Home Remedies for Acid Reflux in Adults (What Foods Need to Avoid)

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The burning sensation in the chest after meals or in the middle of your sleep is popularly known as heartburn or acid reflux. The acid secreted in the stomach gets pushed into the food pipe, (technically called esophagus) causes the burn.

This condition can be very uncomfortable. But with few simple lifestyle changes and observing certain remedies, it can be cured easily. 

Home Remedies for Acid Reflux in Adults (What Foods Need to Avoid)

List Of Home Remedies for Acid Reflux in Adults 

The first and foremost remedy lies in changing your lifestyle. Only this can give you a permanent cure from acid reflux.

Monitor Your Hunger

Your eating should depend on your hunger. Eat according to the appetite and the level of your hunger. Do not overeat or do not eat less.

This is very important to keep your stomach healthy. If you are not hungry, don’t eat anything. If you are doubtful, take few sips of water to check on your hunger.

Sound Sleep at Night

Sleep is very important for the replenishment of energy. During night sleep, our body recovers itself and rejects all the toxins. The weak sphincter muscle strengthens itself only when we are sleeping.

It is better to have an empty stomach during night sleep. Therefore, eat early in the evening.

Elevated Head in Bed

Try to elevate your head a few inches from the body level while sleeping. This prevents the acid from traveling higher in the esophagus. You can have sound sleep when you follow this posture.

There are certain habits you have to avoid to recover from acid reflux. This can also help you to lead a happy and healthy life.

Yogurt or Buttermilk 

This Yogurt or buttermilk in the diet or during severe burning can actively neutralize the acidity. It also soothes the burnt walls of the stomach and esophagus.


The melons can heal the wound and charring caused by the acid. They are excellent food as well as a natural medicine for internal burns. 


The Banana is also like melons. It has high alkalinity and helps in neutralizing acidity. Also, it serves as a complete meal.


The Cucumber provides the necessary cooling and increases the alkalinity due to its large water content.

Fibrous Vegetables 

The Fibrous Vegetables speed up your digestion and don’t let the food stay longer in the stomach. Therefore, add one or two veggies to your regular diet.

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What is the Most Common Cause for Acid Reflux?

Acid Refluxes commonly occur in obese and pregnant people. 

Apart from these reasons, it occurs due to poor eating and sleeping habit.

Normally the food chewed in the mouth drops down to the esophagus and enters the stomach through an opening called a sphincter. 

In a healthy body, the sphincter muscle acts like a non-return valve. But in an unhealthy person, the muscle is weak and cannot control the reverse flow.

The weakness is caused due to overconsumption of junk foods, foods with too many preservatives, and addictive habits like smoking and alcohol consumption.

Sometimes, certain medications can also lead to this condition. Therefore, if you experience acid reflux after using some medicines, contact your health care provider.

Is Acid Reflux Dangerous for Adults?

Due to the widespread poor lifestyle and eating habits, acid reflux has become common among adults. 

It is a highly uncomfortable experience and can lead to sleepless nights. But it is not a dangerous disease. 

If you are observing a bad lifestyle for a long time, then it may take a lot of time to cure. 

Once you start to follow a proper diet plan and take some home remedies, you can observe changes in your body. 

Acid reflux doesn’t have any serious health implications. But if you experience additional symptoms like severe pain in the chest or High Blood pressure, then contact the doctor immediately. 

What Foods Need to Avoid for Acid Reflux?

Certain foods can worsen the situation of acid reflux. It is obligatory to limit their intake or avoid consuming them. 

Avoid Ready to Eat Meals

Foods that are commercially available and can be prepared instantly must be limited. In the worst conditions, it is better to avoid such foods. Try to prepare your food. If it is not possible, then eat from a restaurant which serves fresh food.  

Avoid Junk Foods

When you are suffering from acid reflux, do not consume any type of junk food. Because it requires a large amount of energy to digest and burdens the digestive system. Therefore, avoid them.

Avoid Chocolate and Tea 

The sugar compounds used to make chocolates and consuming tea can increase the acidity of the stomach. Limited intake is advisable but for severe cases, it is recommended to avoid them completely.

Avoid Citrus and Mint

Since the goal is to control the acidity, it is important to cut down on acidic substances. Citrus and mint are acidic. Therefore, avoid them till you recover. Even natural citrus substances like lemon and orange can be avoided for a certain time. 

Avoid Alcohol

Smoking adds dangerous toxins to the blood. This weakens the sphincter and charrs the trachea and esophagus lining. Alcohol weakens the stomach and liver. Avoiding alcohol strengthens the stomach and clears the toxins from the blood.

Avoid Caffeine and Carbonated Beverages

Caffeine lowers the functionality of the sphincter. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid coffee and caffeinated beverages till you recover.

Even after recovery, it is better to consume them in a very limited amount. Similarly, carbonated beverages harm the lining of the digestive tract. Therefore, it is compulsory to avoid them. 

Certain foods can ease the burning sensation and help in neutralizing acidity. Adding these to the diet can also help you to recover from acid reflux completely.

Avoid Spicy Foods

Your stomach wall and esophagus lining will be burnt due to the increased acidity. So, don’t burn them more with spicy foods. Avoid chili and related substances from your diet. 


Living a healthy life is the most important thing in the world. A healthy life starts with observing a healthy lifestyle. Your sleep and diet govern your body’s health.

If you are experiencing acid reflux, then change your lifestyle and follow these remedies to get cured. When you see any severe symptoms, contact a health care professional. 

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