How To Recover From Stroke Paralysis Quickly for Women? (4 Best Method)

Many women are affected by stroke paralysis every year. Stroke paralysis is a condition where the person will not be able to move their muscles. This occurs due to the loss of communication between the brain, spinal cord, and muscles.

With proper treatment, this condition can be cured completely. You can get back on your feet normally. Here are some proven tips about How To Recover From Stroke Paralysis Quickly for ladies or Women.

How To Recover From Stroke Paralysis Quickly for Women? (4 Best Method)

How to Recover from Stroke Paralysis Quickly? (Women)

Recovery from stroke paralysis involves complete physical lifestyle changes and mental commitment.

The remedies are designed in such a way that it helps your body to create new neural pathways in your brain and get back your mobility. Follow these remedies and recover soon!

Observe Night’s Sleep Regularly

Sleep plays an important role in your complete recovery. The body recovers and repairs itself only during night’s sleep.

Never be awake after 9 P.M. in the night. Go to bed and close your eyes. Even if you aren’t getting any sleep, close your eyes and try to move the paralyzed area mentally.

This helps the brain to create new neural networks in the brain. Mental picturization creates powerful neural synapses.

The room you are sleeping in should be completely dark. This aids the production of melatonin which is important for mental health.

Don’t eat heavy for dinner. Take a light meal or suffice yourself with some fruit salad. Also, eat your dinner early in the evening.

This will digest your food before bed and while you are sleeping, the body can focus its energy towards recovery.

You should sleep compulsorily till 4 A.M. Also don’t oversleep in the morning.

Eat Natural Organic Foods

The following foods help your brain to increase neuroplasticity which assists in creating neurons and synapses.

Salmon fish – This seafood is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids. It helps in building neural networks in your brain.

Blueberries – This antioxidant-rich fruit can boost your muscles to recover and rebuild their neurons to transmit signals to the brain.

Probiotics – It is highly recommended to add yogurt and some spice-less pickles to your diet. It helps to improve your digestion and give instant energy to your body for recovery.

Foods rich in Vitamin D and B3 – vitamin D-rich foods such as orange, cheese, and other dairy products can help muscles to regain their senses. Similarly beef liver and poultry can give you vitamin B3.

Mental Picture Therapy

 This is a mental exercise to the brain to create synapses and networks. You just have to pick a calm spot and try to visualize your movement in your mind.

Try to move the parts that are affected using your mind. This will enable fast recovery from paralysis.

Mirror Therapy

This is an excellent exercise to recover from this condition faster than any other method.

Let us understand this therapy with an example. Consider a paralysis patient with an immovable left hand.

In this therapy, the patient keeps a tabletop mirror over the affected left hand in such a way that the reflection of the right hand is on the mirror.

Now the patient performs different types of hand movements but looks into the mirror. This tricks the brain to think that it is moving the affected left hand.

While doing so, the synapses are created faster and there are more chances for the brain to get faster recovery.

This therapy helps in reducing the pain after stroke paralysis. Therefore, you can perform this therapy by yourself to bring back your movements as soon as possible.


Stroke patients need a caregiver by their side 24/7. With their assistance, you can perform several exercises.

You can perform passive exercises by asking your caregiver to move the affected limbs gently. Once you get back your movements, you can perform active exercises to recover fully.

You should ask your caregiver to perform the exercises twice daily.

Why Women are Affected the most by Stroke?

There aren’t any conclusive reasons for this question yet. But, researchers and doctors justify that since women undergo various physical and hormonal changes more than men, they are vulnerable to such attacks.

Years of studies have shown that women are more prevalent to hypertension, which can lead to neural damage easily. Therefore, till now it is inferred that stroke prevalence in women is due to the said reasons.

Can it cause Death?

Strokes do not cause death in most cases. Sometimes, the patient is affected so severely in critical areas which might cause some cardiovascular attacks or death of brain cells and they may die. But there is more probability for long-time survival than death.

Strokes don’t cause death directly. It can cause permanent disability. And this disability may lead to some other condition and cause death.

Many survivors have combated this condition and recovered fully. So, No, strokes don’t cause death in many scenarios. But some types can cause death which occurs during sleep.

When do we need to see a Doctor?

If you encounter the following symptoms immediately get assistance and call an ambulance:

Unforeseen Weakness and Numbness

You will ill suddenly feel weakness in your body and start to feel numb especially on one side of the body. If you smile and look at a mirror, you can see your face dropping on one side. Sometimes you might have difficulty raising one or both arms.

The onset of Confusion

You might start to feel confused suddenly with the work you were doing. Along with that, you will feel difficult to speak, think, and understand.

Loss of Balance

You suddenly lose your balance and trip over. You may also feel the inability to act.

Severe Headache

Along with the other symptoms, you might have severe headache during stroke.

When you are facing these symptoms in another person, you should act “FAST”.

F – Face dropping – This is the first symptom to check.

A – Arms – Unable to raise arms – This is the second symptom to check stroke attack

S – speech  – Difficulty in speech is the confirmation symptom.

T – Time – When confirming the above symptoms, without wasting any time call for assistance immediately from the nearest hospital.


Stroke paralysis is a dangerous condition and a difficult one to combat. These remedies will help you achieve recovery soon and get back on your feet in no time. Just be confident and follow the remedies.

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