How to Give a Great Shoulder Massage? (3 Best Ways)

Whether it is manual labor or a sedentary working lifestyle, shoulder pain is very common these days. Unconsciously, people strain their shoulders and realize it only when there is pain.

Mostly the condition occurs due to severe strain during heavy labor or certain working postures which may cause the strain.

Anyways, you have to release the tension in the shoulder muscles effectively to work normally. Taking rest can be a good choice but doesn’t provide an immediate solution to the pain.

But with a proper massage, you can easily loosen the shoulders and relax in a better manner. 

How to Give a Great Shoulder Massage? (3 Best Ways)

How to Give a Great Shoulder Massage?

The shoulder is a lengthy part of the body and requires individual attention to each part. So, let us go through the massage procedure for each part and relax your shoulder muscles. 

Massaging the Muscles above the Collar Bone

First, make your partner sit in a chair comfortably. Then stand close to them so that your hands rest on their shoulders without any difficulty. 

Now curl your fingers in a C shape so that you can claw over the muscles. Maintaining this shape with your hands, gently press the muscles above the collar bone.

Don’t use your fingers to pressurize the muscles. It will hurt them. Therefore, use your palm and press the muscles to relax it.

Move throughout the length of the shoulder till you reach the joints and repeat this for two minutes.

Now let them relax for thirty seconds. Then in the shape position, using your fingers lift the shoulder muscles gently above. 

The lifting should be associated with a rolling motion and don’t lose your grip while releasing the muscles back.

Maintain the same C shape with your hands while performing this. Perform this till the neck joint and repeat this for two minutes.

This squeezing and lifting will sometimes be uncomfortable, so ask your partner regarding the comfort level. But doing this will deeply relax the inner muscle fibers.

Massaging the Top of the Shoulders

After focusing on the muscles, you should massage the top of the shoulder to give an overall soothing.

The top of the shoulder focuses on the back of the neck directly opposite to the collar bone.

Using the same c shape in your hands, press the area gently with your palms. Gradually come near the neck area and disperse out of it to the length of the shoulder.

If you are finding bone protrusions, be gentle and don’t put pressure on those areas. Also, don’t put too much pressure on the muscles.

Massaging the Shoulder blades 

The shoulder is connected with the back along with the shoulder blades. The shoulder blades have muscles and it is important to massage them too.

Now, get down from the top of the shoulders to the back over the shoulder blades. You can find plate-like bones on both shoulders. 

The bones are covered with muscles and using your hands while the thumbs are stretched gently hold the muscles and release them. Do this for about three minutes.

If you are finding it difficult to reach the areas, let your partner lie on their stomach comfortably.

After massaging them, now go to the top part of the blade around the area where the shoulder blade merges the joint. Using your palm, apply pressure in a circular motion. 

You can also use your fingers to knead the area gently. Do this for two minutes.

In certain areas, you can use both your hands to press the muscles to get the required tension out of it. Also, try to apply more pressure in areas with high muscle or fat.

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What are the Reasons for Shoulder Pain?

Generally, shoulder pain is due to stress exerted in the area while performing certain activities like:

  • Sitting uncomfortably for long hours
  • Inappropriate furniture use
  • Heavy lifting
  • The sudden lifting of objects
  • Long hours of sitting before PC
  • Driving for long hours
  • Holding smartphones for long hours

While doing such activities, the shoulder is strained along with your arm. Since the shoulder has stronger bones and joints, the heavyweights and stresses fall on it. This causes tension in the muscle as well as tightens it. If you don’t properly relax or stretch your muscles, they may get stiff and it will be difficult to move. This is the reason for shoulder pain. Apart from this, you can get shoulder pain from other medical conditions such as:

  • Broken Shoulder Bone
  • Bone spurs
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation in the fluid sacs which is known as Bursitis
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Tear in the Shoulder muscles
  • Frozen shoulder

These medical conditions can also be treated with massage but require a professional masseuse or massage therapist.

Why do we need To Hire a Professional to do massage?

Hiring a professional to perform any kind of massage is very important because it involves peculiarly pressing muscles and joints. Not doing them correctly may result in increasing the pain or it may even result in injury.

Also, professional therapists know certain nuances in performing the massage, where to apply pressure and where you shouldn’t put pressure is known to them by experience.

Therefore, it is very important to hire a professional to perform any kind of massage. Even though you may do the massage by yourself, you can find a difference with a professional therapist.


Massaging is one of the best ways to get instant relief from your shoulder pain. Whether it is chronic or acute pain, try to perform the massage by yourself or with a partner.

While it is better to hire a therapist, you can also try to do this massage with the help of your partner and the above-said instructions to get complete relief from the pain. 

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