How to help your Hair Grow Longer Faster Naturally?(6 Best Ways)

Many people think that hairs are growing for the sole purpose of giving a beautiful appearance. But they play a crucial role in maintaining our health. Loss of hair may point towards health issues in our bodies.

Therefore, treating the body will stimulate hair growth and you can retain your sex appeal. Here are some remedies that help you grow hair naturally and faster too.

How to help your Hair Grow Longer Faster Naturally?(6 Best Ways)

How to help your Hair Grow Longer Faster Naturally?

The human body doesn’t let go of anything from it easily. It tries to keep everything intact, safe, and healthy.

Likewise, the body will not let go of its hair easily. But when there aren’t enough nutrients and energy to maintain it, it will lead to hair loss.

The following remedies will help you regain the nutrients and grow your hair.

Give your Scalp a Massage

Your hair growth is prevented due to poor blood supply to the follicles under the scalp.

With scalp massage, you can increase the blood flow, supply the follicles with adequate oxygen and nutrients and stimulate hair growth again.

For the massage, use organic essential oils. You can use coconut oil or rosemary oil. Both of them are rich in nutrients and provide good hydration to the scalp. You can also use olive oil for scalp massage. 

Try to perform this massage every night before going to bed. The massage promotes sleeping also. 

Oil your Hair Regularly

Oiling the hair using coconut oil or other herbal oils that are made organically will nourish the roots present in the follicle.

Instead of using inorganic products, you can try coconut oil to moisture your hair daily. 

Those who work out in the sun or those who travel often must apply coconut oil to the hair. This keeps the heat out of your scalp and follicle. Also, the oil treats damaged follicles and prevents them.

Shampoo Properly

Sometimes, the dirt formed on the scalp will damage the follicles. They prevent the external remedies you are applying to the hair from getting into the roots.

Therefore, to avoid this, you must shampoo your hair thoroughly and properly.

Pick an organic shampoo at the shop. Don’t go for fancy brands that are made up of chemicals alone. 

Don’t use shampoo daily. It will affect the hair follicles. Shampoo your hair twice a week, but wash your hair daily with water. 

While applying shampoo, go deep into the scalp and rub off all the dirt and dead scalp. Work up a good amount of lather before washing off the shampoo.

Wash it off gently with normal or lukewarm water. Don’t use hot water to wash your hair.

Egg Yolk Mask

Eggs are a great source of protein and several other nutrients required for hair growth. 

Mix two eggs and two tablespoons of olive oil. Add water and dilute the mixture so that it is not sticky.

Apply it to dry hair and let it be for half an hour. Then wash it off using shampoo.

The protein and sulfur in the eggs promote hair growth and also get rid of dandruff in your scalp.

Avoid Heat styling

Too much heat to the scalp or the hair can damage the strength of the root and the hair structure itself.

Especially after a bath if you use a heater to dry your hair off or a straightener to make your hair straight can damage your follicles heavily.

Therefore, avoid hair styling using such tools completely. Let your hair dry naturally in the air. You can use normal air to dry it off.

Avoid Smoking and Medications

Smoking can lead to inadequate oxygen in your blood. The body decides to use the available oxygen for important processes and chooses to omit hair follicles.

Also, some medications can hinder the growth of hair due to some chemicals present in them.

Therefore, avoid smoking and other medications while trying to grow your hair back. If medications are a must, consult with your doctor to prescribe a medicine that doesn’t interfere with hair growth.

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What Age Group People these Treatments can Set?

The above-mentioned treatment can work for almost all age groups except those who have already gone bald before many years.

It might be quite difficult to get the follicles to grow back the hair due to very old age or baldness. Otherwise, the treatment works perfectly for all ages and sex. 

Why nowadays Hair Growth is Important?

As we said, hair doesn’t project your beauty alone, it maintains the body temperature, keeps your skin aerated, protects you from environmental conditions, and much more.

Hair loss means there is a prevailing health issue in the body. Therefore, hair growth is important to revive your health back as well as maintain it as such.

What Foods Prevent Hair Loss?

Add Proteins to Your Diet

Proteins are the building blocks of your body. Whether you want to grow your muscles or your hair, you need protein. Because they are all made up of amino acids. 

With adequate protein intake, your follicles get good nutrition and start growing again. 

You are born with hair follicles and they have the ability to grow hairs despite the number of times they fall. 

The protein you add can be in any food. For example, you can eat eggs, meat, leguminous beans, etc.

Make sure you have a properly balanced diet that includes protein-rich food compulsorily.

Increase Vitamin Rich foods in your diet

Vitamins are crucial for your body to repair any damage. Especially, if you have a damaged follicle or hair loss due to inadequate nutrients, vitamins can help regain them back.

Green Leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins. Add a salad with these vegetables at least for one meal in your diet routine.

Seafood has good vitamins and minerals. Add seafood at least twice a week to your diet.

Fruits such as orange, pomegranate, mango, and banana are very rich in vitamins and some minerals like sodium and potassium. Add a fruit salad to your dinner daily.


Grow your hair fast and long naturally with the remedies. Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to speed up the growth process.

Sleep well at night to further increase the growth. With these remedies, you can get back your long beautiful hair in a short time.

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