How to Detoxify Your Body after Drinking Alcohol? (4 Best Ways)

Alcohol is one of the major causes of poor health in many people around the world. This addictive drink slowly increases the toxicity of the system and eventually damages the liver, kidneys, and other primary organs.

It is important to quit the habit and detoxify all the built-up toxins out of the body. Since the liver is the most affected organ, the detox involves energizing the liver and removing the accumulated toxins out of the body with its help.

How to Detoxify Your Body after Drinking Alcohol? (4 Best Ways)

How to Detoxify Your Body after Drinking Alcohol?

Alcohol can be easily removed from the body. Follow this detox routine and free your body from the wastes formed by the drink.

Quit Alcohol

You cannot detoxify your body if you don’t stop the habit completely. Consuming more and more of this drink will increase the wastes in your body which makes the detox difficult.

Stop the habit immediately and focus your mind on preserving your health. Don’t mind about the withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal doesn’t affect everyone. Those who are keen on detoxifying their body will not get withdrawal symptoms.

Therefore, quit the habit right away and become a healthy person. Once you have stopped drinking, the body will recognize your effort and starts repairing faster.


The best way to detox your body is to observe fasting. Fasting helps in increasing the alkalinity and maintains the equilibrium in the system.

All the wastes in the body are naturally acidic. The increase in acidity causes the body to become weak and sick.

If you increase the alkalinity, the acidity will be neutralized and excreted from the body easily. While fasting is one of the major processes happening inside our body.

When you abstain from eating and drinking, the body starts to focus its energy on the repair of organs. The repairs happen at the cellular level and rejuvenate everything that is affected by the accumulated toxins.

Since there is no need for digestion, the body can excrete the accumulated toxins easily through urine, sweat, and stool.

But what type of fasting do you need to follow? There are three types of fasting. You can choose whichever is suitable for you and observe it. All the fasting must be observed from sunrise to sunset.

Dry Fasting – This is one of the toughest fastings and involves complete abstinence from food and drink including water. 

Water fasting – Those who feel dry fasting is hard might try this where you drink only water whenever you feel hungry and thirsty.

Fruit fasting – This is the easiest of all where you can eat only fruits whenever you feel hungry. You should not eat anything other than fruits and must drink only water when feeling thirsty.

For faster detox, you may try dry fasting for a week. But if you find it difficult and couldn’t cope, then you can try water fasting.

Water fasting can also increase the alkalinity and flush the toxins effectively. You can observe this similar to dry fasting and if you find this difficult switch to fruit fasting.

Fruit fasting enables you to gain the required energy to function from the fruits you eat and at the same time will be easy on the digestive system. So, no wastes get accumulated and the body can concentrate on cleaning the body.

Fruit fasting can be observed for a long time like a month or two so that your body is completely free from toxins.

After the fasting period, i.e., after sunset, don’t eat any junk food or heavy food. Try to eat just fruits and sleep early.

Physical Exercises

If you are in fruit fasting, you will be able to perform some exercises which will boost the toxin excretion from the body.

When performing exercises, the body removes the wastes in the form of carbon dioxide we exhale and in the form of sweat. 

Particularly the wastes from the alcoholic drinks will be effectively removed through sweat and this is the best way to detox.

You can do all kinds of exercises. But it is recommended to do swimming more than any activity available. 

Swimming helps you to increase your stamina, relax your muscles, decrease body heat, and help in detoxification.


Sleep is also one of the major factors that promote the detoxification of alcohol from the body. 

When you sleep at night, the liver functions effectively and removes all the harmful things that might affect the system’s health.

Therefore, observe the night’s sleep every day. Don’t be awake after 9.30 PM. Sleep early and wake up early.

Sleep with an empty stomach. It will promote quality sleep as well as efficient detoxification.

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Why do we need to Detoxify our Bodies after Drinking Alcohol?

Alcohol affects the liver heavily and leads to diseases like liver cirrhosis, cancer and causes other issues like cardiovascular diseases.

All these are due to the toxic substances found in alcohol. The major ingredient, ethanol cannot be digested by the body and the liver is responsible to detoxify it.

When too many alcoholic drinks are consumed, these wastes accumulate in the body and damages the liver. When the liver is damaged, it cannot detoxify other materials and slowly other organs will also start to fail.

This will upset the whole system and eventually cause some chronic diseases or life-threatening diseases like cancer.

Therefore, it is obligatory to detoxify the body from alcoholic substances so that the liver is preserved which takes care of the whole body.

Recommended Foods to Detoxify Alcohol from the Body

There are some recommended food items you can include in your diet to detoxify alcohol from the body.

Fenugreek can be consumed with water to boost the detoxification process.

Ginger and lemon extract can be mixed in warm water and consumed daily morning to maximize the detox results. You can also add honey to it.

Add turmeric to boiling water and mix some honey to it. Drink this every morning on empty stomach.

Fruits such as Pomegranate, Apple, Jack fruit, Avocado help in the detoxification of alcohol from the body.

Drinking sugarcane juice is also good for liver health and promotes detox.


Alcoholism is a serious social issue in today’s world. People lose their health and life because of this habit.

Once you have decided to quit, you have started the detoxification process. With the help of these remedies, you will be able to completely take it out of the system and become a healthy person.

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