How to Avoid Bow Legs in Babies? (Reasons, Remedies)

You don’t have to worry about bow legs in babies until a period of two years. Because, babies are naturally born with bowed legs, as they grow, they will naturally become straight.

That is why there is no way to prevent the condition or avoid it. But if the condition persists after 3 years of age, then you have to look into the condition as a problem.

We shall get to know more about the condition in detail and understand the possible ways to cure the condition naturally. 

How to Avoid Bow Legs in Babies

How to Avoid Bow Legs in Babies?

You cannot avoid bow legs in babies because it is how they are born. Naturally, in the womb, the baby grows in a cramped-up space which makes the bones adjust accordingly. That is why you can see all newborns and infants have bowed legs.

Even after they have started to walk, you can witness bowing in the legs. But gradually, the bones start to align and grow properly. The problem arises only when the baby hasn’t recovered from the bowing even after two to three years of age. This is where you need to start seeking medical attention. 

Diagnosing Bowed Legs in Babies

It is not difficult to see the bowed legs in babies. The condition will be evident. You can see that the knees are curved outwards even if the feet are kept closed. This will create a gap between the knees and you can be sure that there is bowing in the legs. 

As we mentioned earlier, once the baby grows, the knees will slowly start to come together and they will become straight. You need to be patient for two years and once they start to walk or run around, it will be fine.

After two years of age, look at whether this condition is persisting. If you find the toddler to have it, then you need to start seeking medical care. There are certain reasons for this condition to occur and let us discuss them.

Reasons for Bowed Legs

Medically the bowed legs condition is called a Genu Varum [1]. The naturally occurring condition in babies is called Physiological Genu Varum and this goes away as the child grows. The persistence of the condition may be caused due to the following reasons [2]:


Caused due to deficiency in Vitamin D and calcium in the body. Babies and even adults affected with rickets can have bowed legs since the lack of proper minerals like calcium affects the bone structure.

Blount’s Disease

Medically known as the Tibia Vara, this disease affects the growth plate in the knees and shin which eventually stops forming new bones or prevents its growth. This is very commonly found in overweight children. 

Bone Dysplasia

It is a genetic disorder that affects the bone and cartilage tissues. There are several types of this condition and it affects different parts of the body. Certain types cause bowed legs condition.

If you find the baby to not recover from the condition, then these may be probable causes for it. Therefore, you need to cure the baby of these conditions to correct the bowed legs in them.

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How to Correct Bowed Legs Naturally in Babies?

If the Physiological Genu Varum (naturally bowed legs) takes more time than you expect, you can correct them using special braces and support devices. An ortho doctor might suggest traction and braces for a certain period of time. 

If the bowed leg is caused by rickets and other causes, then you must cure them primarily. So, here are some of the natural cures and remedies you can try to get rid of bowed legs:


The lack of nutrition is one of the probable causes of bowed legs in babies. This deficiency occurs when the baby doesn’t get the required nutrition in its early days. 

Breastmilk is a great source of nutrients and antibodies that can nourish the child right from their early stages. Properly breastfed babies are not affected by malnutrition and related diseases.

Rickets can be avoided in babies if they are properly breastfed. This will enable the babies to have better bone growth and avoid genu varum.

In order to breastfeed the babies properly, the mother should be healthy enough. She must be properly nourished so that the baby can get breastmilk for a period of one or two years. 

Due to poor lifestyle and eating habits, many women tend to lose breastmilk secretion early and the baby lacks the benefits of breastfeeding at a very young stage.

Therefore, the mother must take care of her health and make sure to properly nourish herself with healthy organic food to feed the baby properly.

Morning Sun Rays Exposure

Early morning sun rays can provide you with a sufficient amount of vitamin D. Since vitamin D helps you to metabolize calcium, try to expose the baby to the early morning sun.

Just show the baby out in the sun. You can wear light clothes or can have the baby naked too. But you must catch the early sunrise to avoid excessive UV radiation.

The early rays are less harmful and don’t hurt the baby. They aren’t much hot and the rays can help your body with Vitamin D. 

Coconut Oil Massage

You can also try to massage your baby’s hip and legs to provide natural traction and straighten the bowed legs. 

Gently place the baby flat on its back and apply some coconut oil from the hips to the legs completely. 

Gently create a pulling motion from the hips and gradually straighten the bow. Don’t apply pressure or force the baby’s leg. Just apply gentle pressure and repeat it twice per day.

The coconut oil is good for the baby’s skin as well as enables the baby to recover from bowed legs sooner. 


Bowed legs are a naturally occurring condition in babies and there is no way to avoid it. But you can wait for it to get corrected as the baby grows. But if you find the condition to last longer, then you may seek medical attention and try to observe natural remedies to cure the condition effectively. 


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