How To Give A Good Pedicure Massage? (4 Best Ways, Tips & Guide)

Pedicure Massage is a therapeutic treatment to treat joint pain and increase the blood flow in the feet. Pedicure not only involves trimming and polishing nails.

Rather it also provides some good massage for the feet that improves the health of your lower limb. We shall look into some of the best ways that will help you how to give a good pedicure massage.

How To Give A Good Pedicure Massage? (4 Best Ways, Tips & Guide)

How To Give A Good Pedicure Massage

Feet Relaxation

In this technique, the feet and the ankle joints are relaxed. It is like a starter to the pedicure massage and relatively an easy one to perform.

To perform this, lift the patient’s leg and hold it at their ankles using your left hand. Then hold their left foot below the toes with your right hand.

Slowly rotate the feet in a circular motion either clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Similarly, do this for the right feet also.

Top and Bottom side Effleurage

In this technique, the top side joints and the bottom side muscles of the feet are relaxed and the blood flow is regulated.

To perform this, rest the right foot of the patient on their ankles and let the top side of their feet face you.

Using both your thumbs, massage the step of the top side in a circular motion. Both the thumbs should work in opposite directions and continue till the toe joints.

Repeat this step three to five times and similarly do this for the other foot.

For the bottom side, hold the foot with both your hands and using the thumb perform similarly.

Toe Effleurage

In this technique, the strain in the toes is released and it also helps in better movement.

To perform this, rest the foot on the ground and slightly lift and hold the first toe with your right hand.

Then slowly perform circular motions to the toe in either clockwise or anticlockwise manner.

Repeat these two to three times and similarly perform this for every toe and for the other foot.

Inner Feet Twist

In this technique, the overall blood flow of your body can be stimulated just by massaging the inner feet.

To perform this, lift and hold the patient’s leg at their ankle with your left hand. Then make a fist with your right hand.

Using this fist hand, gently apply friction in a circular motion to the inner side of the foot. This friction increases the heat and stimulates the blood flow.

Do this for one minute and similarly perform this on the other foot.

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What is Foot Massage Called?

Foot massages are known as Reflexology. It is an alternative therapy that states that each organ of the body corresponds to a part in the feet and the hands.

Stimulating these parts of the feet using massage or pressure helps in relieving the stress of that organ.

Similar to acupuncture, reflexology is also derived from ancient Chinese medicine. It is based on the philosophy of Qi which is the vital internal energy that keeps the life force in the body.

Reflexology tells that there are pressure points in the inner foot and the palm which corresponds to the organs of the body.

These pressure points regulate the flow of energy to each organ. When stimulating these points, the energy flow is regulated and the organ gets rejuvenated.

In many instances, reflexology mainly helps in relieving stress and promotes instant relaxation to the body.

Therefore, a foot massage with a reflexologist may cure many health problems you are facing easily.

How Long Should a Foot Massage Last?

Every technique in a foot massage can last about three minutes to five minutes only. Longer durations in the massage may be counterproductive.

Because a massage is performed to relieve the stress and strain. But doing it for a longer duration causes strain and may start pain in itself.

Trained professionals know the time limit for each technique and start to move on to the others. If you are doing for others, try to restrict yourself to three minutes maximum.

You can repeat the technique three to five times and try to take it slow.

Apart from this, if your patient is feeling relaxed with a particular technique you may repeat it after performing other techniques.

Does a Pedicure Include Massage?

Yes, a pedicure includes the massage of the feet and the lower legs. This is done to loosen the muscles, relax the legs and increase the blood flow in the body.

The following are the steps in a pedicure:

  • Cleaning the feet and removing any existing nail polish
  • Soaking the feet in the bath and cleaning them thoroughly using a water jet
  • Cutting the nails and again washing the feet
  • Trimming the cuticles
  • Removing callus on the feet
  • Doing a lower leg massage and a foot massage
  • Polishing the nails if preferred

Do Pedicure Massage is Good for All?

Pedicure massage is good for all men and women irrespective of their age. It helps in promoting and relieving the following things in the body.

  • Promotes blood circulation in the foot and eventually in the body
  • Prevents all types of infections that can affect the feet
  • Relieves the body from pain, arthritis, and varicose veins
  • Improves the overall health of the body
  • Promotes relaxation and improves mental health
  • Relieves stress in the feet and lower limbs

Therefore, a pedicure massage can be performed by all people to keep their bodies stress-free and healthy. Also, they can maintain the health of their lower limbs.

Why do Women Prefer Pedicure Massage?

Apart from attracting their mates, women prefer pedicure massage for the following reasons:

Women handle a lot of stress and they find it relaxing to perform a pedicure massage

More than men, women take heed of their external appearance and health more seriously.

Women wear pointed shoes and heels which may eventually cause strain in their legs. To relieve that they frequently go for a pedicure massage.

The nails get damaged due to such shoes and increase the need for massage.


Pedicure massage is good for maintaining the overall health as well as the health of the lower body. It promotes relaxation and relieves stress.

Combined with the techniques of reflexology, a pedicure massage can cure illness and diseases of your body too.

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