How to Cure Panic Disorder Naturally?(6 Best Treatment)

The panic disorder stems from the basic human emotion of fear. Fear is generated only when the person sees an imminent danger.

But people with panic disorder may get an overwhelming sense of fear even when there isn’t any imminent danger. That is fear comes to them without any reason.

Also, the fear is very high that it can cause serious physical effects on the body. In order to combat this disorder, here are some natural remedies so that you can avoid a panic attack.

How to Cure Panic Disorder Naturally?(6 Best Treatment)

How to Cure Panic Disorder Naturally?

Curing panic disorder lies in treating the mind. It all depends on training your mind to be calm and composed at all times. The following remedies will help you to treat the condition and find a permanent cure.  

Perfect your Sleep and its Routine

Sleep is a very important thing in treating panic disorder. Your body heals itself mentally and physically only during night’s sleep. 

People with panic disorder must observe a proper night’s sleep and try to have a strict routine to cure the condition faster.

The liver is responsible for keeping the sanity and balance of the mind. The organ functions effectively only during the night’s sleep.

Those who often miss their sleep are affected by some mental disorders. Improper sleep affects the liver and in turn, disturbs the mental stability of the person.

Therefore, observe night’s sleep compulsorily despite your job schedule. 

Your sleep must be deep and sound in the night. In order to achieve it, you can try to have light meals for your dinner and have them early in the evening.

When going to bed, go with an empty stomach. Also, make sure you have eaten something easily digestible. 

Then make sure you have a completely dark room. This helps you to get deep sleep without any disturbances. 

Make it a routine to sleep around 9 to 10 PM. Do not stay late at night and try to stay away from books or smartphones before you go to sleep.


Early morning meditation will help you calm your nerves and ease yourself into the morning routine.

Panic is an extreme form of fear which comes due to an uncontrolled mind. Understand that you are the master of your mind and try to get it deep in your heart.

Meditation helps you to focus and make your mind calm and composed. 

Try to wake up at 4 or 5 AM in the morning. Choose a spot in your house that has good ventilation for the outside airflow.

Then sit on the ground with your legs crossed and back straight. Keep your hands on the laps and do the breathing exercise.

Try to concentrate on your breathing. First inhale deeply, hold for a second and exhale slowly. Don’t think of anything catastrophic. Remember that you are the master of your own mind and do the breathing exercises. 

While meditating, don’t get hooked over a thought. Let them flow as they go and don’t stop over a single thought. 

Use Incense Sticks

Good fragrances can alter brain chemistry and instantly lighten your mood. 

When you are in your home, play some good music or think of some good memories while smelling a fragrance from an incense stick. 

Doing this will associate the happy mood and memories with the fragrance and register it in the brain.

So, when you are feeling fear or panic, you can use the fragrance and calm yourself. The brain will link the fragrance with your happy memories and avoid panic.

You can use fragrances from Lavender and Lemongrass as they have proven to be excellent in calming the mind.

Exercise Daily

Minding your body will increase your confidence and give you great mental strength while making your physique fit.

List out some exercises you can do daily and make it a routine to perform without fail.

Your exercises can include cardio, resistance, or some sports like swimming. Swimming is an excellent sport you should do to calm yourself better. 

Apart from these, you can try yoga which is a great mixture of meditation as well as physical exercise.

Avoid all Unhealthy Habits

Alcohol, smoking, caffeine, and all other addictive substances must be avoided to completely cure panic disorder.

Never look back into the habit ever again. These habits mess up your internal organs which disturbs your mental stability heavily.

You will not be able to think straight and this causes serious issues while you are having a panic attack.

Therefore, leave all such bad habits and try to maintain your body like a temple. Don’t put anything inside your body that will affect your physical health. Whether it be food or drink.

Socialize Often 

Trying to meet up friends and eventually new people through them will make your mind open to new things.

This will eliminate the causes of panic attacks and cure you completely of the disorder.

Go out in the world with closest friends and relatives. Slowly you will get hold of your mind and you will be able to act normally around new people without panic.

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How Does Panic Disorder Affect Your Life?

Panic disorder may affect your social life as well as your personal life too. You will not be able to make new friends, visit different places, perform your job properly, and concentrate on your life properly. 

You don’t know what can trigger panic and how it will turn into a panic attack. This itself will cultivate a fear inside your mind and obstruct you from socializing. Therefore, you must try to cure this condition fully with the help of remedies. 

Why does Panic Disorder Happen?

There are no conclusive reasons for why this disorder happens in the first place. But there are some things which can lead to this condition. They are:

  • Stress
  • Poor lifestyle
  • Overthinking
  • Addictive habits

These are the potential causes for panic disorder to root inside a person. Although it may differ from person to person and the reasons may also change from one another. These are the common reasons for this disorder to happen.

What does it feel like when you Panic?

The following are the symptoms of a panic attack:

  • Racing heart
  • Excessive sweating
  • Trembling and chills
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness

Your body will start to pound with a racing heart which triggers excessive sweating. Then this gives your chills and your body starts to tremble. Because of this, you will start to feel weak and eventually, you can feel dizzy and faint.


The panic disorder must be cured immediately and these remedies will help you in getting better as soon as possible. Follow these remedies strictly and you can find enormous changes in your mental ability and status. You can feel your mind calm and composed.

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