5 Ear Acupuncture Points for Anxiety (Side Effects, Guides)

Mental health disorders have become widely common especially in developed countries. It has risen to a significant level and people struggle to overcome those issues.

The two major mental health disorders in the world are Depression and Anxiety. About 284 million people are affected by anxiety.

Any emotion that occurs frequently and affects your daily activity is considered a problem. Anxiety arises mainly due to deep worry about what may happen in the future and the uncertainty caused by it.

The persistence of this state of being anxious affects mental health and is considered to be a disorder.

Acupuncture has one of the best treatment methods to overcome Anxiety and its related disorders. Let us look at the ear acupuncture points for anxiety.

5 Ear Acupuncture Points for Anxiety (Side Effects, Guides)

Ear Acupuncture points for Anxiety

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For Anxiety, acupuncturists suggest five points in the ear. They are:

The Spirit Gate

Also known as Shen Men is located in the upper ear near the oval shaped dent. It helps patients to calm their minds and balances mental activity.


Located in the outer edge of the upper ear helps to regulate the digestive process.


The major organ which generates the water elemental energy is located in the center of the ear. It helps patients to regulate and process emotions such as fear, anxiety and panic.


The major organ which generates the air elemental energy helps to remove grief related emotions. It is located in the lower part of the ear where the ridge joins the ear.


The major organ which removes the toxins from the body helps to process anger and frustration. It is located in the inner part of the ear beside the ridge.

There are five major pairs of organs that are considered the primary organs which operate the body.

These primary organs generate and regulate elemental energy from the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe.

When the mind is sound, there is no disruption in the energy channels and the organs function effectively. Or, when the body is sound, the energy generation and regulation is effective and the mind becomes sound.

So, in order to cure anxiety or any other mental health issues, the energy flow must be regulated.

Acupuncture meridian points that govern these primary organs are present all over the body.

An interesting fact is that all of these points are present in the Ear also. Therefore, any mental health issue can be solved by giving acupuncture treatment to the ears.

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Are there any Side-Effects?

Acupuncture diagnosis and treatment doesn’t have any side effects.

When the energy flow is regulated, the body efficiently expels all the accumulated toxins from the body with the help of primary organs.

This expulsion of toxins may be in any form. The usual excretions of the body known as Urine, sweat, bowel movements, and exhalation of breath doesn’t affect the body when getting excreted. But accumulated toxins may cause some disturbances when getting excreted.

So, acupuncture treatment doesn’t stop at curing mental health. But it wholistically clears out all the problems faced by the body.

People may feel certain drastic changes in their body functioning and emotions.

These are not side-effects. Rather these are the ways the body is trying to reset back to its normal healthy condition.

How long does it take for Acupuncture to Work for Anxiety?

Anxiety is a mental issue caused due to irregularity in the energy flow and the weakness of the primary organs due to the lack of energy. So, acupuncture regulates the energy flow and the body takes a certain period of time to heal.

Once the energy flow is regulated by the ear acupuncture points for anxiety, the body starts to excrete the toxins effectively and the organs gain their energy back to function efficiently.

The changes can be felt every day and eventually the patients will experience a fresh state of mind. Within a week there can be major changes experienced in the body. And in a month’s time, the anxiety disorder slowly disappears and the patients can get back to their routine with ease.

Acupuncture looks at the human body in a unique way. Usually, when people are mentioned about the human body, they visualize only the physically present body.

But Acupuncture tells that apart from the mind and physical body, there is an energy that maintains the life force and keeps the mind and body functioning.

Every human body is unique in its own way. There is no possible way to generalize a term for the cure to take place.

The human body is an autonomous system that has its own way of working. Any medicine we take to cure our condition is just to assist the body in the process of healing.

Acupuncture treatment also does the same. It assists the body with the healing process.

How do I Know if Acupuncture is Working?

When the treatment is taken, patients will start to experience changes in the physical processes of the body.

The toxin excretion will be more and the patient will start to notice certain differences in the state of mind.

One of the major changes felt is Sleep. Patients will find themselves having a sound sleep at night without any disturbances.

Deep sleep can be achieved with acupuncture treatment. This is how the patients realize the treatment has started to have an effect on them.

Once the sleep gets regular and deep during the nights, the patient’s recovery is accelerated. They can see big differences in the mood and begin to have a refreshed mental state.


Ear Acupuncture points for Anxiety have proven to be an effective cure. Patients have recovered fully without any side effects.

Mental health is important for physical well-being. It drives our daily life with focus and clarity. When mental health is lost, the body loses its whole well-being.

Therefore, mental health disorders can be easily tackled with Acupuncture. Calm your senses, ease your mind, and stay healthy.

Because the power of the mind can transform the whole world and bring great changes to it. Let’s create a better future with our powerful minds.

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