How to Lose Thigh Fat Quickly on Weight Loss? (4 Top Ways)

Thighs balance the whole upper body. The longest and strongest bone in the body, the femur, is situated in the thighs in order to support the complete weight of the upper body regardless of the activity performed. Because of such a high need for resistance, thighs are naturally big and strong.

Since there is a lot of space in the thigh area, fat globules accommodate the space easily and this leads to fatty thighs.

In fact, whenever you put on excess weight, you can find the glutes and thighs getting big. So, it is important to know how to lose thigh fat quickly during weight loss.

How to Lose Thigh Fat Quickly on Weight Loss? (4 Top Ways)

How to Lose Thigh Fat Quickly on Weight Loss?

When you step up to lose weight, you must combine proper diet, activity, and lifestyle changes to achieve the goal as soon as possible.

Compromising either of these will only slow down the process. Therefore, follow these remedies strictly to observe changes quickly especially in losing thigh fat.

Change your lifestyle

Simple changes in your daily routine will bring enormous changes in your body fitness. There are many petty things you can do daily to lose thigh fat faster. 

Take the Stairs

Don’t rely on elevators often either in your apartment or office. Take the stairs. This will help you to metabolize the fat in the thighs faster.

The body will take up energy for the thigh muscles from the thigh fats. So, try to use the stairs often to your home or workspace.

Walk to your Nearest Stores

Nowadays many people lead a sedentary lifestyle where they work the whole day sitting in the same place. This is one of the major reasons for increased thigh fat.

So, whenever you have the opportunity to walk, do it. Walk to your nearest store, your friend’s home, or the grocery store. Don’t rely on door deliveries or cabs.

Take up Cycling

Another easiest method to lose thigh fat is to take up cycling. While walking may not be suitable for all scenarios, you can try cycling as a transport choice to work.

You can also do cycling as a recreational activity. After work hours, go cycling in the park or on the beach. 

Sleep Well

This is very important in weight loss. Without proper sleep, weight loss is out of the discussion. Sleep well at night.

Especially if you have a sedentary work routine, go to sleep early at night. This will help you to lose your body fat quicker.

Exercise to Lose Thigh Fat

Along with cardio, involve yourself in High-Intensity Interval Training which helps you to reduce body fat easily.

Since it involves intense training in a short period followed by short recovery periods, it increases the oxygen requirement. This increase in oxygen requirement reduces body fat. 

Also, you can try exercises like Squats, lunges, and weight training to shape your thighs. Doing such exercises that focus on putting your thighs under load will help you to burn thigh fat faster and easier. 

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Is Losing Thigh Fat Difficult?

No, in fact, it is quite easy. Because the body looks for easy ways to get energy and burning the fat from spaces like thighs is quite easy.

So, if you follow the remedies properly, you can easily lose thigh fat in no time. But if you don’t change your lifestyle, it will be quite difficult.

And those who follow a sedentary lifestyle must do major changes in their routine to observe quick changes. When all of this is properly done, losing thigh fat is not difficult. 

What kind of Diet should be Followed?

Diet is part of your lifestyle and making major changes to it will help you to lose the unwanted fat in the thigh area. So here are some dietary changes you should consider to lose fat easily.

Cut down Processed foods

Avoid all kinds of processed foods right from sugar, flour, etc. Try to eat more organic and homemade foods.

Plan your groceries accordingly. Especially for breakfast, try to cook your meal instead of relying on ready-to-eat meals like cereals. Always take a balanced meal every time you eat. 

Eat more Fiber

Fiber content in your diet is very important to flush the excess fat molecules. It helps to keep the bowel movements fluid and eliminates the accumulation of cholesterol in the body. So, add more fiber to your diet with fruits, leafy vegetables, and whole grains.

Eat only when you are hungry

This may seem odd but many people have become time constrained regarding their eating habits and don’t give any concern to their hunger or appetite.

Try to eat small portions and that too whenever you are hungry. If you are not hungry, don’t touch any type of food.

If you are unsure, drink some water and if the hunger is not quenched, go for some food. When you eat according to your hunger and appetite, the body will not accumulate excess fats in the body. 

Drink Adequate Water

Water helps you to flush away all the unwanted toxins, unnecessary fats from the body. Drinking very less water is bad for your health and drinking excess doesn’t remove the fat.

Therefore, stay hydrated by drinking adequate water. Don’t supplement water with juices or beverages when you are thirsty. Drink only water whenever you feel thirst. 

How Many Days it will Take to see Improvement?

Within a month, you can observe considerable changes in your thigh shape and fitness. This is quite fast considering the size of your thigh.

The timing also depends on how obese you are. If you have too much body fat, you cannot tell how many days it will take to lose the thigh fat.

Because the body decides where to lose fat first to function effectively. So, follow the remedies to lose all your body fat and also the thigh fat. 


Weight loss is not difficult for people who love to live healthy lives. A healthy life means to be fit with full energy to perform all the desired activities of life.

Thigh fat is not difficult to lose and with simple changes in your life you can achieve it very easily. 

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