestyle changes along with exercise to reduce the fat in a faster manner.

Here are some effective remedies you can follow in order to reduce the love handles naturally.

How to Reduce Love Handles Naturally? (5 Best Ways)

How to Reduce Love Handles Naturally?

Love handles can be easily reduced when you combine a healthy diet, lifestyle changes, and some targeted cardio and resistance training. Let us discuss these and know how to reduce fat.

Avoid Processed Sugar

Sugar is one of the major causes that increase the residue of unwanted fat in the body.

  • When combined with poor activity and improper eating habits, consuming more sugar will store the fat excessively in the sides of the waist resulting in love handles.
  • Therefore, avoid all kinds of foods with processed sugar.
  • Do not add processed sugar to your drinks too.
  • Don’t drink sugary drinks and beverages. Even beverages like diet coke have artificial sweeteners which are very bad for the health.
  • Avoiding processed sugar will immediately stop the addition of fat globules in the waist area.
  • This will also aid you to burn the fat naturally and get a better shape soon.

Try Fasting

Fasting is another excellent way to reduce fats easily and quickly. While there are different types of fasting, two types are very beneficial for the reduction of love handles.

  • One type is dry fasting which involves taking a meal early in the morning and staying away from food for the rest of the day till sunset. 
  • About 12 to 14 hours, you will not eat after a single meal, which will enable the body to use the residual fat to gain energy for daily activities and body functions.
  • After sunset, you can just drink water and eat some fruit salad for the dinner.
  • You can repeat this fasting method daily for a week and reduce it weekly once or twice.
  • Another type of fasting is Water fasting which is quite difficult to observe but very effective in getting rid of the love handles.
  • From sunrise to sunset, just drink only water whenever you are hungry or thirsty.
  • You can observe this type of fast twice per week in the start, then reduce it to once per week.

Water fasting will keep you hydrated and the body uses the excess fat stored to function normally. Also, the water flushes the harmful toxins from the body keeping the organs healthy and energetic.

Increase Cardio 

To reduce fat effectively in the early stages, you should focus more on cardio than any other exercise routine.

Cardio is very efficient in reducing belly fat. The body burns fat to gain energy while performing cardio exercises and this enables people to reduce love handles easily.

  • You must involve in cardio training for at least 20 to 30 minutes every day.
  • Try to jog around for 20 minutes continuously. If it is difficult for you initially, try brisk walking first.
  • You can also perform swimming which is the best way to burn fat quickly.
  • The swimming action and exercise it gives to the body will reduce the love handles and shape them quite elegantly.
  • Try swimming 4 to 5 times a week, twice per day to get faster results.

Combine Resistance training with Cardio

Performing only cardio may reduce the fat considerably but you will not get a better shape with it.

  • Love handles tend to hand on the sides of the waist and reducing the fat alone will not do the work.
  • You must try some resistance training like weight lifting in order to make it fitter.
  • There are various exercises such as crunches, pushups, bench presses, squats, pullups, and reverse crunches.

All these exercises will help you to reach a good shape to the waist in no time. But you have to follow this routine daily for a month to see considerable changes. 

Sleep well

Sleeping at night is very important in reducing the fat from the body. Especially love handles are quite stubborn and only with proper diet, exercise and sleep it is possible to reduce.

Sleep well and keep out of stress. Don’t stress over the love handles too. Try to change the exercise activity between jogging, swimming, and cycling. 

Try to get deep sleep at night which will enable your body to burn all the fat and excrete them out of the body effectively.  

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What causes Love Handles in your body?

Whenever there is excessive fat in the body, it gets stored in places such as cheeks, abdomen, glutes, thighs, etc. Because these areas have more space to accommodate the adipose tissue which stores the fat.

Excessive fat retention in the abdomen and waist is the main reason for love handles. And the reason for excess fat is poor diet and lack of an exercise routine. 

When you take up excessive calories which the body couldn’t burn, it is stored as fat and thus increasing the fat retention in such areas of the body.

Is it hard to lose love handles?

At the initial stages, they are quite difficult to reduce. Because you don’t know from where the body starts to take up the residual fat and burn for energy while you work out. 

So, during the starting stage of your routine, you may find the body burning the fat from other parts except for the love handles. Then eventually, they start to reduce.

That is why it is important to combine resistance with cardio. This will let the body burn the love handles along with others. 

What Preventive Measures should be Followed?

Avoid all kinds of addictive habits such as smoking and alcohol

  • Avoid all types of sugary drinks, beverages, and malt.
  • Eat more fiber with your diet routine
  • Sleep well at night and keep away from stress
  • Take up an exercise routine and maintain it throughout your life


Reducing the love handles may seem to be difficult. But if you follow these remedies, you can get your body into perfect shape in no time.

Try to maintain a good lifestyle and keep away from taking excessive calories into the body so that you don’t get love handles in the first place. 

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