How to Prevent Compulsive Eating Disorder? (4 Best Tips)

Primarily, humans eat to survive. It helps them to gain energy and perform some activities. Without food, a person cannot survive for long.

Hunger is the instinct that makes a person search for food and satisfy from it. But today, many of us don’t know what hunger is and this leads to disorders like Compulsive eating.

When a person eats without any limits even if he is not hungry is called binge eating. When this becomes habitual, it is considered an eating disorder.

How to Prevent Compulsive Eating Disorder? (4 Best Tips)

How to Prevent Compulsive Eating Disorder?

Disorders are not purely psychological. There is a physical aspect to it that must be regulated so that you don’t get into such conditions.

Similarly, the compulsive eating disorder is not fully due to a psychological condition. Rather it requires changes in the physical condition too.

We shall discuss how to regulate both so that you can prevent yourself from the compulsory eating disorder.

Don’t listen to Cravings, Listen to Hunger

Cravings and hunger are two different things. Whenever your body requires energy to function, it seeks the need of food. This need is signaled as Hunger.

On the other hand, cravings are not essentially a signal that indicates hunger. Rather it is just a desire to taste something and enjoy it. It satisfies your appetite and it is not hunger.

People with this disorder often listen to the cravings and lose consciousness of whether the body needs energy or not.

Therefore, avoid all types of cravings and start observing when your body is getting tired and weak to perform any kind of activity. When it goes into such a state, look whether it asks for rest or food.

Most of the time it tells you to rest rather than eat. But when it tells you to eat, it is hunger. So, when you start eating, try to observe the feeling from the stomach.

If it tells you to stop or if you lose interest in food, then you have supplied the body with enough food to function effectively.

This is how you should eat whether you have this disorder or not. This is the basis that keeps you away from all diseases and disorders.

Test your Hunger with Water

As we said, the need for energy is signaled as hunger by the body. This energy doesn’t have to be solely from food.

Sometimes, the body seeks energy from water and instead of thirst, it may also signal hunger. People usually eat food but in reality, the body will suffice itself with some water.

Therefore, whenever you feel slight hunger or a need to eat something, first hydrate the body with some water.

This enables your stomach to cool down and if the body is satisfied with it, the hunger will go away.

If the hunger doesn’t subside, then eat something. This is an excellent habit to get out of the eating disorder. You have to be mindful of your body to properly observe this.

Every time you feel hungry drink some water to find out whether it is the real signal. Also, if you keep your body hydrated properly, then compulsive eating can be avoided.

Mindful Eating

The main cause of this disorder is the lack of mindful eating. People nowadays eat their food while watching TV or smartphone. This takes away concentration from the body signals.

It is easy to finish a full packet of chips or biscuits while watching TV but if you do the same while conscious, you will not complete even a quarter of it.

The distraction causes binge eating and this becomes a disorder when it becomes your habit. Even you can find kids getting addicted to this kind of habit.

Therefore, start practicing mindful eating. Avoid all kinds of distractions while you sit before your food.

Try to enjoy the taste and the flavors of the food while keeping an eye on your hunger level. It helps you to stop eating when your hunger is satisfied.

It is better to avoid getting into conversations while eating and observe silence till you satisfy your food need. When you practice in such a way, you can easily get rid of this disorder.

Be Active with Physical Exercises

Physical activity takes your mind off unwanted thinking. It helps you in keeping your body fit and enables you to maintain proper eating habits.

Try to do some activity daily in the morning and after you come from work. If you are doing a sedentary job, you have to involve yourself in something recreational.

These activities enable you to relieve stress and avoid stress-busting through binge eating. Therefore, go jogging, swimming, or the gym to maintain your physique and to keep away from stress eating.

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Is Compulsive Eating Disorder Bad for You?

Yes, compulsive eating makes you obese and leads to several other diseases that are eventually life-threatening.

Excess eating weakens your digestive system, accumulates lots of waste in your body, and finally affects all the vital organs.

The blood vessels are filled with fat wastes which lead to hypertension. This further leads to heart diseases.

The liver becomes weak and eventually cannot process many foods which leads to weak muscles and nerves.

Similarly, you can also get diabetes and other diseases which makes your life difficult. Therefore, it is best to cure this disorder and save ourselves.

Why Do We Need to Treat Compulsive Eating Disorder?

Treating this condition will help you to:

  • Maintain a good physical body
  • Maintain proper mental stability
  • Relax from stresses
  • Avoids accumulation of wastes in the body
  • Avoids several life-threatening diseases
  • Stops weakening of organs and organ systems
  • Avoids obesity
  • Make you more conscious about your body
  • Understand the importance of food and eat accordingly


Compulsive eating is not an incurable disorder. With mindful eating and being conscious about body signals, you will be able to easily come out of it.

Make sure to follow all the tips and remedies mentioned, so that you can avoid this disorder completely. Binge eating is very unhealthy and makes your body weak.

Get stronger and more fit by properly listening to what the body wants and staying healthy forever.

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