How to Massage Shin Splints At Home? (Best Method)

Shin splints are very common with sportspersons as well as hard-working laborers. People think that the shin has only a thick long bone and the pain is emerging from it.

But if you look at the physiology, the shin is covered with muscles, and straining one of them or all give the pain.

Shin splints are very painful and can escalate to difficulty in walking. With a good massage, you can get good relief from the pain as well as protect your leg from further damage.  

How to Massage Shin Splints At Home? (Best Method)

How to Massage Shin Splints At Home?

Deep massage of shin splints requires certain expertise. But with the right technique and tool, you will be able to perform it by yourself or with someone’s assistance.

The following are the steps you should follow to massage shin splints at home.

Finding the Muscle or the Area with Pain

Many people think that the shin is full of bone. But there are many muscles in the spot and they are the one that causes the pain most of the time.

First, find the muscle that is affected by pain. With your fingers, gently press around the shin to find the spot which pains a lot.

You can also stroke your fingers down the length of the shin to get hold of the painting spot.

There are certain issues such as the tibial periosteum which might be inflamed and causes pain. That can be found out with a slightly deeper press.

Usually, the pain will be present in the periosteum or the muscles that are present adjacent to the shin bone. 

Now you can get ready to massage the painting area.

Select a Spot and Choose a Massaging Device

Now, pick a spot on the floor that is flat and firm. This is important because you cannot slip yourself when giving a massage to your shin. It can damage your muscles more.

Therefore, choose a spot with a flat surface and use a yoga mat to avoid any slippage. 

Then, take a foam roller to do the massage for your shin. A foam roller is soft and at the same time, it is quite sturdy to perform deep myofascial massages.

If you don’t have a foam roller, you can either buy one or temporarily use a tennis ball. 

Generally, massage therapists know how much pressure to put on using their fingers and hands. Since we are not equipped with such knowledge, we have to use a foam roller to be safe.

Massaging the Shin Muscles

Now, get down on all your fours and place the foam roller below the shin. 

Balance yourself on your hands and apply firm pressure on your legs while rolling the foam roller. Do this for 30 secs and relax.

Now place the roller slightly adjacent to the shin so that it is placed on the muscle part. Then massage this area for 30 secs and relax.

Repeat this two times and sit for relaxation. 

Now while sitting down, place the roller below the lower part of the shin and perform the massage with firm pressure.

To get more pressure and perform a deep tissue massage, use a tennis ball. This can help you to reach the deep tissue and massage them.

While performing the massage, breathe properly. Improper breathing will result in sprains in the muscle due to lactic acid formation.

Perform this massage routine daily and take rest to recover from shin splints fully.

Applying Ice to Treat the Shin

After the massage, it is advisable to apply ice over the affected area to relieve any stress and strain in the muscles. Also, it helps in numbing the severe pain from the shin splints. 

Take some crushed ice or an ice pack. Cover the skin with a thin cloth so that you don’t burn your skin.

Apply the ice pack around the affected area for 15 minutes. Give a five-minute break and complete the application.

Perform this every time you give a massage to the shin. You can follow this routine even after recovery to avoid further injuries in the future.

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Do Massage Shin Splints Work?

Yes, shin splints can potentially be cured with complete rest and massage. The massage relieves the tightened muscles on the lower leg, taking the pressure off of the tibia.

It loosens the muscles and heals the inner tibia which has been affected. 

Massaging deep into the muscles makes the tissues loosen and increases the blood flow.

With proper blood flow, your body will be able to heal all the damaged tissues in the tibia as well as the muscles. Massage promotes healing and no other therapy is better than this.

Can This Massage be done by anyone?

It will be better if the massage is performed by professional therapists. Because, if you put pressure on the wrong area, you might worsen the situation by hurting the inner tibia more. Therefore, it is better to seek professionals for this massage.

But, without approaching the tibia, you can massage the muscles around it using certain pillows. This will not put hard pressure and will not affect your condition.

If you are going for a deep myofascial massage, you should try to seek a therapist’s attention.

Why Do Shin Splints Happen?

Shin splints are caused due to the following:

  • Excessive Running workouts
  • Repetitive leg workouts
  • Long hours of Intense sports activities
  • Sudden change in the workout routine
  • Flat feet 
  • Abnormal arches
  • Not using proper footwear or using a worn-out footwear

These are the potential causes for shin splints to happen. If you can avoid these, you will not get shin splints. 


Shin splints are highly treatable. With proper rest and massage, you can easily get rid of the pain and go back to your normal life.

If you are a sports person, you should get massaged once in a while to prevent getting such conditions.

It is important to use proper gear while doing intense running or workouts to avoid getting such rigorous conditions like shin splints.

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