How Can You Remove Skin Tags By Yourself? (6 Best Remedies)

Around the world, about 50 to 60% of adults will likely develop skin tags in their lifetime. They are not very uncommon and they don’t do any harm to the health or body.

Skin tags look ugly and might get caught on to dress or jewelry. There are professional procedures to remove these tags.

You can see a dermatologist to remove these tags. But they can give scars in that area and don’t serve the purpose.

To combat such disadvantages, you can apply some home remedies and clear the skin tags completely.

How Can You Remove Skin Tags By Yourself? (6 Best Remedies)

How Can You Remove Skin Tags By Yourself?

Skin tags can be removed with the help of simple home remedies. But you cannot find an instant solution with these remedies. It takes time and requires patience.

These home remedies don’t include cutting or clipping the tags yourself. It is unhealthy and might lead to infections. Therefore, don’t try to cut them.

Also, don’t use these remedies on skin tags present in critical areas like the eyelids. They may cause serious issues and might be harmful. So, avoid using it near eyes, mouth, etc.

Let us look into some easy remedies that will help you to get rid of skin tags effectively.

Crushed Garlic

The biochemicals present in garlic helps to break down the cells in the skin tags. This will remove the tags eventually by making them fall off from the body.

Take two cloves of garlic and crush them twice. Once crushed, take these cloves and place them over the tags.

Take a bandage and cover the garlic completely along with the skin tags. Let the garlic sit on it overnight.

Remove the bandage in the morning and wash it away with some water. Repeat this step every day till the skin tag falls off your body.

If you find any burning or irritating sensation when using this remedy, try to avoid it and go for other options.

Warm Honey

Honey is popularly used in many cultures to heal deep-cut wounds and skin conditions. The enzymes and biochemicals present in it have great medicinal value.

Honey can also treat skin tags and help you in removing them. Try to find raw organic honey for this purpose to get the best results.

Take some honey and warm it up in the kitchen. Don’t let it boil or overheat it. Just bring it to a warm temperature, the one which your skin can bear.

Now using cotton buds, take this warm honey and apply it over the skin tags. Soak the tags completely with this warm honey. Using a bandage cover the tags entirely and let them sit there overnight.

In the morning, carefully remove the bandage and wash the area with cold water. Repeat this procedure till the tags fall off by themselves.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is widely known for treating many skin conditions and effectively curing acne. This oil can also be used in removing skin tags without any harm.

Wash the area with skin tags thoroughly with some cold water. Using a cloth dry it off completely.

Now take some tea tree oil and using cotton buds, apply it on the tags. Soak the tags entirely with this oil. Then take a bandage and cover the area fully. Let it sit overnight.

In the morning, remove the bandage and wash the oil away with cold water. Perform this remedy regularly till the skin tag becomes dry and falls off the body.

Banana Peel

The resins present in the peel of bananas are said to have mild acidic properties that help in curing skin conditions. This also helps in drying the skin tags.

After eating a banana, take the peel and cut a small piece that would cover the skin tag completely. You can cut several pieces if you have those tags in many areas.

Place these peels over the tags and cover them with a bandage for the entire night. In the morning remove the peel and wash it away with cold water.

It is important to use a fresh peel. Don’t take overly ripe banana peel. Also, don’t take a peel that has become very brown or black.

Don’t remove those fibers from the peels. These have the resins that contain the acid and perform the drying action on the skin tags.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The acids present in vinegar are known to cure many skin diseases and tags are not excluded from it.

Take the vinegar and using a cotton ball apply it on the skin tags. Don’t put too much vinegar. Just dip the cotton ball, squeeze the excess and apply it on the tags.

Cover the area with a bandage and let it sit for 30 minutes. Since the acidity of the vinegar might give irritations to the skin, it is not recommended to keep it for a long time.

After 30 minutes, remove the bandage and wash it with cold water thoroughly. Repeat this till the tags dry and fall off.

Tag Removal Bands and Kits

These bands and kits are available in the local grocery store and drug stores. They are not particularly effective. But can be tried with the tags.

Skin tag removal bands, freezing kits are some popular options that help in removing the tags from the body. Also, it is best to consult a doctor before using them.

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Are Skin Tags Dangerous to Remove?

No, skin tags are not dangerous to the health and don’t cause any harm when removed.

Even if you remove them at home by cutting or clipping there is a risk of infection from the wound and nothing else from the tags themselves.

The tags don’t cause any good or bad to the body. Therefore, removing them is completely safe.

What are the Reasons for Skin Tags?

There is no concrete evidence that specifies the reason for the presence of skin tags in the body.

Some researchers suggest that it may be due to overweight or obesity and others suggest that due to excess friction between the skins it occurs.

All of these are mere suggestions and there are no conclusive results on what causes it.


Skin tags might look ugly on us and most of the adults have this issue. It is easy to remove with a surgical procedure.

But home remedies are more effective and don’t cause any scar or patch over the tag area.

It is not advisable to cut them off on your own but you can use any of these remedies to effectively get rid of them.

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