How to Massage Your Thumb Muscle? (2 Best Methods)

All voluntary and involuntary actions involve muscles. Every day humans perform a lot of major and minor movements physically with the help of the muscles.

These muscles tend to get tired very easily due to prolonged use. They become stiff and sore which diminishes their functionality.

Fingers in the body are involved in many actions due to which they might get sore. Especially the thumb finger is used more nowadays for smartphone usage and gaming.

Here is an excellent guide to massage your thumb fingers and relax those muscles to keep them functioning.

How to Massage Your Thumb Muscle? (2 Best Methods)

How to Massage Your Thumb Muscle?

The thumb consists of joints and muscles. Each part must be individually massaged to ensure complete relief from pain. Here are some major techniques you should try to relax your thumb muscles.

Working the Joints

If you look at the thumb, there are two major joints. One of the joints connects the finger to the palm area and the other is links two parts of the finger.

First, locate the joints in the finger. Now apply a lubricant to the finger so that the heat doesn’t damage the skin.

Using your other hand or with a partner’s help, ask them to slowly pull the finger firmly. This will crack the joints and releases the air tension.

Then, hold the joint that connects the finger and palm. Using small circular motions work up the area. Apply firm pressure on the joint to ensure the complete release of stress.

Do this for a minute and move on to the next joint. Similarly, work up this joint using small circular motions along with a firm grip.

Now let the finger relax for thirty seconds. Then, wiggle the finger slowly by holding on to the joints.

After completing this, work up the entire finger up and down using your other thumb and index finger. Make sure that you don’t pull the finger.

Just slide up and down with a firm grip on the thumb to ensure the pressure is released from the joints completely.

Then move on to massaging the muscles of the thumb to complete the massage.

Working the Muscles

The thumb has two major muscle areas which need to be relaxed. Because these two are stressed more when you perform any job with the thumb.

First, locate the muscles of the thumb. One part of the muscle is present in the palm area below the thumb. The other part is present on the upper side of the hand between the thumb and index finger.

Apply a lubricant oil over the muscle part on the palm area. Using your other hand or a partner’s help, press and release the muscle area gently.

Then using small circular motions, press the muscle firmly. Make sure to work up the entire area right from the bottom of the joint to the wrist.

After that, press the muscle area on the side where two skin colors meet. You can also use small circular motions. Do all these for five minutes and relax.

Now go to the muscle area between the thumb and index finger. Press and release the muscle a few times or for about 2 minutes.

Then work up that muscle up and down for two minutes. Make sure to reach the top of the muscle and in the bottom till the wrist part.

After doing that relax the hand for two minutes. Then locate the muscle from the wrist towards the radius bone of the hand.

This muscle is also associated with the thumb finger. Now slowly wiggle your thumb finger while you feel the muscle down on the radius.

Work up the muscles completely for five minutes and complete the massage for your thumb finger.

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Is Massaging Thumb Muscle Dangerous?

Massaging the thumb is not dangerous until you follow proper technique and application. Too much pressure on the muscles might increase the pain.

Performing massage at the wrong spot with heavy pressure might worsen your situation. Sometimes it might cause swelling too.

When you are going to massage the thumb muscles, make sure to perform it as instructed. This will avoid any serious injuries.

The thumb muscles have tendons, bones, joints, and blood vessels. Doing a poor massage might affect these parts and may lead to severe damage to your thumb joints.

There is a high possibility of having joint dislocation if you do not follow instructions with the massage.

Therefore, there are certain dangers associated with performing any kind of massage. But with a thumb finger or any other finger, in this case, requires proper care. This will avoid all kinds of mishaps.

It is better to seek the help of a massage therapist or a medical professional to make sure proper relaxation to the thumb finger muscles.

What Are The Benefits Of Massaging The Thumb?

There are extraordinary benefits in massaging the thumb muscles. They help you to increase the functionality of the finger.

If there is any soreness or stiffness in the muscle, it is released with just a few minutes of massage. When you work up the muscles, the acidic built up is released and more oxygen-rich blood supply reaches the area.

When more amount of oxygen reaches the muscles, it will help in rejuvenation and improve their functionality.

After long hours of gaming or smartphone usage, the thumb muscles might get stuck and this can be released with the help of massage.

Sometimes performing massage on the thumb relaxes the whole hand since the connected muscles and tendons of the hand also get more blood supply.

The thumb finger muscle is connected along with the muscle in the radius which might also get relaxed easily.

The strength of the finger also increases, which helps you to use it longer than before. Also, the massage will help you to sleep better if you are suffering from a lack of sleep due to severe pain.

Thumb massage has such potential and this is how it benefits the finger along with the entire hand.


Thumb massage completely relaxes the muscles around the finger and helps you to function seamlessly. These techniques release all kinds of stress and tension in the muscles.

The joints are relaxed completely and remove any kind of a pain to the thumb part. If you perform this massage properly, the whole hand will also be relaxed providing you comfort throughout the day.

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