How to Cure Anxiety Attack Naturally? (7 Home Remedies to Stop)

You are about to learn how to cure anxiety attack naturally! Anxiety is a mental disorder that can be treated with a few lifestyle changes.

Along with that home remedies for anxiety attacks can help you to overcome the disorder and lead a peaceful life.

When it comes to mental disorders, everything depends on how you approach the condition and what steps you have taken to overcome it.

How to Cure Anxiety Attack Naturally (7 Home Remedies to Stop)

How to Cure Anxiety Attack Naturally?

Those who are experiencing an anxiety attack or previously known for having the issue can follow these remedies to treat and cure the condition.

In fact, everyone can follow these remedies to avoid any type of emotional outcomes and stress.

Chamomile Tea

During an anxiety attack or if you perceive a situation where you might get anxious, take a sip of chamomile tea to calm your nerves.

This tea can alter the cortisol secretion level which is a stress hormone. Therefore, when you are getting such emotions, try to drink chamomile tea.


Inhaling certain odors can trigger pleasure hormones and give you happiness. Aromatherapy works on this principle and it works great on anxiety disorder patients.

Patients can choose different aromas according to their liking and burn an incense stick with that aroma in a room.

While doing aromatherapy, you can use a separate room or a space in your office to burn the stick. Sit with your eyes closed and inhale the aroma for a few minutes. This will help you to clear your mind and take some time off from your stressful situation.

Lavender is the best recommendation for aromatherapy. It can reduce blood pressure and give a peaceful night’s sleep.

Another important thing is to avoid aromas that can trigger a certain memory which can bring back your anxiety. Therefore, try to choose an aroma that can help calm your nerves and ease you into peace.

Relaxing in a Particular Position

Whenever you get anxious, just lie down in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Many people with the disorder start to get nervous and stride up and down. This will not help you. Rather it will worsen the situation and lead to a panic attack.

Therefore, find a place to lie down and position yourself in a comfortable posture. Then try to close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. This will relax your mind and relieve the stress building up.

Lifestyle Changes to Treat Anxiety Attack

Put up a Regular Exercise Routine

The mind and the body are connected so deeply that when one is hurt the other part also gets hurt. An anxiety disorder may seem mental, but physically it brings about some changes. Sometimes, the anxiety might have arrived only due to a poor physical body.

Therefore, create a regular exercise routine. Pay attention to your body and try to keep it fit. Most of the problems will get solved if you are physically fit.

It gives you strength and boosts your confidence level to a higher level. When you are confident then you don’t have to be anxious about anything.

Plan a Healthy Diet and Follow

A sound mind in a sound body is possible only by concentrating on the food we eat. Take heed of what you put into your mouth.

Carefully choose your diet by obeying the body. When your body doesn’t like some food, do not forcefully eat it. Also cut down on junk foods or at least try to reduce them to a weekend getaway.

Try to match your hunger and appetite. Pick the food you like and eat it till your hunger is quenched. If you follow this and maintain an exercise routine, your mind will grow stronger day by day.

Observing Regular Night’s Sleep

Sleeping is very important to keep your mind sane and healthy. This is one of the best home remedies for anxiety attack disorder.

Particularly, night’s sleep is very important. Most of the mental disorder patients suffer from insomnia or they were previously avoiding night’s sleep regularly.

The best habit you can follow is to eat your dinner early. This helps you to fall asleep early. When you go to bed early, your body starts to repair itself and rejuvenate your mind.

All types of hormones come into play during nights’ sleep and refresh your body and mind. Therefore, never miss a night’s sleep.

Avoid Living Alone

Humans naturally need a companion to get a hold of their sanity. Without a group of family or friends, life may seem pointless or difficult. Getting past each and every day might seem very tedious.

Therefore, try to be around your friends or family. If you don’t have anyone, try to befriend someone from your workplace or your routine go-to place.

Another best companion is a pet. You can get a pet of your liking and care for them to keep yourself happy.

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What is a Grounding Technique?

Grounding is a technique used to relax and calm oneself during an anxiety attack. It involves the patient diverting his or her mind from the thing that is making them anxious. The most famous grounding technique is the 5-4-3-2-1 technique.

It involves the patient identifying the following things when they are experiencing an attack. They are,

  • Identify 5 things you see around
  • Find 4 things you can touch
  • Name 3 things you can hear
  • Inhale 2 things you can smell
  • Remember 1 thing you can taste

This has helped many patients to take their minds off from the thing they are affected with. Also, it is easier for everyone to remember during an attack.

Does Anxiety Disappear on its Own?

Anxiety usually goes away on its own once the situation for the anxiousness goes away. But those with the disorder may experience the emotion for a longer time. There is nothing to worry about anxiety.

Every emotion will dissolve after some time. Even if it persists for a long time, you can distract yourself from the trigger point and concentrate on others to make it go away. Therefore, anxiety can disappear on its own.


Treat anxiety with the help of these remedies and live a calm life. You never have to worry about anything once you start to follow the home remedies for anxiety attack.

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