How Fast Can You Get Rid of a Double Chin? (Answered)

Having a double chin is a classic sign of obesity and overweight. Since there are spaces under the skin for fat tissues to store, the face is one of the primary areas which shows overweight easily.

With the help of a proper weight loss routine which includes dietary restrictions, you can witness a considerable change within a month or two. It is not a long period. But this time period can change for each person. Getting rid of the fatty chin is quite easy since the body tends to lose fat from such areas faster than other parts of the body. 

Therefore, it is important to know how to get rid of the double chin naturally and understand how long it can take to reduce it. 

How Fast Can You Get Rid of a Double Chin

How Fast Can You Get Rid of a Double Chin?

Getting rid of a double chin is easy since the body naturally sheds the fat tissues from the face pretty much earlier when you get into weight loss. The chin has several compartments where the fat tissues can sediment easily [1]. Therefore, it is one of the primary places where the excess fat gets stored.

But you cannot exactly predict how long or how fast you can shed the fat from the chin. Because obesity affects each person differently. When you get into weight loss, primarily, the body starts to detox fat from internal organs like the liver and kidneys. Only then the subcutaneous fat surrounding the chin, trunk, hips, and thighs are removed. So, according to the fat content on the inside, the duration of losing a double chin varies. 

The fat present under the chin is usually soft and it can be lost without much effort. So, you never have to worry about the duration. Rather, you need to be concerned about your overall health and how fast you have to get rid of your obesity. 

Double chin doesn’t manifest overnight. Habitual poor lifestyle choices and dietary choices will eventually lead to it. Especially alcoholics can easily develop the condition due to excess bloating of the facial skin. 

Since several factors can be responsible for your obese body, you cannot predict the duration. But, the only factor in your control is to progress towards a consistent weight loss routine and fat detoxification. When you get into it, you can see a lot of changes physically and your overall well-being is improved a lot. 

Therefore, let us understand how to get rid of a double chin by observing proper lifestyle and dietary habits. This will help you to live a healthy life and avoid several diseases. 

Lifestyle Choices to Lose Double Chin Fast

Every time you look in your mirror with a double chin you must first understand that you are physically not well. Your body is struggling to recover and you need to start becoming healthy. So, first, you have to mentally prepare yourself for what you need to become healthy. This will drive you to sustain longer with the following recommendations. 

Proper Sleep is the Key to Successful Weight Loss

Without a key, you cannot open a locked door. The door to weight loss is locked unless you know to observe the key to sleeping properly at night. 

Many of us, especially after the advent of smartphones have poor sleep quality [2]. Irregular sleep and poor sleep quality are one of the major causes of obesity. Studies have shown that sleeping a lower duration and having low-quality sleep can affect metabolism and hormonal fluctuations which leads to obesity [3]

Therefore, proper sleep is the foremost thing you need to observe when starting your weight loss regimen. This is the primary lifestyle change you must make prior to any other resolutions. 

Sleep must be observed compulsorily at night and you must observe deep sleep till early morning. Falling into a deep sleep state happens at different stages and the duration of sustaining in each stage varies with each person. 

Therefore, in general, you can observe early-to-bed and early-to-rise concepts. It is safe to go to bed early in the night and wake up early in the morning before sunrise. 

This is the best sleeping routine and the body will start to detox all the excess wastes and fat very effectively.

Engaging in Physical Activity Will Boost Your Weight Loss

Physically involving in a recreational activity or sports can help you lose weight faster. You can get rid of a double chin in no time and feel young. 

Exercise and sports activities will help you sustain your youth longer and you can mentally release all stress easily. 

Therefore, take up a sports activity or a recreational activity. Swimming is a great choice because it can help cool down your body and is an excellent activity to burn fat. 

Dietary Choices to Lose Double Chin

Weight loss cannot be achieved without restricting what you put inside your stomach. It is very important to know the things you eat and carefully choose them. 

We are not restricting a lot from your diet. But till you lose weight considerably you have to avoid the following:

  • Processed Sugar
  • Processed Flour
  • High Fat Meat
  • Inorganic Food Products
  • Fast foods
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Artificial Fruit Juice
  • Milk and Dairy Products

Avoid these food items and eat healthy organic food only when you are hungry. Look into your hunger and consume healthy food. Try to have a balanced diet and drink sufficient water. 

When you observe your hunger and eat properly, you can lose weight faster and the double chin vanishes soon. 

Also, it is very crucial to avoid alcohol and smoking. Because you cannot dump waste on one side and try to clean up on the other. Therefore, it is necessary that you need to stop alcohol consumption and smoking immediately.

Other Weight Loss Remedies:


We have to desire healthy life more than anything in the world. Only with proper health, you can achieve anything. Therefore, it is important to know how to lead a healthy life. A double chin is a clear indication of obesity and you can get rid of it when you start losing weight effectively. Hope these recommendations will help you lose them faster. 


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