How to Fix a Cracked Enamel Tooth? (3 Best Ways to Prevent)

Cracked enamel is a result of poor dental care and a lack of mineral nutrients in the body. It can result in tooth fracture and it will become very tough to repair it.

If you don’t care for your teeth when the cracks start to appear, then you may have to undergo difficult medical procedures to restore your teeth.

When you go for such procedures, you will not have your natural teeth back. Rather you will be fixed with an artificial crown.

Therefore, here are some natural ways in which you can fix your cracked enamel tooth easily.

How to Fix a Cracked Enamel Tooth? (3 Best Ways to Prevent)

How to Fix a Cracked Enamel Tooth?

The major reason for cracked enamel is due to lack of adequate minerals to maintain the structure of the teeth.

Enamel is the outer covering of the teeth that is made up of a hard mineral known as calcium phosphate.

This keeps the teeth strong and hard, withstanding all kinds of stresses and temperatures. So, when there is a loss of this mineral in the body, cracks happen.

In order to fix this naturally, you have to remineralize the teeth. Here are some best ways to remineralize your teeth effectively.

Drink Adequate Water

Water is a great source of minerals that are required for our body. It naturally has all kinds of nutrients which can satisfy the mineral requirement.

But you should be aware of what type of water should be drunk in order to remineralize effectively. Since there are many types of water available this is very important to know.

The best water with a lot of nutrients and minerals is Rain Water. It is ready to drink natural water that has all the essential nutrients required for our body.

Try to harvest rainwater and using a filter, remove the dust and debris in it. Now it is ready for consumption and once you start to drink rainwater, you will feel the difference in your dental and overall health.

If you cannot harvest rainwater, try to get water from natural bodies such as River. A flowing river is pure and is ready for consumption.

Sometimes, it doesn’t require filtering too because the dirt will get sedimented in the river bed due to the flow. Acquire water from such natural bodies and drink them.

When no such natural sources are available, go for normal tap water supplied by the government authorities. They take water from natural sources, treat it and deliver it to your homes.

Even though they aren’t as good as rainwater or river water, they can be relied upon. You may also use an earthen pot to store the water and drink from it to get the essential nutrients.

Apart from these, no water is good for consumption. Do not go for RO processed water or water that is treated with UV. These processes remove the natural minerals from the water and the artificial minerals added, do no good to our body.

Also, never boil the water and use it for drinking. Because boiling changes the chemistry of the water and the essential nutrients are lost in the process.

If you drink proper water adequately, it will be more than enough to restore the minerals lost to repair your teeth.

Use Sugar-Free Chewing Gum

Saliva is a natural source of minerals and has the ability to heal the cracked enamel effectively. Naturally, humans have a certain amount of saliva production.

But with the help of chewing gums, you might be able to increase the saliva content which helps in restoring the minerals.

Only use sugar-free gum. Because the sugar in the chewing gums may stick to the teeth and cultivate bacteria which can damage the teeth furthermore.

Also, don’t get addicted to chewing gum. Therefore, use it once per day and that will be enough to treat your teeth with saliva.

Take up a Remineralization diet

Changing your diet is very important to have a quick restoration of the enamel. Because the body takes up the required nutrients from the food we consume.

Try to eat foods that are rich in minerals such as milk, fiber-rich vegetables, and greens. All vegetables and greens have some source of minerals in them. And milk is an excellent source of calcium.

Add a glass of milk daily to your diet and try to get one or two servings of vegetable salads each day. This will restore your mineral need quite quickly.

Why is Enamel getting Cracks?

Enamel cracks mainly happen due to the lack of adequate minerals in the body. The human body converts the energy gained from the food into various nutrients and extracts the mineral content from it.

Due to the lack of a balanced diet, the body doesn’t get many nutrients and the teeth start to become weak. Also, due to drinking poor quality water, the mineral content of the body is lost.

Another reason for enamel cracks is subjecting the teeth to thermal stress more frequently. If you consume food very hot or very cold, the teeth are subjected to cyclic thermal stress which eventually weakens the integrity of the enamel structure.

Apart from these, old age is also a factor for enamel cracks. Sometimes, certain accidents can also lead to enamel cracks.

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Why do we need to Fix Enamel on the Tooth?

Enamel is the protective layer of the teeth that helps in protecting the teeth while chewing, grinding, and other hard movements done by our mouth.

It acts as a preventing covering to the inner tissues of the teeth. It helps in withstanding pressure, stress, and thermal stress. It maintains the structural integrity of the whole teeth. Also, it protects the inner tissues from microbes.

What Prevention is needed to be Observed?

Try to maintain oral hygiene by properly brushing your teeth. Use a mineral-rich toothpaste that also has fluoride in it.

Eat a balanced healthy diet and add greens and vegetables to it without fail. Try to drink milk at least one serving per day.

Do not go near acidic and sugary drinks. Because these drinks and beverages can damage the enamel by corroding the surface.

Do not subject your teeth to high thermal stresses by consuming very hot or very cold drinks.


Cracked enamel can damage your teeth eventually and you cannot grow it back. Therefore, with the help of these remedies, try to restore your teeth by remineralization and avoid permanent damage. Protecting the enamel will keep your teeth stronger and hard even if you reach old age.

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