How to Cleanse Colon in Natural Way? (5 Detoxing Foods)

Do you want to know how to cleanse colon in natural way? Colon cleansing is an important step in detoxifying your body.

Because most of the diseases arise due to the stagnant wastes that aren’t excreted properly out of the body.

Therefore, the following foods will help you to have a clean colon as well as ease your bowel movement.

How to Cleanse Colon in Natural Way? (5 Detoxing Foods)

How to Cleanse Colon in Natural Way?

The colon needs to be cleansed through natural ways, with the help of a colon cleanse. Learn how to detox it in a natural way.


Adding fiber to your diet is essential if you want your bowels to clear completely. The best way to do that is by eating fruits.

It is best to eat the fruits whole instead of extracting their juices. Because the whole fiber content is obtained when consumed fully.

Fruits like apples, pear, prunes, grapes are excellent for colon cleanse and should not be peeled if you want the best results.

If you find it difficult to eat them whole, you can mix them into a smoothie and drink them.

Fruits like banana, mango, avocado are good for the colon to cleanse and can be made into a smoothie.

Similarly, certain fruits can be consumed as juices such as lemon and orange which are excellent for detoxifying the colon wastes.


When it comes to veggies, choose dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and kale for your daily diet.

Also, you can add cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, Brussel sprouts, and cauliflower. These vegetables have very high fiber content and very low calories.

You can eat it in any way you like but the best method is to make a salad and eat it with your diet.

The high fiber content of vegetables loosens the stools and clears the colon faster. But those who are going to try this diet for the first time should ease into it.

Do not add this diet every day if you are a newbie to veggies. Take it slow by having it for one meal in a week and then increase the number. When you do like this, your body easily gets adapted to the diet routine.

Cayenne Pepper

Increasing the hotness of your meal with pepper cleanses the colon sooner. It helps in increasing digestion and clears all the sedimented wastes in the colon. But you should be cautious when adding the pepper.

Adding higher amounts may cause other complications such as loose bowel movements or diarrhea. Therefore, add a pinch of it or an amount according to your taste.

Pickles and Yogurt

Both pickles and yogurt have natural probiotics in them. These probiotics have good bacteria that keep the gut healthy.

Also, they aid in the digestion process and keep the colon free from toxins and waste accumulation.

Add pickle or Yogurt to your salad and see the difference in the gut. You can experience a relaxed abdomen after clearing your bowels.

Whole grains, Beans, and Lentils

These are carb and fiber-rich foods which can be filling and at the same time digests easily. When digestion is easy, the colon excretes the wastes without difficulty.

These can also give you enough strength with your diet routine and provide the required energy when detoxing.

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How do you Properly Flush out your Bowels?

Proper flushing of bowels depends on the type of diet eaten as well as the lifestyle routine you are following.

If you follow a high fiber diet and drink plenty of water you can assure that the bowels are flushed properly.

In order to find out whether the bowels cleared completely, there are certain signs you can experience in the body.

First of all, when you have your bowels cleared, the body starts to feel light and your abdomen feels free.

Secondly, the stools are not sticky and not very loose also. Finally, after clearing your bowels you will start to feel hungry in one or two hours.

Therefore, to ensure proper flushing of bowels, drink plenty of water, take a fiber-rich diet and sleep well during the night.

How Can I Empty my Bowels Fast?

To empty the bowels fast you can do a water or salt water flush. Water flush is to drink plenty of water, which loosens the stools and forces the colon to wash away all the wastes in the large intestine out.

It is like self-induced diarrhea. Saltwater flush is also similar but you use salt water to clear the colon.

Another method is to use Psyllium husk. It is a fiber-rich supplement that can be mixed with water and consumed.

The psyllium husk enlarges into the intestine and hastens the bowel movement. This clears the excreta from the colon and detoxifies your body.

If you don’t have psyllium husk, you can simply eat flax seeds and chia seeds to increase your bowel movement. This will also feed your hunger as well as do a colon cleanse.

What Juice Cleanses the Colon?

Lemon juice is an excellent colon cleansing drink you can use to detoxify your body. The high vitamin C acts as a natural detoxifier and clears away the excreta from the intestines.

Instead of drinking plain lemon juice, you can add honey and a pinch of salt to it and drink it every morning on empty stomach.

This has more effective in clearing your bowels and gives you freshness every day. You can also try some smoothies like bananas and kiwi.

What 3 Foods are Bad for Your Gut?

Processed meat, Fried foods, and Foods with processed products like white sugar, flour, etc. are highly unhealthy for the gut.

Those that aren’t natural and organic will upset your gut and prolongs the digestion time.

When the digestion is prolonged, the wastes start to settle and get converted into toxins. Once converted it may become quite difficult to detoxify.

Therefore, you should never consume any kind of processed foods, meats, and fried foods. If you have a craving for junk foods, you can add them once a week or in a month to be safe.


Detoxification of the body starts from cleaning the colon. Because the intestines are the organs that extract energy from foods and expel waste.

Especially the large intestine is the major player in bowel movements. Therefore, if the gut is healthy, the whole body will be healthy.

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