How Do You Cure A Kidney Infection At Home? (5 Best Remedies)

Every organ in the body plays a crucial role in keeping the body healthy. Among them, the kidneys are one of the primary organs that keep the body free from all harmful toxins.

It is important to keep them healthy so that they can maintain the whole body. There are many diseases that can affect the kidney’s function and some may affect the organ itself.

Usually, kidneys are affected by infection, and let us get to know how to treat them with some common home remedies.

How Do You Cure A Kidney Infection At Home? (5 Best Remedies)

How Do You Cure A Kidney Infection At Home?

Kidney infection starts in the bladder and eventually spreads to the kidneys themselves.

The infection usually gets into the bladder through the urinary tract, to the urethra, and then spreads to the kidneys.

Here are some common treatments and remedies to kidney infection in men.

Water to Flush the Infection

Most kidney diseases are due to improper drinking habits. People either drink excess water or never notice their very low consumption of water.

Drinking very low water makes it easy for kidney infections to spread to the organ. 

Excess of water will lead to low sodium levels in the blood and it is very dangerous. 

Therefore, you must try to be conscious about how much water your drink every day. Never drink water if you aren’t thirsty.

Drink only when you are thirsty. Thirst is an important signal from our body that indicates the need for water. So, drink only water when you are thirsty. 

Don’t drink any other liquid items such as juices when you are thirsty. It will not quench your thirst as well as doesn’t help the kidneys. 

While drinking water, don’t rush it. Find a comfortable spot to sit and take small sips. Do not gulp the entire bottle in one go. Try to take small sips and feel the thirst-quenching with every sip.

Following this treatment will solve most kidney-related problems. 

Orange, Cranberry Juice

Orange and cranberry are rich in Vitamin C which can help keep the kidneys functioning better and get rid of the infection.

Try to drink freshly extracted juices from the fruit directly. Don’t buy juices that are commercially available. Because they contain a lot of sugar, as well as preservatives, may affect your kidneys more than helping.

Add either orange or cranberry to your diet in the form of juice. You can also add extra water to be more beneficial. 

Don’t try to make this an alternative for water. When you are thirsty, drink only water. This remedy is a supplement to treat the kidneys which can be consumed in the morning or evening.

Parsley and Banana stem juice

Some greens and plants are natural diuretics. Which means it can increase the amount of water content in the body.

Parsley and banana stem are excellent diuretic foods and they can be consumed to increase the frequency of the urination that flushes out all the infection and toxins from the body.

Extract juice from parsley and dilute it water and consume it every morning. Similarly, take an extract from the banana stem and dilute it using water and consume it. 

Do not take both the juices at the same time or same day. Take only one of the juices per day and it is enough to take it once.

Also, if you have severe kidney diseases with poor functionality, then do not take this remedy. It will worsen the condition. Therefore, you can drink these juices only if you don’t have any serious issues with your kidneys.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol can ruin your body’s health in many ways. Apart from the liver, kidneys are also affected by alcohol consumption.

Stop drinking alcohol immediately. Even if you are drinking very little amounts, avoid it to save your kidneys.

Even small amounts may cause your kidneys to flush out the toxins from alcohol and this will affect the organ heavily. 

Avoid Caffeine

Another addictive intoxicant is caffeine that can ruin your kidney’s health. Caffeine cannot be easily flushed out of your system. It gets into the blood easily and affects your brain activity.

Kidneys have to work hard to flush them out of the system and it will burden the organ. 

If you want to keep your kidneys healthy and treat them better while it is affected, then stop coffee and other drinks that may potentially contain caffeine.

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Is Treating kidneys yourself is Safe?

Kidneys are very tough organs and don’t get affected easily. It can fight off any kind of toxins or infection. But you should help the organ to function better. The home remedies suggested here do the exact work of supporting the kidneys. 

Every organ in the body is not cured only by the actions of drugs and medicines. But it also requires dietary and lifestyle support to get cured completely. Also, the drugs require that support to function better.

Therefore, when we say that we are treating kidneys on our own means, we are helping the organ to get cured by itself due to its capacity to do so.

In fact, every organ in the body has that capacity. So, there is nothing wrong with treating kidneys ourselves.

But you must take heed of certain intense symptoms or recurring symptoms and seek the help of a medical professional immediately. Also, if the symptoms increase day by day contacts your doctor immediately.

Why is Kidney Infection Coming for men?

The Urinary tract gets infected easily in men more than in women which causes kidney infection.

Poor hygiene and not washing or cleaning the penis after urination or intercourse can cause the infection easily. 

More than women, men tend to have poor habits which cause this condition. Also, the level of alcohol consumption is more in men when compared to women. 

Apart from this, the seminal fluids are a good source of food for infectious bacteria. Therefore, they feed on the residues in the tract and contract the infection in men.

How to be Careful Before it Comes?

Maintain proper hygiene in your private parts by washing and cleaning the area after urination and intercourse.

Use clean underpants and try to disinfect your clothes while washing.

Use antifungal powders before wearing underpants to avoid infections.

Try to wear trunks or boxers to provide more aeration to the private parts. This allows less sweating and removes any microbial growth.

Drink more fluids and keep your body hydrated. 


Kidney infection can be easily treated if you follow the remedies. It can also be prevented easily if you just follow a proper lifestyle.

These remedies will help you treat the infection as well as reduce the chances of contracting one in your body. 

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