How to Massage Under Eye Wrinkles? (3 Best Massages)

Under-eye wrinkles are very common with women and men who don’t get enough sleep. The blood vessels under the skin below the eye get constricted and make the skin wrinkled.

This condition can be treated easily if we just get the blood vessels to dilate back. Massaging is one of the simplest methods to bring back the skin under the eye to normal.

You may wonder how to massage under eye wrinkles and may even suspect any damage to the eye. But the following massage procedure is very safe and easy to perform by yourself.

How to Massage Under Eye Wrinkles? (3 Best Massages)

How to Massage Under Eye Wrinkles

Massaging under the eye must be done very carefully. The massage is not only performed below the eye to retain the blood flow.

Rather a full facial massage is required to get even more glow to the face and eyes. There are three types of massage for the face and the eyes to remove the wrinkles.

The 30-Second Eye Massage

This is a simple message to get the wrinkles to go away faster. The procedure includes tapping the area around the eyes gently to bring more blood flow to the skin.

  • To perform this massage, sit in a comfortable position.
  • Now using your index and middle finger, gently tap around your eyes in a circular fashion.
  • You should cover the outer part of the eyebrows, cheekbones, and gently get to the bridge of the nose.
  • Perform this three times.
  • Then using the middle finger, feel the brow bones at the starting of the eyebrow near the nose.
  • Slightly press them in a circular motion.
  • Now press firmly towards the inner side of the nose near the tear ducts.
  • Then massage your temples in a circular motion with your index finger.
  • The massage should be performed in total for 30 seconds and can be repeated thrice.

This increases the blood flow to the skin under the wrinkles and keeps it healthy. Also, this massage dilates the constricted blood vessels so that the skin may regain its older look.

The Overall Face Massage

This massage gives an overall glow to the face and eyes. It gives an excellent complexion to the whole face.

  • First, wash your face thoroughly and wipe it dry.
  • Now use some moisturizing lotion to begin the massage.
  • Using your thumb, index, and middle finger, start pressing gently down from the center of the forehead to the nose bridge.
  • Now trace the shape of your face till the jaw.
  • Then from the lower end of the jaw, reach under the eyes and give a slight sweep to the area.
  • Take your finger to the cheekbones and give a good swirl with gentle pressure.
  • Repeat these steps three times.

Wrinkle Clearing Massage

This massage helps you to lose all the wrinkles around your face. It revives the stiffness in the skin and helps you to gain a shining glow.

  • Wash your face thoroughly and apply a moisturizing lotion.
  • Now using all your fingers, massage through your forehead in a circular fashion.
  • Then go to the temples and using your index and middle finger sweep across with slight pressure.
  • Now get down to the cheeks and with all your fingers press and sweep gently.
  • Then using your index fingers gently sweep across the area under the eye, the eyebrows, and the inner side of the nose bridge.
  • With your index finger, give slight pressure to the tear duct area and the nose bridge.
  • Now get down further to the jaws and give a nice sweep across the jawline, upper jaw, and lower jaw.

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What are the benefits of Eye Wrinkles Massage?

Massaging the eye wrinkles is good for your skin, face, and most importantly improves your overall eye health.

This massage also relieves stress which enables you to sleep better and avoid wrinkle formation in the first place.

Performing this massage daily increases the shine and glow of the face. It keeps the skin on the face healthy and gives stiffness to the skin avoiding any wrinkles.

This massage makes you maintain a better look on your face and eyes by keeping them fresh.

Why Eye Wrinkles are coming?

There are many types of wrinkles and are caused by various reasons. They are:

Wrinkles are caused due to several years of contraction and relaxation of the muscles underneath the skin. This type of wrinkle is called Dynamic wrinkle.

Sometimes damage to certain parts of the skin can produce a wrinkle known as a static wrinkle. They are always present and are not hidden by the contraction of the muscles.

The final type is the age-related wrinkle folds which are permanent. This is caused due to very old age that causes muscle loss and eventually sagging of the skin permanently.

These are the major types and causes of eye wrinkles. At a young age, the wrinkles are mainly caused due to lack of night’s sleep and a poor lifestyle.

The blood vessels constrict below the area under the eyes which causes wrinkles. Therefore, observing night’s sleep and following a healthy diet will eventually clear the wrinkles away.

Does Massaging Harm your Eyes?

No, the massage is done around the eyes and not on the eyes. Therefore, they don’t harm the eyes in any manner.

Rather, they help the skin under the eyes and the skin on the face to regain their structural integrity.

But you should be careful while massaging under the eyes because your fingers may slip due to the smoothness of the lotion and may damage the eyes.

With that said, there is no direct harm to the eyes with the massage.


Massaging under the eye is an excellent remedy to treat wrinkles. It helps to gain back the shine and glow in the face. Since eyes are the entry to a person’s inner side, they must be beautiful and shining to captivate others.

With the help of this massage, you will be able to attain that easily. Also you will be able to maintain a young look for a long period of time.

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