How to Increase Face Glow by Yoga? (5 Best Postures)

Among the things that define your beauty, glow in the skin is a crucial factor. A shining skin is healthy and more appealing to people.

Since the skin is exposed to the environment, it has to withstand everything surrounding it. The heat, air, dust, pollution, etc. harm the skin and it must be recovered immediately.

Particularly the face is affected more and increasing the glow in it using yoga is one of the effective ways.

How to Increase Face Glow by Yoga

How to Increase Face Glow by Yoga?

You may wonder when there is no external application of product or herbal supplements, how the skin can be made to glow. First, understand that the body has the ability to repair itself and we must aid it properly.

Primarily the body cannot repair a condition when there is no proper blood flow. Yoga helps in regulating the blood flow to the respective areas and organs.

The asana or postures recommended here will increase the blood flow to the face and this helps in the quick repair of tissues which increases the glow.

Yoga Mudrasana

Performing this asana will make your face revive its flush and glow more than ever. It is better to perform this every morning after waking up.

To do this pose, sit on the floor with legs crossed known as the Sukhasana or Easy Pose.

Then take your hands back and hold them together by catching the wrist of one hand with another.

Now gently bend forward and try to place your forehead on the ground. If you cannot place it, try to bend as far as possible.

Hold the position for a minute. You can breathe normally in the bent position. After a minute, slowly get back to your sitting posture while exhaling completely. Repeat this posture two or three times.


This is another amazing pose that provides a huge amount of blood flow to the face effectively. You can perform this pose whenever you feel dull or tired.

To do this, stand straight with your feet close together. Now lift your hands above while inhaling deeply.

Then bend down and while doing so exhale completely. Try to place your palms down on the ground without bending your knees.

After that try to push your face between the thighs ensuring maximum stretch. If you cannot perform to such an extent, at least try to touch the ground with your fingers and without bending the knees.

Hold in that position for 30 seconds and relax. Repeat this five times for greater effectiveness.


The lower complexion of the face might also be caused due to high stress which makes the hormones go crazy. This pose helps you to reduce stress, regulate hormones, and eventually take care of your skin tone.

To perform this, sit on the ground with your legs stretched. Now bend your right leg and bring the foot near the left knee.

Then take your right hand behind the back and twist your upper body to the right. Place your left hand over the right knee and you can give a slight push to feel the stretch.

Turn your shoulders and your head to the right. Look over the right shoulder and stretch nicely. Hold this position for two minutes. Breathe freely throughout the pose and relax after two minutes.

You can repeat the pose twice and it is better to perform it in the evening or early in the morning.


This pose also helps in regulating the hormones, especially the thyroid gland. Also, it helps in increasing the oxygen level by enforcing deep breathing.

To perform this pose, sit with your back straight and stretch your legs with feet together. Then lie down gently on the ground with your hands close to the body.

Now push the torso upwards and let your head arch back so that the crown is on the ground.  Balance the body using your hands. Let your chest stretch broadly and hold in that position for 10 seconds.

Lie back down normally after 10 seconds. Be careful when you go back to your normal position. You can repeat this twice every day.


This simple posture helps to increase the glow in your face enormously. Performing this pose will rush the blood to the face and remove fatigue from it.

To do this pose, sit on the ground with your legs stretched front and feet close together. Now stretch your hands to the front and try to hold your toe fingers while bending down.

Don’t bend your knees if you are not able to touch the toes. Try to hold in the maximum position you are able to stretch.

If you are able to catch the toes, try to touch your forehead to the knees and hold in that position for one minute.

Repeat this two to three times and it is best to do this early in the morning.

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At What Age This Yoga can Work for Glowing Skin?

This yoga can work for people of all ages and especially for those who have completed puberty.

During puberty, your body undergoes many hormonal changes and it is quite difficult to maintain glowing skin.

Once they have crossed puberty, it is easy to revive the skin back to its glow and shine easily. During this stage, the hormones would have been regulated and the skin is free from acne or pimples.

Very old people with too many wrinkles will also find it quite difficult to revive skin glow and shine with yoga.

How Often to do this Yoga?

You can do this yoga every day early in the morning to feel fresh throughout the day. Performing this in the morning will help you to exhibit more glow in the face.

You can also do these poses in the evening to relieve stress and feel relaxed. This is very important for regulating your blood flow and hormones.

When you feel completely relaxed, it makes your skin healthy and shines more than ever. Therefore, it is better to do these poses twice a day.

You can make this a habit in your life because it also helps in keeping you active and healthy.


Yoga can improve your skin health and make you beautiful. It helps in maintaining shining skin and adding this to your routine will maintain your young look even in your 70s. Also, yoga has more health benefits and can even cure certain conditions.

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