How to Cure Ichthyosis Vulgaris Naturally? (4 Best Remedies)

Skin diseases are very difficult to manage and it requires utmost care from us. Ichthyosis Vulgaris (IV) is one such disorder that can lead to severe discomfort and requires proper care lifelong.

IV causes severe dry skin and the dead skin cells build up over themselves causing the development of scales. That is why this disease is also called fish skin or fish scale disease.

There is no cure for the disease but can be managed effectively and achieve complete relief from the symptoms. Sometimes the scale can crack and causes severe pain which can be avoided with the help of simple remedies.

How to Cure Ichthyosis Vulgaris Naturally

How to Cure Ichthyosis Vulgaris Naturally?

Natural remedies for Ichthyosis Vulgaris can provide excellent and efficient relief from the symptoms. It is best to use natural home remedies because it doesn’t have any side effect and you can rely on them lifelong.

The following remedies help you to manage and control the condition. Observe these regularly and protect your skin.

Soaking Baths

IV occurs due to dry skin which is caused due to lack of hydration in the skin. Therefore, we have to externally provide hydration and maintain the moisture in the skin.

The best way to do it is with the help of long soaking baths. When you soak and bath, the skin absorbs the required moisture and rejuvenates itself.

While bathing, you can use a loofah or a pumice stone to gently remove the scales which keeps the skin healthy.

Since you are soaking, it will be easier and less painful to remove the dead skin. It is very important to be gentle and avoid any kind of damage or cuts to the skin.

As for the soap, do not use very harsh chemicals that will lead to dry skin. Use mild soaps which are usually available with herbal products from organic shops.

You can try soaps that are infused with coconut milk or coconut oil which are effective in providing nourishment and soft texture to the skin.

Also, products that have aloe vera gel infused with them are very effective in hydrating and moisturizing the skin naturally.

After a complete soaking bath, use a soft towel and gently pat the water from the skin so that some moisture is left over. Don’t rub the skin harshly.

Look out for ingredients you are allergic to and avoid such products. This will easily help you manage the heavy dry skin and avoid scale build-up.

Use Natural Moisturizers Periodically

This is one of the very important routines every person with IV should observe regularly. Moisturizers will help you to rehydrate the skin effectively.

Instead of using inorganic moisturizers that might have some side effects, you can use natural products.

Coconut oil or Coconut cream are highly recommended as a moisturizer. Buy organic coconut cream or prepare coconut cream yourself at home.

You can also use aloe vera moisturizer which helps in hydrating the skin higher than any other product. It doesn’t dry out easily and preserves the moisture in the skin.

If you are going for a job or working outdoors, apply the cream at regular intervals to avoid getting dry skin. These two moisturizers are very friendly for use outdoors and in office spaces.

Avoid Direct Contact with Air Conditioners or Blowers

Another major reason for heavy dry skin is prolonged exposure to blowing air. When you expose your skin to continuous airflow, it will slowly remove the moisture from the skin which causes dry skin.

Also, maintaining a less humid climate in your home or office will remove the hydration present in your skin.

Therefore, avoid being in direct contact with the air conditioner or air blowers. You can also set your air conditioner to mild cooling temperatures to avoid extreme cold or hot climates.

If you are in a surrounding with extreme temperatures, then use moisturizers regularly to avoid dry skin.

Use Olive oil to Replenish the Skin

Once a week, you can apply olive oil to your skin and let it sit for some time on it. This will help your skin to revive the lost properties and become healthy.

The natural fats present in olive oil can improve skin growth and avoids scale buildup. It increases the ability to hold moisture and replenish the water content in the skin when it starts to become dry.

Apply olive oil completely to your body and let it soak for about 30 minutes. Then perform a soaking bath and remove the scales using loofah or pumice stone.

Performing this on a regular basis will keep your skin healthy, soft, and hydrated at all times which reduces the scale formation.

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What are the Causes of Ichthyosis Vulgaris?

The cause of this condition is mostly genetic. If the parents had the disease, then the children are likely to inherit it.

If both the parents had the condition, then the children might have a severe form of IV. If only one parent had the condition, then there are chances for the children to have mild IV.

Apart from the genetic cause, IV can also affect people with other underlying diseases like cancer, AIDS, etc.

People with severely dry skin also may likely develop this condition. Old people who are bedridden for years may also have this condition but in a mild manner. Other than these, there aren’t any reasons that may cause this disease.

How Long Does it Take to Cure?

IV is a chronic condition and there aren’t any cures for it. The condition can only be effectively managed and the symptoms can be treated.

If you follow the remedies regularly, there is a better chance that your skin can be maintained normally without any dry skin formation.

But if you stop maintaining the skin externally, there is a higher chance of immediate dry skin and scale formation.

Therefore, a cure for this condition is yet to be found and the only available solution is a proper skincare routine.


With regular skincare and proper application of moisturizers, you can effectively replenish and maintain normal skin. Even though there isn’t any cure found, these remedies will help you to decrease the severity of the condition and manage the symptoms easily.

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