How Does Acupressure Work Scientifically (Treatment Points for your body)

Acupressure is a treatment technique used under traditional Chinese medicine known as Acupuncture.

The philosophies, diagnosis, treatment, and working principles of acupressure are based on Acupuncture.

It is one of the oldest traditional medicine practiced popularly around the world. Common allopathic medicine is based on scientific experiments, research and trial.

Since the modern era is intrigued to know all about nature’s secret and demands scientific evidence for everything, let us understand how does acupressure work scientifically from the philosophies of acupuncture.

How Does Acupressure Work Scientifically (Treatment Points for your body)

Is Acupressure Scientifically Proven?

Acupuncture is based on the principle that there is ever-flowing energy throughout the human body which keeps life functioning. This energy is categorized into two parts.

One part is called Internal Energy which is the basic life force and the other part is the external energy acquired from the five fundamental elements of nature.

Internal energy is the basic life force that governs the whole system. Whereas the external energy flows in a continuous cycle from the universe to the body.

This external energy is gained from the five fundamental elements of the universe. They are the Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Wood. This elemental energy flows through the body and gives energy to the organs for its functioning.

There are energy channels in the body through which each organ gets the required elemental energy. And there are specific points on the body where this elemental energy is absorbed from the universe. This has been proved scientifically.

There are several points in the body that act as a meridian energy junction. These meridian points are visible through Kirlian Photography.

Kirlian Photography is an electrophotography technique used to study energy fields around living objects. Using this photography, acupuncturists have proved the existence of meridian points all over the body.

When the Kirlian technique is used to see the body, the meridian points illuminate with an aura coming out of it. This proves that there is some kind of energy flowing through the body.

Apart from that, the potential of a human body to generate a certain voltage or current is also scientifically experimented and proven. Now let us discuss how does acupressure works scientifically.

All Acupressure Treatments:

How Does Acupressure Work Scientifically?

The energy meridian mentioned above carries some amount of energy. When this energy flow is continuous there is no hindrance in the body functions.

But due to a poor lifestyle, these energy points may get stagnated and the energy starts to accumulate in the point. This doesn’t supply the necessary energy for the organs to function efficiently.

Using the techniques of acupuncture and acupressure, the stagnation in the energy points is released and thus healing the condition of the body.

The treatment is like connecting back a short-circuited electric wire so that the current flow is returned to normal.

Although there is no experimental scientific proof for this scenario, many acupuncturists have felt the electric shock obtained while treating some patients.

When bodies with opposite polarity come into contact it breaks the potential barrier in the energy meridians. This has been experienced by practicing acupuncturists.

That is why acupuncturists use bi-metallic needles for giving treatment. Similarly, while using the acupressure technique over the meridian, regulates the energy flow.

Is There any Side-Effects in Acupressure?

Acupressure doesn’t have any side effects. The treatment method is potentially harmless and doesn’t involve any implication to the body.

Since the treatment is given to the energy body and not to the physical body, it doesn’t do any harm. Acupressure has great potential in treating certain chronic complications and severe pain.

With just a few minutes of pressure application with our fingers in the meridian points, relaxation can be achieved instantaneously.

Regular treatment with acupressure gives a complete cure for the condition. So, there are no side effects in this treatment method. It is absolutely harmless.

How Many Acupressure Points are there in the Body?

There are about 361 acupuncture points in the body that can be used for acupressure treatment also.

These 361 points are divided into 12 meridians of the body corresponding to the 12 primary organs and two central meridians. The 12 organs and central meridian are:

  1. Heart – 9 Points
  2. Small Intestine – 19 Points
  3. Pericardium – 9 Points
  4. Triple Energizer – 23 Points
  5. Lungs – 11 Points
  6. Large Intestine – 20 Points
  7. Spleen – 21 Points
  8. Stomach – 45 Points
  9. Kidney – 27 Points
  10. Bladder – 67 Points
  11. Liver – 14 Points
  12. Gall Bladder – 44 Points
  13. Conception Vessel – 24 Points
  14. Governing Vessel – 28 Points

Among these 361 points, each organ has five elemental meridian points which are used for treatment purposes. They are:

  1. Heart – HT9, HT8, HT7, HT4 and HT3
  2. Small Intestine – SI1, SI2, SI3, SI5 and SI8
  3. Pericardium – PC9, PC8, PC7, PC5 and PC3
  4. Triple Energizer – TE1, TE2, TE3, TE6 and TE10
  5. Lungs – LU11, LU10, LU9, LU8 and LU5
  6. Large Intestine – LI1, LI2, LI3, LI5 and LI11
  7. Spleen – SP1, SP2, SP3, SP5 and SP9
  8. Stomach – ST45, ST44, ST43, ST41 and ST36
  9. Kidney – KI1, KI2, KI3, KI7 and KI10
  10. Bladder – BL67, BL66, BL65, BL60 and BL40
  11. Liver – LR1, LR2, LR3, LR4 and LR8
  12. Gall Bladder – GB44, GB43, GB41, GB38 and GB34
  13. Conception Vessel – CV5, CV6, CV7, CV9 and CV13
  14. Governing Vessel – No elemental points

Treatment can be given in any of these points according to the diagnosis achieved. All of these elemental points are connected to the five fundamental elements and regulate the energy flow to the primary organs when treated with acupressure or acupuncture. These are the acupressure points located in the body.


The potential of traditional acupuncture treatment is huge. And with the help of Kirlian photography, we were able to visualize how does acupressure works scientifically.

This gives us a conclusion that treating the body at an energy level can cure the underlying condition of the physical body.

That means the human body has the capacity to heal, cure and rejuvenate itself if it has sufficient energy to do it.

This can be achieved with acupressure and following a proper lifestyle. So, stay healthy with a good lifestyle choice for a fruitful living.

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