How Do You Get Rid Of Rosacea Naturally? (6 Best Treatments)

You might have seen reddish skins on the cheeks and nose in some people. While they may look rosy, it is a condition called rosacea.

It affects people with fair skin and you can find red spots on the cheek, forehead, chest, ears, and sometimes even in the eyelids.

There are many remedies to treat this condition effectively and you don’t have to worry about your beauty ever again. Here are some natural remedies to get rid of rosacea effectively.

How Do You Get Rid Of Rosacea Naturally? (6 Best Treatments)

How do you get rid of Rosacea Naturally?

Usually, rosacea is long-lasting and doesn’t completely fade away. But you can reduce the spots and redness to make it look more pleasing and appealing with the remedies.

Also, these remedies keep it under control from spreading further and damaging the skin.

Aloe Vera

The natural aloe vera gel cures many skin conditions effectively. The coolness produced by the gel will heal almost all types of allergic rashes and even rosacea.

Take some fresh aloe vera gel and wash it thoroughly. Add little water and make it into a paste.

Apply the gel on the affected area and gently massage it so that the gel gets absorbed thoroughly into the skin.

Let it sit overnight and wash it in the morning. You can feel the difference in the redness in one or two weeks.

Coconut Oil

Pure coconut oil extracted by cold press or freshly prepared from coconut milk has excellent medicinal properties.

The Lauric acid in the coconut will heal the skin, moisturize it, and keep it healthy.

Take some coconut oil and apply it to the affected areas in the morning. Also, if you are going outside into the sun, then make sure to apply coconut oil to the affected areas without fail.

The coconut oil prevents the skin from getting burnt or irritated and thus heals the redness sooner. 

You can also use freshly made cream from coconut milk and apply it to the area before going to bed.

Dilute White Vinegar

White vinegar is known for treating different kinds of skin conditions such as burns and infections.

It has antimicrobial properties which makes it very beneficial to maintain skin health and avoid any infections.

To treat rosacea, take one part of white vinegar and dilute it with six parts of water. Now use soak pads and wipe the area with redness. Leave it for one hour and wash it. 

You can do it daily and if the redness reduces, observe it weekly. 

Don’t forget to dilute the vinegar because its acidic nature may cause some irritation if used undiluted.


It is a commonly known remedy for rosacea and it helps in controlling the spread of the condition.

Oatmeal helps in strengthening the skin, prevents itching, and maintains the moisture content of the skin throughout the day.

Take some oatmeal and mix it with water to make a paste. Then apply it to the affected area on the skin directly. You can also make face masks with this instead of going for inorganic chemical products.


You can find the use of turmeric for face wash and bathing among south Indian women predominantly.

With the use of turmeric, you can prevent many infections and skin diseases. Turmeric is a known anti-microbial agent.

Take a small amount of turmeric powder and mix it with water to make a paste. Apply on your face or the spot of redness while bathing. 

Take precautions while using turmeric because it has a strong yellow pigment that will stick to your clothes and your face will look yellow too.

Therefore, try this remedy when you are on a holiday or at home.

Raw Jungle Honey

Honey has medicinal properties and can cure many ailments and skin conditions.

People with rosacea can take pure raw honey and apply it to the affected part during the night.

This will heal the skin and provide nutrition to it so that it stays healthy. The redness also heals and gives a pleasant look.

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Is rosacea dangerous?

No rosacea is not dangerous. Rather it is a lifelong skin condition that doesn’t get cured permanently. In the early stage of the condition, you can control the spread and treat it so that it doesn’t damage the skin permanently. 

If you leave it unattended, it may eventually damage the skin and give a permanent spot of redness on the face which may look ugly. Therefore, it is important to treat the condition earlier to avoid any kind of permanent mark on the skin.

So, rosacea is not life-threatening or a contagious disease. It is just a skin condition that persists permanently on the skin.

Is there any big risk during treatment?

No, there are absolutely no risks while getting treated with natural home remedies. But when you are using certain chemical cosmetics, soaps, face masks, face wash, etc. you can worsen the condition due to some kind of allergies.

Therefore, consult a physician before choosing your toiletries and personal care products. Try to buy organic products and stick to natural remedies for healing.

Avoid the use of strong drugs and ointments that can harm the skin. Use mild medications as prescribed by your physician.

When do we visit Doctor?

Whenever you experience an increase in redness or sudden flushing of the skin, consult the doctor. Also, if you have uncontrollable itching go to the doctor immediately. 

Any symptom which has increased or spread rapidly must be given proper concern. Go to the doctor whenever you have any kind of doubt regarding your condition. 

Also, if you experience any new symptoms after using a medication, then consult the physician regarding the symptom. 


Rosacea is a widespread condition, especially in the US. Almost many people have this condition and are seeking to treat it.

With the help of these remedies, you can maintain skin health and control the rosacea from becoming a permanent mark on the skin. Gain your beauty and charm back with simple home remedies. 

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