How to Prevent Oral Cancer Naturally? (4 Best Remedies)

In the U.S, around 50,000 people are affected by oral cancer each year. Oral cancer is the growth of cancer cells in the following parts of the body: Lips, mouth floor, palate, cheek, sinuses, and throat. The number of patients is increasing every year and at an alarming rate.

Let’s Start How to Prevent Oral Cancer Naturally? The cause of this cancer is mainly due to certain addictive habits and a poor lifestyle. This cancer can be treated if diagnosed early and can be very difficult to cure if found later.

Therefore, it is important to prevent ourselves from such diseases by recognizing our habits, diet, and lifestyle choices.

Let us look at some of the best methods to adopt in our life to prevent ourselves from oral cancer. 

How to Prevent Oral Cancer Naturally? (4 Best Remedies)

How to Prevent Oral Cancer Naturally?

The following remedies are very helpful to improve your overall health as well as prevent you from getting oral cancer. 

Stop Tobacco Consumption

Tobacco is the leading cause of oral cancer. It is entirely made up of carcinogenic materials and substances that make you get addicted to it.

Whether it is chewing tobacco or cigarettes, they contain nicotine, tar, and other carcinogens which alter the cell chemistry and make the cells cancerous.

Therefore, to avoid oral cancer, stop smoking, chewing, or consuming tobacco in any form. 

Stay away from people with smoking habits to avoid passive smoking. Because some of the patients with cancer are passive smokers. Therefore, avoid such people and places where you can sniff the smoke. 

If you take out this habit from your life, you can be sure of avoiding oral cancer.

Stop Alcohol Consumption

Many people promote “No Smoking” to avoid oral cancer. But they don’t understand that alcohol can also bring about the same effect in the body.

It is a fact that you don’t get cancer from carcinogens alone. Even with drinks like alcohol you can accumulate toxins in your body which can become carcinogenic later. 

Alcohol inhibits liver functionality which is the primary organ in toxin excretion. So, consuming alcohol prevents your liver to flush out the harmful products from the body and this causes toxins to build up in the system.

The accumulated toxins will become carcinogenic eventually and cause cancer not only in the oral part but also anywhere in the body.

Therefore, stop alcohol consumption immediately and try to detoxify your body with certain foods and drinks.

Avoid Processed Foods and Preserved Foods

Food processing and preserving involve many inorganic chemicals which may become carcinogenic with frequent consumption.

The toxins from these chemicals start to sediment in the organs and cause alterations in cellular biology.

This eventually turns into cancer and spreads throughout the body. Therefore, try to consume natural organic foods.

It is best to cultivate your produce and cook them at your home. Don’t rely on restaurants for your food necessities. 

Try to eat fresh foods. Don’t preserve them for a long time or keep them for days in the fridge. 

When you start eating fresh organic foods, your body will detoxify from these toxins better.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

When we say to maintain oral hygiene, it doesn’t mean that you have to brush your teeth thrice a day. 

You have to follow certain practices that prevent your mouth from its healthiness and don’t damage them.

Therefore, Brush your teeth only once at night before going to bed. Too much brushing will damage your enamel and your gums. 

Don’t use mouthwash or other breath fresheners frequently. They might be harmful to your oral health.

Just rinse your mouth after every meal. Don’t pick food residues using toothpicks. 

If you want a mouth freshener, use cloves to take away bad breath. Cloves are also very good in treating toothaches and weak gums.

Use toothpaste to a bare minimum. Don’t put a fat glob of toothpaste on every time you brush your teeth. Also, don’t brush for more than 2 minutes. 

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What causes Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer is caused by the following reasons:

  • Tobacco and Smoking
  • Passive smoking
  • Excess alcohol consumption
  • Excess consumption of junk foods
  • History of cancer patients in the family
  • Sexually transmitted human papillomavirus

Is there any food that helps to prevent oral cancer?

The following foods can help you to prevent oral cancer and improve your overall immunity.

Citrus Fruits

These fruits are rich in Vitamin C which reduces the risk of getting oral cancer by 25%. The vitamin promotes proper cell division and protects the overall cell cycle.

Take any one citrus fruit such as orange, lemon, grapefruit every day. Don’t overeat these fruits because they can cause damage to your teeth.


Honey improves the immune system of your body and gives energy to the digestive system. It kills the harmful bacteria in the gut and keeps it healthy. This removes the toxins in the body and keeps it refreshed.

Olive Oil

Instead of using refined processed oils, use extra virgin olive oil for your cooking. It has cancer-fighting nutrients and helps in providing the necessary antioxidants to the body.


Fishes are rich in vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids. It can prevent any type of cancer and improve your oral health also. Try to add fish to your diet every once in a while. 

Cruciferous Vegetables

These veggies have good fiber content which promotes easy digestion and excretion of unwanted waster from the body.

It keeps the gut healthy and provides the calcium needed for oral health. Add vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussel Sprouts, etc.

How Dangerous is Oral Cancer?

If the cancer is not diagnosed in an early stage, it may even lead to death eventually. Cancer grows into lumps around the mouth and causes severe pain.

It will be difficult to eat or chew foods. It will be painful to swallow anything. The wounds will not heal sooner and will come repeatedly.

Oral cancer is very difficult to live with as well as can cause death in worse stages.


People should look after their oral health in order to prevent such deadly diseases. These diseases are very painful to live with and don’t get cured easily.

Therefore, preventing oral cancer with these remedies is better than curing the condition after getting it. Follow these lifestyle methods and avoid oral cancer. 

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