How to get rid of Hemorrhoids Fast Naturally at home? (6 Best Methods)

Hemorrhoids can be very uncomfortable. Whether it is external or internal hemorrhoids, bowel movements are very difficult with the condition.

It has to be treated soon so that our daily activities are not affected. Home remedies for hemorrhoids treat the condition very well and give a soothing effect too.

Find out how to get rid of Hemorrhoids Fast Naturally at home by keeping reading the article below!

How to get rid of Hemorrhoids Fast Naturally at home? (6 Best Methods)

How to get rid of Hemorrhoids Fast Naturally at home?

1. Soften the Stools with Fibrous foods

Easy bowel movements will solve most of the hemorrhoid problems. You can slowly start to change your diet which has more fibrous foods such as vegetables and greens.

But it will not give overnight changes to your bowel. Therefore, you can use supplements like Psyllium Husk. The husk can be mixed with water and consumed along with the diet. It gives the required fibrous content to the bowel.

When the stools are soft, they will not struggle to get past the rectum. Therefore, you will not feel any pain or discomfort in the toilet. Also, the bloody stools will stop once you follow this remedy.

2. Cure the Itch, burning, and swelling with Coconut oil and Aloe Vera

Most of the patients with hemorrhoids experience severe itching and burning. External hemorrhoids patients can also feel the swelling in the anus.

Using coconut oil in the itching area relieves the condition and provides comfort. Also, aloe vera can be used on the burning areas to give a cool sensation. Both of them can be used alternatively.

Both of these can be consumed orally also to reduce the heat. In some medicines, increased body heat also causes hemorrhoids. Therefore, pure coconut oil and fresh aloe vera gel can be eaten to reduce body heat.

3. Increasing Fluid Intake

Drinking plenty of water and changing diet to mostly fluid for some time helps in easing the bowel movement. This also reduces the body heat which causes the burning sensation.

Even if you have a fibreless diet, drinking water will help loosen the stool and reduce the energy required in excretion.

Therefore, drink water whenever you feel hungry and thirsty. If the hunger doesn’t go away then go for eating some food. This will help you to maintain the bowel.

4. Epsom Salt Bath

This particular remedy is very useful for patients with external hemorrhoids. Epsom salts help in relieving the pain caused by the swelling of veins.

You can also use a sitz bath which is a small tub fitted in the toilet seat and enables you to sit over it with warm water.

Adding Epsom salt to your bathtub or sitz bath will soothe your anal veins and reduce the swelling.

5. Ice Packs for Extremely Painful Hemorrhoids

Some people experience extreme pain during the initial stages of the hemorrhoid condition. During such times, you can apply an ice pack to get a numbing sensation and temporary relief from the pain.

You can use a towel or a cloth to wrap the ice around and apply it to the affected area. Never keep the ice directly to the wound because it may cause cold burns to the skin. Since the swollen skin is already fragile, keeping ice directly is not advisable.

6. Lifestyle Changes to Combat Hemorrhoids

Treating and curing this condition fully depends on the effort we make to change our lifestyle and dietary habits. This is advised to speed up the recovery process from the high discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.

So, first of all, changing the diet completely to a fiber-rich diet is obligatory when you are trying to treat hemorrhoids.

You should include greens and veggies in your diet. Also, you should cut down on junk foods and dairy products for a brief time.

Secondly, try to have an early night’s sleep. The human body repairs itself only during the night’s sleep. Therefore, go to bed early and wake up early to cure the condition sooner.

Do not wear tight clothes and clothes that are made up of synthetic materials. Try to wear cotton-made fabrics so that they will be breathable.

Synthetic clothe materials increase the body heat as well as cause discomfort for your hemorrhoids.

Never sit for too long and avoid cycling. Sitting for a very long time puts pressure on the anal and rectum veins which worsen the hemorrhoids.

Therefore, if your nature of work is to sit long hours, try to take a short interval and go for a walk. Cycling also puts pressure on the veins, therefore, avoid them too.

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When to see a Doctor?

If you start to have continuous bloody stools or blood flow from the anus, you should contact a doctor immediately.

Also, sometimes you may feel dizzy along with the bloody stools. At such times you should immediately get assistance from your nearest hospital.

If you don’t get such symptoms, you can simply visit the doctor for an ointment to numb the pain.

Otherwise, you need not worry about the condition. It will get cured soon if you follow the lifestyle advisory and home remedies for hemorrhoids.

What are the Bathroom Habits to Follow?

The following habits in the bathroom help you to avoid worsening the hemorrhoids. Because improper habits may increase the swelling and thus prolong the condition.

Therefore, first of all, do not force your bowel movement at any cost. Try to soften your stools using the above-mentioned techniques.

If you get the urge to clear your bowel, go to the bathroom and sit for a few minutes. Do not strain yourself.

When you aren’t getting anything, then try after some time. But most of the time when the body wants to excrete, it is best to listen to the signal. If you hinder it, then the stool may become hard and difficult to excrete.

Apart from these, you can also try a different position in the toilet. Instead of sitting, you can try a squat position which easily enables the rectum to clear the bowel. But you should be careful with your safety while you are sitting on top of a toilet bowl.


Home remedies for hemorrhoids help in treating the symptoms and provide a complete cure to the condition.

Along with that, if you follow a routine healthy lifestyle and diet, you can easily overcome the difficulties associated with the hemorrhoid condition.

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