How to Detoxify Your Blood Naturally? (5 Best Ways)

Blood is a carrier and a transporting medium of the body. It carries oxygen, nutrients, and also wastes excreted by the organs and delivers it to the respective organs appropriately.

Blood travels in two channels namely the arteries and veins. Arteries carry the purified oxygen-rich, nutrient-rich blood to the organs.

Whereas the veins carry impure blood with waste products and deliver it to the waste excreting organs such as lungs, kidneys, liver, etc.

When too much waste gets accumulated in the blood, it will require detoxification and let understand how to detoxify it naturally.

How to Detoxify Your Blood Naturally? (5 Best Ways)

How to Detoxify Your Blood Naturally?


Water is an excellent blood purifier and helps in clearing all the toxins accumulated in the blood. 

Drinking enough water will hydrate the cells in the body and the wastes are easily released from them. These excreted wastes from each cell are transported by the blood to the kidneys and liver for excretion.

Water primarily excretes the toxins with the help of kidneys. The wastes in the blood are diluted by the water and are easily excreted through the kidneys. 

Drink only water whenever you feel thirsty. Many people substitute water with juices and beverages. This is wrong. You should only consume water whenever the feeling of thirst arises.

Take small sips whenever you drink water. Feel the body getting hydrated and stop drinking when the thirst is quenched. 

Excess of water can bring pressure differences and can affect kidneys. Therefore, drink according to your thirst and don’t exceed the limit. 

Cruciferous Vegetables

Most of the wastes in the body are from the digestive system. If you keep the gut clean, you can prevent the accumulation of wastes in the blood. 

Adding cruciferous vegetables to the diet will help you to clear your bowels with ease and keep your gut clean. 

Eat vegetables such as Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Kale, Cabbage, and other leafy vegetables

These provide good nutrients and increase the fiber content of the digested food. The increase in roughage helps in excreting the wastes effectively. 

You can either cook these veggies and add them to the diet or eat them as a salad. It is better if you consume these as a salad.


Turmeric is an excellent blood purifier and a neutralizer of toxins. It has many anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory properties. 

Adding turmeric to your food will keep toxin buildup in the blood as well as stop the wastes from becoming accumulated toxins.

Turmeric is a root of a plant and you can get it in the form of powder. Just a pinch of this powder into your food can do wonders in maintaining your health.

Especially if you are cooking meat, it is highly recommended to add turmeric powder, so that it can kill any kind of microbes and wastes in it. 

Mix the meat with a teaspoon of turmeric powder and let it sit for some time before you cook. Similarly, you can add turmeric powder to certain foods while you are cooking.


This herb has great medicinal values because of its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

This is a widely used herb in India. Putting a few leaves in the water and drinking it will clean your blood and purify it. 

You can also make tea with this herb and consume it once or twice per week to purify and strengthen the liver and kidneys. 

This herb can be cultivated in the house and it is recommended to grow one at every home. You can also eat the leaves raw and fresh. 

Black Cumin Seeds

One of the strongest seeds in medicinal property is the black cumin seed. The black cumin neutralizes all kinds of toxins and clears all types of wastes from the blood.

Consuming 3 to 5 cumin seeds is more than enough to treat many diseases. The seed can detoxify the blood and help it to excrete it effectively.

You can either eat the seeds raw or add them to your food while cooking. But do not exceed the limit of 3 to 5 seeds because consuming more than that may lead to other implications.

Take these seeds only for 10 days a month and you can witness a lot of changes in your body. 

How Safe is Detoxifying Your Blood at Home?

Detoxification using these remedies at home is very safe and doesn’t have any implications for your health. Blood purification happens regularly in the body with the help of the liver, kidneys, and lungs. 

These remedies stop the accumulation of wastes in the blood and prevent the wastes from converting into toxins. When this happens, the liver and kidneys easily clear all the wastes out of the body.

So, there is nothing to worry about or fear about blood detoxification. Because it doesn’t involve any procedure. By just adding some dietary and herbal supplements, you can achieve healthy blood easily. 

What Benefits You will get?

Blood detoxification will reduce the energy requirement of the liver and kidneys to excrete the wastes.

Due to this, they can effectively carry out their other functions in the body like fat emulsification or maintaining the water content of the body.

When wastes are less in the blood, they don’t accumulate and eventually become toxins. This keeps your body away from diseases and illnesses.

High fever is caused due to highly impure blood. With blood detoxification, you are safe from getting a fever. 

Healthy blood can carry more nutrients and deliver more oxygen to the organs for it to function effectively and efficiently. 

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How to Know My Blood needs to get Detoxified?

If you get a fever frequently, then you should know that your blood has accumulated more toxins and needs a cleanse.

The feeling of fatigue and weakness throughout the day means that your organs are using up the energy to detoxify and clear the wastes. This means that there are more toxins in the blood and you must perform an immediate cleanse. 

When you have difficulty digesting, especially meat, you can infer that your blood requires immediate detoxification.

Also, if you find rashes or allergies on the skin without contacting any allergen, then your blood needs detoxification.


You cannot get rid of wastes entirely from the blood because the purpose of blood is to carry them out of the organs and deliver them to the lungs, liver, and kidneys.

Blood detoxification means clearing the accumulated wastes which have transformed into toxins and may affect the health of the body.

With these remedies, you can detoxify your blood easily at your home. 

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