How to Control High BP by Acupressure Points? (5 Pressure Points)

Blood is the major transport medium of the human body. The veins and arteries provide the pathway for blood flow.

Due to several factors, these pathways dilate or constrict which results in the variation in blood pressure.

One of the major causes of this variation is the accumulation of cholesterol or waste products in the arteries.

This leads to constriction of the blood vessels and results in hypertension which is also known as high blood pressure.

How to Control High BP by Acupressure Points? (5 Pressure Points)

How to Control High BP by Acupressure Points?

High blood pressure leads to heart attack, heart failure, and other life-threatening conditions. Therefore, it is crucial to diagnose and cure the condition as early as possible.

The traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure has some unique treatment techniques which enable the body to lower blood pressure.

Let us look at some of the elemental points in the body that helps in lowering blood pressure.

Acupressure Points to Treat High BP

Five major acupressure points in the body help in reducing blood pressure and purifies the blood and blood vessels.


LR represents the Liver channel and LR3 connects the Wood-Earth elemental energies at the meridian point.

The liver is responsible to remove the wastes accumulated in the blood vessels thus clearing the arteries for fluid blood flow.

LR3 is situated on the top side of the foot between the big toe and second toe, below the webbing near the bottom side of the joint.

After locating the point, using your thumb finger, apply firm pressure and perform small circular motions over the pressure point. Continue this technique for 2 minutes and repeat this twice.

It is best to perform this morning and night. Also, whenever you feel disturbed or stressed, you can utilize this method to calm yourself.

The points are located on both legs. You can perform this on any one leg.


HT represents the Heart channel and HT7 connects the Fire and Earth Elemental energies at the meridian point.

The heart is responsible for maintaining blood pressure through its effective pumping and has the ability to regulate body temperature.

HT7 is located on the bottom side of the wrist joint on the pinky finger side on top of the wrist line.

After locating the pressure point, firmly press the point using the thumb and release it. Repeat the pressing and releasing for a minute to regulate the pressure to normal.

You can perform this whenever you feel high blood pressure and even during fatigue-like symptoms.

The points are present on both hands and you can perform this on any one of them.

LI 11

LI represents the Large intestine channel and LI11 connects the Wind and Earth Elemental energies at the meridian point.

The large intestine helps in maintaining the air content of the body along with the lungs which help in enriching the blood with oxygen.

LI11 is located on the inner elbow crease towards the end of the crease line. Slightly bend the elbow to find the end of the line.

After locating the point, using your index finger, apply firm pressure over the area and do circular motions on the pressure point.

Use this technique twice a day to lower the blood pressure to the normal range and remove any kind of impurity from the blood.


SP represents the Spleen channel and SP3 connects the Earth elemental energy at the meridian point.

The spleen is responsible for producing RBCs and enriching the blood with those cells. Also, it generates energy for the body from the food we eat.

SP3 is located on the side of the big toe below the toe joint which connects the foot and the toe finger.

After locating the point, using a thumb finger, press and release over the area firmly. Repeat this for 2 minutes.

Perform this technique morning and night to regulate the blood pressure. This also purifies the blood from wastes and toxins.


KI represents the Kidney channel and KI2 connects the water and fire elemental energies at the meridian points.

The kidney helps in removing the wastes from the blood and maintains the water content in the whole body.

KI2 is located on the inner side of the foot below the navicular bone joint at the junction of skins with different colors.

After locating the point, using a thumb finger, apply firm pressure over the area and use small circular motions while pressing.

Perform this technique for two minutes every day and do this every morning and evening for best results.

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Why do we need to Control High BP?

Controlling high BP is highly important because it can lead us to the following complications and conditions that can be life-threatening:

Heart Attack

When blood pressure increases, the wall of the heart muscles thickens which leads to a heart attack.


High BP causes the heart to become weak which blocks the blood flow to the brain which is called a stroke.

Heart Failure

Since the blood vessels are thicker and the pressure is high, the heart finds it difficult to pump the blood efficiently to all the organs. So, eventually, the heart muscles become weak and fail to function.


Due to high blood pressure, the blood vessels become very weak and start to bulge. Eventually, it may even rupture and lead to death.

Loss of Vision

The vessels in the eye cannot withstand the high pressure of blood flow and may lead to loss of vision over time.

Is High Blood Pressure Dangerous?

Yes, high blood pressure can be life-threatening. It leads to sudden damage of the blood vessels and other organ failures. So, having high BP keeps us on the verge of collapse and we have to be vigilant regarding our condition.

Maintaining the blood pressure and keeping constant tabs on the level of the pressure is very important to avoid any accidents.


The body constantly tries to heal itself. With the aid of therapies like acupressure, the body effectively cures all kinds of diseases. Dangerous conditions like high BP must be treated and cured instantly.

Acupressure can help you to cure the condition as soon as possible along with healing the body completely.

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