How to Deal With Controlling Personality Disorder? (3 Methods)

Every person has some kind of personality. Some personalities are innate and some are acquired through personal experiences. 

Not every personality disorder is annoying. But a controlling personality is particularly irritating and upsets everyone around. 

Treating a controlling personality is quite difficult because you cannot communicate with them and they tend to take control of the conversation often.

So, here is how you can deal with a controlling personality and try to help them overcome their personality disorder.

How to Deal With Controlling Personality Disorder? (3 Methods)

How to Deal With Controlling Personality Disorder?

Every person likes to have some kind of control over others. But when this becomes a habit with every person and situation we face, it becomes a personality disorder.

We as social animals often try to overpower people. If we know why this happens, we can easily deal with this controlling personality. Here are some of the major reasons for trying to control others.

Dealing and Overcoming Controlling Personality

Here are some of the best ways to deal and overcome controlling personality. You should try these and get rid of your personality disorder.

You Don’t Control Everything

First of all, you must get rid of fear and anxiety in your mind. You should understand that even if you have all the factors in your control, something unexpected happens out of your control.

There is no use in fearing something out of your control and reach. Also, nothing is going to happen by getting anxious about something that is yet to happen.

Most of the time controlling personalities achieve success in their career, but they create a lot of enemies than friends.

You should understand that everything cannot be done by you and you need assistance from other people.

Only with other people’s help, you can reach success. When you start to realize this important philosophy, your tendency to control others will reduce.

Change your Peer Group and Get a good friend

Many people with controlling personalities don’t have a caring friend. Rather they tend to keep company with people who only listen to them and submit to their wishes. This is wrong.

Try to change your peer group and find a person who will advise you on your behavior. You need a friend who can understand your problem and tell you anything on your face. 

Understand the reasons for controlling the people and try to rectify each and every problem.

Don’t think that you are in control of everyone or everything. Share everything that happens in your life with your friend and take their advice.

Introspect the Happenings in your life daily

The best way to treat any personality disorder is to introspect. Introspection helps you to gain insight into what happened and why it happened.

The human conscience has a basic instinct of finding out the mistake within us and when you introspect everything that is happening in daily life, it will broadcast your mistakes.

Try to rewind whatever happened each day, understand the success and failures, research the reasons, and you will find that there are a bunch of reasons to blame you.

When you introspect in such a manner, you will start to lose the controlling personality and try to be more jovial and friendly with others.

This will create a better social environment wherever you go and whoever you meet. This is how you can deal with your controlling personality and overcome it easily.

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Reasons for the Urge to Control People

Every psychological problem stems from the basic emotion called fear. Deep inside a controlling person’s heart, you can see that they have anxiety, fear, and lack of trust.

Being anxious regarding the future events makes them fear the outcome and involuntarily they try to handle the situation by controlling everyone around them.

This trait can be innate or acquired. If it is innate, it is difficult to make them understand that there is no control over the outcome whatsoever.

But if this trait is acquired, it is due to these following causes they become controlling:

  • Too much of conflicts that led to this condition
  • Reducing trust among people even if they are close
  • Too much of arguments over simple things

Due to such incidents, the person loses trust in people and starts to take the matter into their own hands. 

When this happens, they become bossy and don’t let anyone handle the situation. They don’t listen to people around and want everyone to listen to them and only to them.

Another important reason is facing too much of failures and betrayals because of listening to others. People tend to control others due to recurring failures and start to think that if they take control, they can achieve success.

These are the major reasons for people to get this controlling personality and let us now look at how to overcome it.

What are the Effects of Personality Disorders?

People with personality disorders seem to have a successful life and career. But in reality, you will find that they don’t have any real friends or happy personal life.

They always have conflicts and fights in their relationships. Whether it is personal or social, these people perform poorly with others and usually get into a disagreement with everyone.

Controlling people often try to bully others and make others feel weak. This may even lead to hurting people physically and emotionally.

They don’t have a happy social life and this often leads to solitude. People tend to avoid them and don’t want any kind of relationship with them. These are the effects of having a controlling personality disorder and it must be treated.

Why do we need to Treat Personality Disorders?

People with personality disorders are psychologically ill and are not happy. They have a poor social life and their personal life is usually a tragedy.

Because of such downsides, it is very important to treat their condition as soon as possible.

These conditions may worsen into other dangerous disorders and they may even go to any lengths to achieve whatever they desire.

Therefore, treating a personality disorder is crucial to make them mentally healthy.


Only with good mental health, you can have a healthy physical body. Your overall health depends on your psychological state and it must be sound.

Therefore, treat any kind of personality disorder immediately and get your mental state sane and sound. It is better to socialize with people rather than trying to control everyone around.

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