How to do Hand and Arm Massage? (6 Best massages and Benefits)

Massage is an excellent way to relax your entire body. It loosens your muscles, increases blood flow, and refreshes your mind.

In our whole body, we use our hands, arms, legs, and feet more than any other part. They get more sore, stiff, and hard. Those parts need periodical stretches and massages to loosen the muscles. Otherwise, they can lead to pain and suffering.

Therefore, let us get to know how to do hand and arm massage today. 

How to do Hand and Arm Massage? (6 Best massages and Benefits)

How to do Hand and Arm Massage?

Instead of going to a massage parlor or spa and spending a lot of money, you can seek the help of your friend or relative to perform the following massage steps. 

Before performing a massage, you should choose a massage medium that helps in moisturizing and lubrication the skin. This is a very important step because, without a lubricant, you can shear the skin and cause damage.

Therefore, you can use oils like Jojoba oil, olive oil, Almond oil, and Aloe vera gel. You can use any one of these oils. Now let us get into the techniques.

Massage to the hands

  • Whenever you are going to perform the massage, choose a calm spot and comfortable space.
  • After making the patient comfortable, take some lubricant and apply it to the hands.
  • It is better to rub the lubricant in your palms to slightly warm it up before applying.
  • Look out for any abrasions or cuts on the skin and make a note of it to avoid irritation.
  • Then use mild presses on the hand and relax the muscles.
  • This will also warm up the area and increase blood flow.

Get to the Wrist

  • For massaging the wrist, hold the wrist with both the hands with palm facing downwards.
  • Then using your thumb fingers, press and make a small rotatory motion over the wrist bones.
  • Also, gradually move your thumbs up and down while doing so.
  • Perform this for a minute or two and turn the hand with palm facing upwards.
  • Using your thumb fingers work the wrist by pressing them slowly and firmly.
  • Perform a forward stroke from the lower end of the palm till the end of the wrist. 
  • If the patient feels any discomfort, reduce the pressure or slow down your strokes.

The Topside of the Hand

  • After doing the wrist, hold the hand with palms facing downwards.
  • Lubricate it well because the skin will be very thin.
  • Now you will be able to see the top side of the hand.
  • Use your thumbs to stroke the top side.
  • You will be feeling the long bones and knuckles.
  • Stroke them forward and backward gently with firm pressure. 
  • Press gently into the gaps between the two bones. These are frequent areas where the pain is felt. 
  • This releases the tension in the tendons and takes away pain from your palm and hand.

Fingers and Palm Massage

  • Gently pull each finger by holding the knuckles to hear a crack sound.
  • Then pinch the area between the finger base and knuckles.
  • Massage the finger joints gently and rub each one to release any pressure in the blood vessels.
  • Similarly, work each finger in the inner palm area which also serves as a massage to the palm.
  • Gently apply pressure and go back and forth in the palm area.

Massaging the Elbow

  • Many people suffer from joint pain in the elbows. Using your thumb create small rotary motions around the elbow joints.
  • Press the hand part and elbow part with your palms firmly. 
  • Stroke your hands back and forth using thumbs till the elbow joints. 
  • Do not twist or turn the elbow joints. This can lead to injury or fracture.

Massaging the Arm

  • Ask the patient to rest their arms on a gentle but stiff surface.
  • Move to the backside of the patient and gently press their arms to the shoulder blade.
  • Use constant thumping motion on the arms with your palms facing sideways.
  • Do not use force, rather put constant thumping pressure on the arms.
  • Stroke the arms till the shoulder using your palm and apply gentle pressure.

What are the Benefits of Hand and Arm massage?

Arm massage helps in releasing the accumulated toxins that resulted in the metabolism. This is also called lymphatic drainage in the muscles.

  • The metabolic wastes are released through various glands like the sweat gland and the massage helps in increasing it.
  • This massage helps in increasing the blood flow. This also helps in removing waste products from the muscles.
  • If the patient has swelling in their hands, the massage can help the body to drain the fluid effectively and bring back the functionality.
  • Also, proper blood supply means increased oxygen supply to the arms and hands. This enables you to have more strength and your arms don’t get sore quickly.
  • If you have tight muscles after heavy work or gym sessions, the massage can loosen up your muscles and make them ready for the next day’s work.
  • Those patients who are bedridden for life can avoid bed sores and embolism in the muscles.

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Does it have any side effects?

No, there are no side effects with massage therapy. Rather you may feel relaxed which can be mimicked as tired. Your body will feel quite tired but this is actually a fully relaxed feel.

Take a nice shower with hot water and get some night’s sleep to get rid of the tiredness. The next morning you will feel very energetic and fit. 

Yes, hand and arm massage can be done to all kinds of people irrespective of their age and gender. It is highly recommended in patients who are not able to move their limbs and are bedridden for years.

Also, those who do heavy labor work should also do massage to release tension from the muscles as well as the blood vessels. It is best to do it monthly twice or if possible, weekly once to relieve stiff muscles. 


Hand and Arm massage can keep the most important part of your upper body healthy and fit. It cures sore muscles and relieves clots from the blood vessels.

It promotes metabolism and removes toxic wastes created by metabolic activities. Try to get a massage once in a while to refresh your body. 

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